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Abortion activists launch airborne 'abortion drone' to air-drop abortion pills to citizens


Activism appears to have a new ally: drone technology. "...



Decisions like this one really ought to make it clear that, if you’re an American, your government is populated by sycophantic lunatics who quite frankly don’t have your best interests at heart.The Food and Drug Administration recently issued new guidelines that will expand a woman’s access to dangerous medication that induces miscarriages, including for […] in: Abortion - Pro-abortion activists, college students increasingly accept ‘post-birth abortions’ of children up to 5 years ...

Update: Abortion as religious liberty: Pro-abortion organizations agree with Satanic Temple claim that "abortion ritual" represents "religious freedom"


On May 17, an event sponsored by “Jewish Rally for Abortion Justice” and supported by the Anti-Defamation League, publicly affirmed that “abortion access is a Jewish value” and that “banning abortions is a religious freedom issue.” ... More related news coverage about the abortion war can be found at Abortions.news . "...

Abortion is murder, period!


Abortion kills a human being, willfully, deliberately, and with planning.Abortion is murder…premeditated intent to kill. ... Nebraska TV reporter FIRED for being pro-life says she has no regrets Lawmakers demand explanation about over-the-top FBI arrest of Mark Houck Satanic Temple files lawsuit against Idaho over abortion ban, claiming it prevents members from practicing “abortion ritual” Planned Parenthood to set up mobile abortion clinics at borders ...

ABORTION WELFARE: Getting an abortion in California is now "free," thanks to Gavin Newsom


The new law forbids insurance companies from charging co-pays, deductibles, or any other type of cost-sharing for abortion services, meaning the person getting the abortion does not have to pay one cent out of pocket. Senate Bill 245, known as the Abortion Accessibility Act, was introduced early last year by Long Beach Sen. "...

Google censors abortion pill reversal ads, reinforcing pro-abortion stance


The group’s ads promote abortion pill reversal (APR) using the safe pregnancy hormone progesterone. ... She writes on Twitter : “Google is permitting abortion facilities to advertise next-day abortions and abortion via mail. "...

Satanic Temple files lawsuit against Idaho over abortion ban, claiming it prevents members from practicing "abortion ritual"


(Related: Update: Abortion as religious liberty: Pro-abortion organizations agree with Satanic Temple claim that “abortion ritual” represents “religious freedom.” ) In the lawsuit, the organization noted that it has a religious ritual known as the “Satanic abortion ritual .” ... “There are less restrictive means of furthering the state’s asserted interests served by the Idaho Abortion Bans than banning the Satanic Abortion Ritual,” read the complaint....

ABORTION LUNACY: Elizabeth Warren called for abortion TENTS at national parks to butcher babies in red states


Biden, she says, should “make abortion as available as possible with the tools he has, including medication abortion, including using federal lands as a place where abortions can occur.” ... The latest news about the Left’s religion of abortion can be found at Abortions.news . "...

Pro-abortion feminist ADMITS abortion ends a human life, but says it's justifiable


“We tend to say that abortion is ‘indeed very bad, but…,” or we say, ‘luckily it’s not killing, luckily it’s just a health care right,'” Lewis contends about what she sees as a failed approach to defending abortion. ... “Abortion is, in my opinion – and I recognize how controversial this is – a form of killing. "...

Faith and Freedom Coalition exec Timothy Head: Pro-abortion states will overplay their hand in expanding legality of abortion


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Associated Press refuses to use 'abortion' tag to describe baby-killing abortion murderer


Associated Press refuses to use 'abortion' tag to describe baby-killing abortion murderer Friday, April 19, 2013 by: J. ... Where's "abortion" when you need it? But to the AP, which at least has covered the story, abortion is too strong a word to use, which is actually smoke-and-mirrors, since the trial is not about abortion, per se, but about murder. "...

First it was abortion tents in national parks, now it's "floating baby-killing clinics:" The Left is OBSESSED with abortion


Once the money is raised, pregnant women from states like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas where abortion is now partially or fully banned can sail away to the abortion riverboat to sacrifice their unborn children. ... In Autry’s case, she is confident that her abortion riverboat concept will be a success, legally speaking. "...

Courage: The remedy for the violence of abortion


At least that’s what the pro-abortion side believes. I’m always that one percent that is used 100% of the time to justify abortion. ... The Left’s abortion extremism empowers the abortion profiteers, not women. There’s nothing courageous about activists celebrating the killing of innocent human lives and slapping a “reproductive freedom” label on it. "...

Deranged abortion activists eat abortion pills outside Supreme Court as Roe v. Wade challenged


Wade challenged Thursday, December 02, 2021 by: News Editors abortion , abortion activists , abortion pills , Constitution , crime , infanticide , insanity , lunatics , pro-lifers , protest , rally , Roe v. ... Standing in front of a banner that read “We Are Taking Abortion Pills Forever”, the activists chanted “Abortion pills forever!” "...

Abortion news, articles and information:


Now, a local hospital has terminated its relationship with the abortion practitioner. ... It does put abortion into a positive light, which isn't really positive. The... "...

Vermont goes all-in for baby murder with constitutional amendment enshrining abortion as a "human right"


Ten other state supreme courts have similarly codified abortion as already being a right based on their respective constitutions, so abortion is not going anywhere in those either. In the Golden State, some 66 percent of voters affirmed the passage of Proposition 1, which not only guarantees abortion as a human right but also expands the state’s current abortion laws. "...

Abortion advocates claim "medical" reasons for abortion include the mother changing her mind about pregnancy


Abortion is not a procedure done in true emergency situations. The purpose of an abortion is to produce a dead baby, not to separate the mother and the baby.” ... “And while Torres breezily waves off ‘not being pregnant anymore’ as a medical reason for an abortion, the reality is that most Americans strongly oppose this kind of pro-abortion extremism.” "...

Gnosticism is the ancient heretical ideology behind today's transgenderism and abortion movements


Read more at: HumanEvents.com Previous :Glyphosate linked to lower birth weight and more intensive care cases in study on US mothers Next : Mindless obedience of procedure is replacing the idea of Europe - More news on abortion Stacey Abrams, Georgia gubernatorial candidate, goes full psychopath, says abortion is the solution for inflation Gnosticism is the ancient heretical ideology behind today’s transgenderism and abortion movements Biden vows to codify Roe v. ... Nebraska ...

Abortion: The Black community’s Holocaust


The Alabama law allows for an abortion only if it is necessary to save the life of the woman. ... Here is the elephant in the room that gets ignored in abortion discussions. The elephant is that abortion and race merits a discussion. "...