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The latest scientific abomination: Genetically modified cows produce human breast milk


The latest scientific abomination: Genetically modified cows produce human breast milk Monday, April 04, 2011 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... Woman saves Rottweiler pup by breastfeeding it alongside her own infant About the author: Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/031952_genetically_modified_cows_breast_milk.html Embed article ...

New York first U.S. state to legalize mass murder of unborn babies, up to the day of birth... God will have NO MERCY on this abomination


New York first U.S. state to legalize mass murder of unborn babies, up to the day of birth… God will have NO MERCY on this abomination Friday, February 08, 2019 by: Vicki Batts abortion , abortion laws , anti-life , child murder , democrats , depopulation , evil , infanticide , late-term abortions , left cult , New York , Reproductive Health Act , serial killers , third-term abortions , Twisted , violence - (Natural News ) The deep blue state of New York has just passed an atrocious bill, ...

The elite's war on science is almost complete


The elite’s war on science is almost complete Sunday, August 09, 2020 by: News Editors abomination , badscience , conspiracy , health , junk science , lies , literacy , rigged , science , society - (Natural News ) According to US social engineers, science has morphed into an abomination worse than an inconvenience. ... Read more at: TheDailyBell.com Previous :Under proposal at UT-Austin, ‘commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion’ would be faculty job condition - More news ...

HORRORS: Fauci engineered human-animal hybrid abominations using aborted baby tissue


HORRORS: Fauci engineered human-animal hybrid abominations using aborted baby tissue Thursday, June 10, 2021 by: Ethan Huff abomination , aborted baby body parts , aborted baby tissue , abortion , abortions , animal-human hybrids , baby murder , badmedicine , badscience , body parts , coronavirus , COVID , Fauci , Fauci emails , Horrific , infanticide , insanity , lunatics , mad science , medical ethics , University of Pittsburgh Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning....

Human-animal hybrids now legal to grow in Japan... total HELL of GMO biologicals coming soon


Human-animal hybrids now legal to grow in Japan… total HELL of GMO biologicals coming soon Monday, August 12, 2019 by: Ethan Huff abomination , Artificial , badhealth , badmedicine , badscience , biology , biotech , cruelty , dangerous science , GMO , GMOs , Hell , human-animal hybrids , hybrids , mad science , playing God , science experiments , Stem cell research , transplants - (Natural News ) The Japanese government has granted its approval for The University of Tokyo to proceed with ...

Can IRS levy 2014 tax liens in wake of failed Obamacare enrollment site?


Will all that tax money stay in the hands of the Feds who are imposing liens not only for failure to sign up for the Healthcare law and coverage but for failure to pay for most care that WILL NOT be covered under the new labyrinth of red tape and bureaucratic mess that has been created by the abomination of this "Obama-nation"? ... Will your checking, savings and 401k be "frozen" in the arctic "wasteland" of the abomination nation? "...

U.S. chicken farms are so dirty, meat has to be washed with chlorine before being sold for human consumption


U.S. chickens are an “abomination of nature” While chickens were created to roam the open pastures, foraging for worms, bugs, and other tasty treats, the way they’re typically raised in America eliminates all of these necessities. ... NaturalHealth365.com‘s Dena Schmidt calls the end product an “abomination of nature,” and she’s exactly right. "...

The Left's culture war against Whites is a prelude to mass genocide against all those who who born with white skin


(Related: A Muslim professor has said that genocide against whites is “morally required.” ) This past November, Campus Reformreported on an op-ed that was published in Texas State University’s student newspaper, which, among other things, called white people “an abomination.” ... The student goes on to complain about how he has met so many white people who are privileged yet refuse to do anything productive with it, and at one point even tells “white people” that “your DNA is an abomination....

H.R.127: Unconstitutional overreach from authoritarian socialists bent on gun confiscation


While we cannot do justice to this abomination to freedom and civil rights, several pro-liberty groups have weighed in on it: The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms issued this statement: > CCRKBA SAYS JACKSON LEE’S H.R. 127 GUN CONTROL BILL IS ‘INSANITY ON STEROIDS > Friday, January 29th, 2021 > BELLEVUE, WA – Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s H.R. 127, a gun control measure requiring gun owner licensing, psychological evaluations, retroactive gun registration and separate ...

IT NEVER ENDS: Australia's ghoulish "health chief" declares that covid will be with us "forever" ... which means the tyranny has no limit


This is how the beast system will eventually transform this abomination into the full “mark of the beast” as warned about in the Bible. "...



If you think they are growing this abomination in Beijing because the company in question, Origin Agritech Ltd, is based there, think again. "...

Early samples collected from Wuhan covid patients show GMO viruses were sent from Canadian lab


Does SARS-CoV-2 really exist, or is it some other genetically modified abomination under a different name? "...

Australian truckers planning major strike to protest authoritarian COVID lockdowns, advising citizens to stock up in advance


“It is an abomination that billionaire retailers like Amazon are smashing profit records while ripping off transport supply chains and crushing the jobs of the truck drivers who’ve risked the health of their families to deliver parcels and keep shelves stocked,” TWU national secretary Michael Kaine told the outlet. "...

The Atlantic calls for all unvaccinated people to be added to federal no-fly list, just like terrorists


Get angry all you like, but Trump has repeatedly called himself the “father of the vaccine,” taking full ownership of this abomination that is making desolate the “God imprint” that naturally exists within every person’s DNA. "...

The Frightening Diet of American Cows: Potato Chips, Chocolate and Chicken Manure


. - More news on cows The latest scientific abomination: Genetically modified cows produce human breast milk WI judge declares that individuals have no fundamental right to own cows, drink raw milk What's really in that burger? "...

Hundreds of steers mysteriously turn up dead in Wisconsin


. - More news on animal deaths Mass animal deaths continue as thousands of dead walleye wash up in Lake Erie Pollution continues to murder whales as their stomachs are found brimming with plastic Millions of animals are intentionally killed each year by US Wildlife Services Dead dolphins washing up on shores of Maryland The evidence is clear: Fukushima radiation is still tearing up West Coast of USA China hit by 'animal apocalypse' as mass die-offs continue in ultra-polluted nation The latest scientific ...

Cows are pumped up on drugs


. - More news on cows The latest scientific abomination: Genetically modified cows produce human breast milk WI judge declares that individuals have no fundamental right to own cows, drink raw milk What's really in that burger? "...

New report stuns the world: The vast majority of those now dying with covid are people who were VACCINATED against it


Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Big Pharma has refined the art of tampering with “science” to produce the desired outcome, which is exactly what happened with these “Operation Warp Speed” abomination injections. "...

FTC seeks band-aid solution for protection of consumer privacy


First, it's an abomination that the Constitution isn't already protecting consumers from having their personal information mined and sold like a commodity. "...

Governor of Idaho signs sweeping new order banning Obamacare


Whether the issue is the "must-buy-insurance" mandate, the top-heavy and expensive new rules and regulations or the law's reliance on a failed system, Obamacare is an abomination. "...