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Sea level rise has SLOWED DOWN since 2002, totally contradicting the climate change "science" narrative


Sea level rise has SLOWED DOWN since 2002, totally contradicting the climate change “science” narrative Tuesday, September 25, 2018 by: Rhonda Johansson badscience , climate change , global warming , sea level rise , sea levels rising - (Natural News ) We need a new way of viewing global warming — especially in making it the storm in a teacup. ... The paradox that must be accepted The truth is, we’ve only been given half the story. "...

YouTube openly allows children to watch violent gun massacre depiction video because it promotes a left-wing narrative of HATE


YouTube openly allows children to watch violent gun massacre depiction video because it promotes a left-wing narrative of HATE Sunday, June 03, 2018 by: Lance D Johnson Alt-Left , Censorship , critical thinking , discrimination , dissent , double standard , endangered diversity , freedom of speech , Hate speech , hypocrispy , identity politics , information control , left cult , Left-wing , leftist hate , propaganda , race-baiting , sheeple , speech control , tech giants , thought control ...

Social Justice Warriors force retraction of scientific study because it doesn't fit the "Left Cult" narrative that claims men and woman are exactly the same


Social Justice Warriors force retraction of scientific study because it doesn’t fit the “Left Cult” narrative that claims men and woman are exactly the same Wednesday, September 19, 2018 by: Ethan Huff academic freedom , badscience , bias , campus insanity , Censorship , endangered science , fascism , fascists , feminism , feminists , free speech , freedom , gender , Leftists , liberals , Libtards , MATH , Mathematical Intelligencer , mathematics , men , Penn State , political narrative ...

Russian hack narrative revealed to be elaborate media hoax... email leaks actually came from Bernie Sanders insider


If Donald Trump can be denied 270 electoral votes, the left-wing narrative will claim his presidency is “illegitimate” because he failed to reach the required 270. ... The leaked emails revealed astonishing depths of corruption and collusion across the DNC and Hillary campaign By focusing the narrative on the Russians, the mainstream media has managed to completely distract nearly everyone from the substance of the emails that were leaked. "...

Science journals publish insanely stupid, hoaxed "gender studies" science papers submitted to determine how insane "libtard science" has become


Despite being 100 percent false, according to reports , many of these studies have already been either been published or accepted for publishing. ... As of this writing, seven of the 20 papers this trio submitted have been accepted, four have already been published online, seven more are currently under review, and only six have been rejected. "...

MIT climate scientist: Believing that CO2 controls the climate is like "believing in magic"


Lindzen - (Natural News ) The commonly accepted narrative is that global warming is settled science, and that at least 97 percent of scientists agree that this warming, caused by CO2 emissions, is pushing mankind to the brink of extinction. ... He also notes that most scientists studying climate change are now reliant on government funding, and as such, are not inclined to rock the boat or risk their careers by opposing the global warming narrative. "...

A dangerous scientific dictatorship is already here, warns philosopher


A dangerous scientific dictatorship is already here, warns philosopher Thursday, May 02, 2019 by: Lance D Johnson accepted narrative , affirmation , bad methodology , badscience , climate change , conformism , conformity , dictatorship , dogma , experts , preconceived beliefs , question , religious science , scientific consensus , Tyranny , vaccine science - (Natural News ) A dangerous scientific dictatorship has permeated Western culture . ... - More news on accepted ...

Fresh finds from a cave in Mexico suggest humans populated North America earlier than currently known, rewriting the prehistoric first settlers


This finding, published in the journal Nature, could rewrite the currently accepted narrative based on the “Clovis first” theory. ... These studies present a radically different view from the widely accepted Clovis hypothesis. "...

Facebook goes full ORWELLIAN... now blocking all stories mentioning the keyword phrase 'm-nd-t-ry v-cc-n-t--ns'


When we replaced the phrase with "compulsory immunizations," the article was accepted by FB and allowed to be shared. ... Here's the proof: Notice this article using the banned term is rejected by Facebook along with a warning about "community standards:" But the exact same article with the term replaced with "compulsory immunizations" is accepted by Facebook : Facebook thinks any discussion of immunizations that does not completely agree with the false government narrative ...

Exposed: “Russian bots” used to “meddle” in the 2016 election were actually part of a #NeverTrump alliance of neocons, Democrats


It now dominates every headline, every pronouncement uncritically accepted,” he tweeted on Feb. 19, 2018. > Less than a year ago, Bill Kristol joined with ex-CIA officials, Marco Rubio's top aide & a few Dem hawks, and created a new group purporting to track Russian Twitter activity based on secret designations. ... The point is, the entire “Russian bot” narrative was created out of whole cloth by Deep State establishmentarians and then echoed dutifully by a compliant media. "...

Pelosi's son tied to fraud ring that tried to sell Nancy's solar tax credits for millions


WORLDWIDE SCAM Paul Pelosi Jr. travelled to Kiev, Ukraine in July 2017 in his capacity as executive director of the Corporate Governance Initiative, a position that he accepted months earlier in February 2017. ... (Archived) Read more at: NationalFile.com Previous :Largest US police union endorses Trump for reelection - More news on corrupt Pelosi’s son tied to fraud ring that tried to sell Nancy’s solar tax credits for millions Kamala Harris, self-proclaimed victim’s advocate, refused to ...

CBD chaos: DEA's refusal to reschedule marijuana molecules just the latest protectionist racket from the criminal corporate cartels running the corrupt U.S. government


It states, among other absurd reasons, that medical marijuana cannot be accepted as therapeutic because: • It has no therapeutic use whatsoever. ... The kicker here is the "currently accepted" qualifier on the claim. Accepted by whom? "...

Joe Rogan sold out to corporate interests that protect communist China: Spotify episodes selectively censored to remove prominent conservative voices that criticize the CCP


The stand-up comedian, UFC announcer, and host of the Joe Rogan Experience had earlier promised that the $10 million he accepted from Spotify in exchange for platform space would not in any way impact the content of his shows. ... Sources for this article include: BigLeaguePolitics.com WSJ.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Know Your Rights Australia teaches citizens how to resist “mandatory” vaccinations and medical tyranny Next : Black McDonald’s franchise owners sue burger chain for alleged ...

The DEA is worsening the war on drugs by banning kratom, a natural remedy known to treat chronic pain and addiction


'I don't know of any instance of them reversing themselves' For the record, Schedule I drugs are those deemed to be highly susceptible to abuse, and which have "no currently accepted medical use," Vice noted, quoting the DEA website. ... Though medical research to some extent can still be conducted, the bureaucratic approval process is slow, time-consuming and costly, all of which combine to allow the government to continue claiming "no currently accepted medical use" as the current ...

Sen. Harry Reid key player in Big Pharma's control over Washington


One of the earliest stories I found about Reid accepting money from lobbyists is a 1987 Washington Post article about how Reid and several other Nevada politicians had accepted money from mob sources that had connections to the Nevada gaming industry. ... According to the allegations, he failed to report a $700,000 land deal to Congress, and accepted $30,000 in bribe money from Nevada Indian gaming. "...

When are we going to tackle the for-profit monopolies that censored RussiaGate skeptics?


(Article by Charles Hugh Smith republished from CharlesHughSmith.blogspot.com ) The RussiaGate Narrative has been revealed as a Big Con (a.k.a. ... This is the essence of Facebook-Google-Big-Media’s Orwellian Authoritarian-Totalitarian censorship: sacrifice accepted journalistic practice, free speech and transparency to promote an absurdly obvious political and social agenda. "...

Academic journal asking for evidence of racism in policing not interested in contradictory evidence


The letter does not state whether contradictory research will be accepted to provide a more balanced and realistic view. ... We can thank the media for that; their selective reporting ensures we only hear about the stories that support their narrative of racist police. "...

Thought obedience demanded in America as college professor bans student for discussing opinions on rape


Hoax stories like one that appeared in Rolling Stone - in which a reporter completely fabricated a gang-rape crime at the University of Virginia simply to advance a "rape culture" narrative - have not helped clear the air, either. ... But at one school in Oregon, questioning the accepted political position can get you banned. "...

Over 1,000 scientists sign statement expressing skepticism over Darwinism, encouraging new questions about the origins of life


Under present scientific dictatorship, theories like Darwinism go virtually undisputed; challenging such a widely accepted belief is almost certainly career suicide. ... The scientific mainstream will punish you if they can, and the media is wedded to its narrative that ‘the scientists’ are all in agreement and only ‘poets,’ ‘lawyers,’ and other ‘daft rubes’ doubt Darwinian theory. "...