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ACA news, articles and information:


ACA news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It 8/31/2016 - As premium costs continue to skyrocket while more state exchanges fail, the debacle known as Obamacare is finally being acknowledged as an abject failure by all but its most stubborn supporters who refuse to admit that the Affordable Care Act is indeed killing off what's left of the American middle... ... Severe doctor shortage made far worse by Obamacare 12/17/2014 - The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), ...

Obamacare was passed thanks to 'lack of transparency' and 'stupidity of the American voter,' says ACA architect


Obamacare was passed thanks to 'lack of transparency' and 'stupidity of the American voter,' says ACA architect Wednesday, November 12, 2014 by: J. ... For everyone else, huge deductibles ($3,000 - $6,000 a year) wipe out any "savings." - Lie No. 4: "TheACA will be fully paid for." "...

The scourge of Obamacare continues: Losses incurred at ACA exchanges will cost taxpayers $12 billion this year


In fact, losses incurred at the ACA exchanges are set to cost taxpayers $12 billion this year . ... According to the law’s risk sharing provision, Congress “shall pay” insurers to help cover any losses incurred by the ACA exchanges. "...

No, Obamacare didn't "save lives" ... mortality data show the ACA was a health care nightmare that caused many needless deaths


No, Obamacare didn’t “save lives” … mortality data show the ACA was a health care nightmare that caused many needless deaths Thursday, July 06, 2017 by: Ethan Huff Fatalities , government incompetence , health care , health insurance , medical status quo , mortality , obamacare , patient deaths , save lives , sick care system - (Natural News ) Many on the “left” are freaking out over the GOP’s proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare.” ... Sources for this article ...

As health care costs explode, hospitals are now trying to force patients to PRE-PAY for treatment


As health care costs explode, hospitals are now trying to force patients to PRE-PAY for treatment Thursday, May 04, 2017 by: Amy Goodrich ACA , affordable care act , deductibles , health care , health insurance , hospital , insurance , insurance plan , obamacare , treatment - (Natural News ) The rise of high-deductible health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), nicknamed Obamacare, has led to a rise in unpaid hospital bills among the insured population. ... The ...

Insurance companies punish healthy kidney donors by restricting their health and life insurance options


Donating a kidney to someone in need is an issue for insurers, especially life insurance providers. ... This study was completed before Obamacare (ACA). Those kidney donors who do apply will be spared this issue. "...

Unsustainable: Medical bills cause TWO-THIRDS of all U.S. bankruptcies


“The current study found no evidence that the ACA reduced the proportion of bankruptcies driven by medical problems: 65.5% of debtors cited a medical contributor to their bankruptcy in the period prior to the ACA’s implementation as compared to 67.5% in the three years after the law came into effect,” this new study found. “The responses also did not differ depending on whether the respondent resided in a state that had accepted ACA’s Medicaid expansion.” "...

75 percent of Obamacare enrollees forced to pay higher premiums, says Cleveland Clinic


The head of the Cleveland Clinic said during a recent interview that three-quarters of new Obamacare enrollees are being forced to pay higher health insurance premiums, despite President Obama's long-overdue promise that most Americans would see their premiums fall under the law. ... 5 devastating Obamacare facts every American should know Obamacare was passed thanks to 'lack of transparency' and 'stupidity of the American voter,' says ACA architect This is why you're still broke: Obamacare ...

Despite promises of the opposite, ER visits keep rising under Obamacare


Thus, emergency room usage seems to have been increasing over time, but that increase has accelerated with the ACA. ... "It goes to the false promise of the ACA ," said health care policy specialist Avik Roy of the free market Manhattan Institute. "...

Another Obamacare fail: New study finds the terrible “healthcare reform” law is driving more Americans to drink


After the ACA was implemented, things changed for the worse. “We observe only one statistically significant [risky behavior] effect of the full ACA: a 1.6 percentage point increase in the probability of being a risky drinker,” according to the report. ... For example, there has been a decline in smoking since the ACA passed — which followed the pattern of decline before the law took effect. "...

BREAKING: Obamacare ruled unconstitutional by federal judge... era of forced government health insurance tyranny comes to an end


The entire basis of the ACA is unconstitutional and was only passed because U.S. ... Supreme Court’s rationale for finding the ACA constitutional in 2012. The Texas judge agreed. "...

Confirmed - Chief Justice Roberts switched sides on Affordable Care Act Supreme Court decision


Early on, it appeared as though Chief Justice Roberts was on the same side as the four other so-called conservative justices who, not unexpectedly, ended up opposing the ACA from beginning to end. ... Chief Justice Roberts and the other four conservative justices were all in agreement just a few months ago that the ACA's individual mandate, which requires individuals to purchase health care or else pay fines, was unconstitutional. "...

Obamacare in "death spiral" as entire system unravels


The Aetna CEO explained that, “there isn’t enough money in the ACA as its structured, even with its fees and taxes, to support the population that needs to be served.” ... (RELATED: Is the economic strife generated from the ACA all part of the plan? ) The Internet is replete with horror stories of individuals and families who have seen their lives turn upside down as a result of the ACA. "...

Former Obama Medicare chief blames GOP for "sneaky" Obamacare repeal, after Democrats lied to pass it - is he kidding?


Just as in the House, we’re on track to have a vote with no hearings (there were more than 100 for the ACA). ... Lie: The Supreme Court ruled that it was a tax in 2012, deciding that the first-ever government mandate requiring Americans to purchase a product or servic e was constitutional. — Democrats and Obama repeatedly promised that the ACA would cover every American. "...

Severe doctor shortage made far worse by Obamacare


A December 7 AP article described the healthcare plight of 61-year-old Olivia Papa as she has struggled to be seen by a primary care physician after signing up for insurance through the ACA exchange. ... An estimated 6.7 million people signed up for health insurance through the ACA exchange for 2014. "...

Obamacare: 1 in 4 children do not get the health care they need


His own report actually points out the ways that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) needs to be amended: The ACA should be amended to reduce copayments, premiums, cost-sharing, and out of pocket payments for lower-income families, as well as increase subsidies and fix existing “glitches” that prevent families in need from gaining marketplace tax credits. ... The report also calls for the ACA to increase the reimbursement rates for providers who treat communities that are underserved ...

Taxpayer funded health insurance co-ops are going bankrupt under Obamacare


Then, a couple of days later, the news broke that Ohio's InHealth Mutual co-op is going bust, making it the 13th of 23 non-profit co-ops set up under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to declare bankruptcy. ... The collapse of Obamacare Many experts now believe that the remaining 10 ACA co-ops will also fail, contributing what pundits are already calling the "collapse of Obamacare." "...

This is why you're still broke: Obamacare alone is sucking away 10% of Americans' incomes


While the 'right' or 'just' level of health care financial burdens is inherently subjective, financial burdens that are high relative to income can lower enrollment levels and compromise the ability of the ACA to reach its goals." ... *As for the ACA expanding Medicaid, it has certainly done that, and in the process has created a huge new expense for taxpayers that is helping to add hundreds of billions to the already insane national debt (of nearly $19 trillion – and mounting)....

Four reasons why 25% of American doctors are refusing to participate in Obamacare exchanges


On top of that, people herded into buying ACA plans are naturally choosing the plans with highest deductibles. An MGMA study showed that three-fourths of ACA patients pick the plans with the highest deductibles. "...

Hospitals engineer plans to make insurance companies obsolete


The ACA system keeps most of those private corporate insurance companies in the loop with a system that is enforced by IRS tax penalties for not enrolling. Because the ACA's halfhearted boondoggle to help those who can't afford private insurance winds up creating more costs for those who can afford insurance plans while creating federal deficits and higher health costs, there are hospital and healthcare organizations floating ideas around with how to cut out insurance providers ...