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Johnson & Johnson pauses coronavirus vaccine trial after participant contracts "unexplained illness"


In addition, the 60,000 patient trial is only under a study pause; it is not under what the FDA calls a “clinical hold.” The latter entails a longer delay than a pause, while also placing further limits . "...

HealthForce becomes HealthFARCE: Data dump confirms mass deception and cover-up of the death of Jameth Sheridan


(long pause and big exhale before answering) Cris: Dr. Sheridan is not in the office. ... Bill: No he is moving on to other products... projects rather ...ummm (pause) is there anything in particular I can address with you or get you in touch with a product specialist? "...

The intertwined history of myelitis and vaccines


Belatedly, AstraZeneca also disclosed that the September pause was actually the second time-out in two months. ... Under the circumstances, the decision to restart the clinical trials only a few days into the September pause raised more than a few eyebrows, yet the British Health Secretary immediately hailed the decision as “good news for everyone ”—and especially for AstraZeneca, which saw its share price largely rebound following a precipitous $11.3 billion drop in market value ...

Lots of people are about to inadvertently go vegetarian due to widespread shutdowns of meat packing plants across the USA


“Under its pay program, all Jennie-O Turkey Store employees will continue to receive 100 percent of their base pay and benefits during the pause in production. ... “Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to take a pause in operations.” "...

UNBELIEVABLE! Famous superfood company covers up death of its own founder to keep selling high heavy metals products; customers kept in the dark


Bill: Thank you sir, he is no longer with -. Is there someone else I can direct you to? ... Bill: No he is moving on to other products... projects rather ...ummm (pause) is there anything in particular I can address with you or get you in touch with a product specialist? "...

The beginning of secession? Texas wants to nullify all federal gun laws


Ever since the Republic of Texas agreed to become a part of a growing United States, there has remained an independence streak a country-mile-wide in what was, until the admission of Alaska, the biggest enclave in the Union. ... The measure, known as House Bill 176 (HB 176), has been introduced by newly reelected state Rep. "...

Report: Government spent $17 trillion on pandemic recovery programs that HARM the environment


(Related: Biden’s pause of new federal oil and gas leases could kill almost 200,000 jobs .) ... Sources include: TheGuardian.com F4B-Initiative.net Previous :Asteroid that killed dinosaurs also caused GIANT tsunamis - More news on American Rescue Plan Report: Government spent $17 trillion on pandemic recovery programs that HARM the environment Federal judge blocks Biden’s plan to provide financial aid to farmers based on race Businesses lobbying for new round of federal aid as pandemic wanes ...

Big Brother caught watching: Norway pulls coronavirus contact tracing app due to privacy issues


“We do not agree with [Datatilsynet’s] assessment, but now we have to delete all data and pause work as a result of the notification,” Camilla Stoltenberg, NIPH director, said in a statement. ... It is the right decision to press pause and go back to the drawing board to design an app that puts privacy front and center ,” Claudio Guarnieri, head of Amnesty International’s Security Lab, said in a statement published on the group’s website. "...

Myelitis observed in two COVID-19 vaccine trial participants is a common vaccine injury


The vaccine is being developed with $1.2 billion of American taxpayer dollars and $750 million from two global health organizations backed by Bill Gates. ... Lots of Americans are already quite skeptical of a rushed vaccine , even those who don’t normally think twice about vaccines, and this news should give everyone who is still undecided serious pause. "...

Gates vaccine spreads polio across Africa


CDC, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Rotary International. Bill Gates was reportedly responsible for driving the campaign to develop the liquid oral polio vaccine and massively administer it to the populations of Africa and Asia despite the near absence of any cases of “wild polio.” ... All this should give pause before regarding the pronouncements of Bill Gates on coronavirus and his favored vaccines as the scientific good truth. "...

McConnell says he favors allowing states to go bankrupt, but that would mean pensioners get SHAFTED


The Kentucky Republican said Wednesday after the Senate passed another huge $484 billion coronavirus relief bill that he’s ready to “pause” all of the spending in order to prevent piling more onto the national debt . “I said yesterday we’re going to push the pause button here, because I think this whole business of additional assistance for state and local governments needs to be thoroughly evaluated,” McConnell said. "...

Covid bailout "stimulus" scheme to pay off corrupt Democrat states will cost the average U.S. family $69,000 in taxes


Jason Smith offered a similar take, noting that the Biden bill “is for the political class, not the working class.” ... “The $1.9T provides money exclusively to the asset class,” wrote a Twitter user about this ridiculous bill. "...

Coronavirus HOTSPOT? New York cases now exceed 8,000


Restaurants and bars will also remain open during what has been dubbed as the “Pause” period, provided that they focus solely on takeout. ... Cuomo’s pronouncements came after several state and city officials – including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio – called for the imposition of a shelter-in-place directive similar to the one first imposed by Governor Gavin Newsom on California, earlier this week. "...

Twitter locks Trump's account over 'policy violation'


It requires Trump to remove three tweets, adding that the account will remain locked if the president fails to comply. ... With the protesters swarming the Capitol building, the joint session of Congress came to a pause. "...

Portland police stretched too thin and starting to crack under stress of renewed rioting, budget cuts


“It’s been a hot second, PDX, so ya’ll better show the [expletive] up,” they said on their Twitter account, announcing a riot on Friday night. ... In an email to local news outlet Willamette Weekly, Katbi Smith said: > The protests were put on pause because we are living in a climate emergency, and unprecedented wildfires created conditions that made street protest impossible and emergency mutual aid work became our priority. "...

Utah legislature advances bill banning transgender girls from female sports


Two female members of the Southern Utah University track team also spoke out in support of the bill. ... He added: “It’s possible, if not probable, that a court would hold [the bill] unconstitutional.” "...

20+ countries suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine, but regulators insist 'benefits outweigh risks'


., is being distributed under WHO’s COVAX program, funded by Bill Gates . The company plans to file for Emergency Use Authorization with the U.S Food and Drug Administration in the upcoming weeks. ... Other countries that have hit pause on AstraZeneca: Norway, which is investigating reports of young healthy people who experienced brain hemorrhages and blood clots after being vaccinated. "...

Melinda Gates wants to target black people for priority covid-19 vaccines


Both Bill and Melinda Gates have essentially been getting governments and other power players all around the world to sign on to a pledge stating, “We care about this vaccine getting out equitably.” ... Sources for this article include: TIME.com NaturalNews.com Previous :We’ve been scammed – WHO now says “no evidence” of asymptomatic coronavirus transmission, no need for restrictions if you’re not sick - More news on bill gates Melinda Gates wants to target black people for priority ...

Democrats pushing for gun control as record numbers of Americans buy guns


This bill will make it illegal for people to transfer a firearm to another individual without first having a background check carried out by a licensed dealer. ... The last time Congress passed a gun control measure was back in 1993, when then-President Bill Clinton signed into law a bill creating a waiting period for buying handguns and a national system for carrying out instant criminal background checks for firearms dealers to use before transferring guns. "...

Halt the Economic Stimulus Bill! Sweeping Health Care Power Grab Taking Place with No Debate


For those posting comments about this bill, do not COMMENT on this bill until you have READ it! ... Once you read the bill, feel free to comment in favor of the bill or against the bill. "...