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China's BIG WHITES reflect totalitarian ABUSE of power during COVID lockdowns


But Liu soon grew disillusioned after seeing firsthand how his fellow Big Whites abused their newfound authority. ... “Being a big supporter of authority and power seems to be deeply rooted in some residents’ mindsets. "...

Covid vaccinations now PROHIBITED in people under 50 in Denmark


Denmark expecting another “large wave” of covid over winter, but since the jabs don’t help there is no reason to allow them To be clear, the Danish Health Authority is not necessarily saying that covid has ended. ... “The purpose of vaccination is not to prevent infection with covid-19, and people aged under 50 are therefore currently not being offered booster vaccination,” the Danish Health Authority announcement reads. "...

E.coli superbug outbreak in Germany due to abuse of antibiotics in meat production


E.coli superbug outbreak in Germany due to abuse of antibiotics in meat production Thursday, June 02, 2011 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... The FDA, in particular, loves all these outbreaks because it gives them more moral authority to clamp down on gardens and farms. "...

Trump-backed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake blasts Democrat left over attacks on free speech


“Under my ‘Defend Arizona’ plan, Arizona will invoke its inherent authority under Article I of the U.S. ... However, if Washington refuses to live up to its obligations, Arizona is not bound to simply take the abuse,” she wrote in The Western Journal . "...

Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election


The FBI has provided companies with foreign threat indicators to help them protect their platforms and customers from abuse by foreign malign influence actors. ... Facebook’s denial that it proactively provides the FBI with private user data without a subpoena or search warrant, if true, would indicate that the initial transfer has been done by a person (or persons) at the company designated as a “confidential human source” by the FBI, someone with the authority to access and search ...

New Lancet report suggests coronavirus may have leaked from US lab


These include stronger regulation of the wild animal trade, the creation of a new World Health Organization-led biosecurity oversight authority, better international coordination in the face of large infectious disease outbreaks and a new $60 billion a year Global Health Fund to support health systems and pandemic preparedness programs in lower-income countries. ... Sources include: InfoWars.com Telegraph.co.uk Express.co.uk Brighteon.com Previous :August food inflation jumped by 11.4%, ...

Report published during Obama era warns of sexual abuse by groomer "teachers"


The Obama-era report explained that adults in positions of authority at schools, including teachers, were using grooming tactics to sexually abuse children under their care. ... “While child sexual abuse typically refers to the criminal act of forcing a child to engage in sexual activity with the perpetrator, other inappropriate behaviors with children may eventually lead to sexual abuse.” "...

FBI, DOJ sued for $50M by General Michael Flynn over Spygate probe


Flynn fighting back against the Deep State The “Facts Matter” host added that since Flynn left public office, he has gone on the offensive by filing legal claims against FBI and DOJ officials for malicious prosecution and abuse of process. ... They took advantage of it because they were in positions of power and authority and they thought that they were going to get away with it.” "...

The Fauci-led medical dictatorship continues to suppress COVID treatments and target doctors who use them successfully


During this coercive process of racketeering and abuse, dozens of efficacious treatments were withheld, the information quashed. ... Julian Assange suffering torture, abuse in prison as deep state tries to MURDER him Dr. "...

Texas Governor ends forced-masking in public schools and across the state


The abuse of children’s minds and the forced medical experimentation of their bodies MUST END For nearly a year, authority figures intimidated, discriminated, socially ostracized, segregated and threatened people with trespassing charges and false imprisonment, all because these healthy individuals made the personal decision to breathe freely and not subject their mind or body to duress. ... History will be unkind to those authority figures who participated in the abuse ...

China's psychiatric hospitals have become dark places to persecute dissidents: Report


The report said there are three types of psychiatric hospitals in China that are controlled by different governing bodies, but all are involved in widespread, politically motivated abuse of psychiatric care. ... Another Falun Gong practitioner from the Dalian Port Authority of Liaoning testified on March 3, 2004 saying he/she was forced to take medicine during the detention. "...

Missouri AG Eric Schmitt sues 45 school districts over mask mandates for kids


“School districts do not have the authority to impose, at their whim, public health orders for their schoolchildren. ... They don’t have the authority to do it. The [Missouri] General Assembly has never given SDs the authority to force the masking of kids and quarantines.” "...

The final takedown of energy in America: Biden to issue "climate emergency" executive order that will collapse US energy and lead to mass starvation and economic implosion


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the highest court in the land said, cannot impose “green” climate restrictions because it lacks the authority to regulate carbon emissions. ... Sources for this article include: TheGatewayPundit.com NaturalNews.com BiologicalDiversity.org Previous :NYC, an LGBT bastion, is a monkeypox petri dish Next : COVID cases overwhelming New Zealand and Singapore despite strict mask mandates - More news on abuse of power The final takedown of energy ...