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Democrat Stacey Abrams says protecting unborn babies from being violently murdered in Georgia is "evil," "abominable"


“You should not have to worry about your ability to control your bodily autonomy because the governor has pushed such an abominable and evil bill that is so restrictive,” Abrams snorted in disgust. ... Even if you’re not a Christian, there’s no denying that this is precisely what Abrams is doing by calling pro-life legislation “evil” and “abominable” – when, in fact, what she’s pushing for is the thing that’s truly evil and abominable. "...

California legislators are on a mission to de-license ALL doctors in the state who challenge covid dogma


Time is of the essence to deconstruct this abominable monstrosity, which is certain to be used as a weapon against practitioners who refuse to promote the status quo. "...

Defending yourself against a convicted pedophile and sex offender makes you a racist "mass shooter," according to Christian group The Gospel Coalition


“This thing is cultural, pervasive, and abominable.” Is The Gospel Coalition unaware that liars shall not inherit the kingdom of God? ... “Good grief, why would a pastor, a man of God, express something so profoundly untrue and inflammatory,” writes John Nolte for Breitbart News, noting that the only thing “pervasive” and “abominable,” here, “is a man of God bearing false witness against a 17-year-old.” "...

Our prayers were answered with Dobbs V Jackson, but what's next in fight to end abortion?


It is the most abominable thing one will ever see. In a nation that was supposedly founded on “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and the Christian and Western principles that have long supported every aspect of life, including the rights of the unborn upon “the quickening”, we saw many of the most far-left, anti-family segment of the country crying out for a right to murder the unborn children of America. "...

German protesters demand "right" to have sex with animals, including dogs, horses, boars and anything else they can catch


The goal is to turn LGBTQ into LGBTQZ, apparently, as marchers showed up with pets in tow to demand that Germany alter its animal protection law to allow the abominable act. "...

Philadelphia exurb ends water fluoridation


We can only hope that the recent surge in American communities voting to end water fluoridation is an omen to the eventual end of this abominable and toxic practice across the entire country. "...

Implementing the Great Reset: Why is monkeypox only circulating in countries where Pfizer's covid injection was distributed?


“And like its other cousin, genital herpes, varicella may be silent for many years, hiding out inside nerve cells and can reactivate later, wreaking havoc in the form of the excruciating skin disorder, shingles, which is a blistering, burning skin rash,” Exposé News adds, tying it back to the abominable behavior of LGBT males who are actively contracting and spreading it. "...

Entire federal government following Ketanji Brown Jackson's lead by refusing to define a "woman"


Since Americans are just rolling over and accepting these abominable doctrines about sex and gender with barely so much as a fight, the infiltrators pushing them will continue to rot the country from the inside out, including from the highest levels of government. "...

SPIRITUALLY DE-PLATFORMED: San Francisco archbishop bans Speaker Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion for supporting ABORTION


Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of conception: [As such,] abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes.” "...

America has more oil than ALL of Middle East, so why isn't THAT all over the news?


The “system” of suppressing information in the U.S. has reached abominable measures, including charging Americans between $4 and $6 for a gallon of gas, and blaming Russia for our problems. "...

California now FORCING parents to surrender their children to LGBT indoctrination in public schools... no right to opt out


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Covid vaccine plunges to just 3% effectiveness, yet Biden and CNN authoritarians demand 100% compliance with taking it


“It doesn’t matter whether the so-called vaccine is effective or ineffective, human beings have the human right to decline being injected with anything whatsoever, including lab-made genetically engineered chemical concoctions whose ingredients and function in the body are abominable,” wrote another. "...

NIH gave EcoHealth Alliance authority to self-police risky gain-of-function experiments in Wuhan


These abominable creatures were dubbed “chimeras.” Erik Stemmy, a program officer in charge of covid research, told EcoHealth that these deranged experiments “appear to involve research covered under the pause,” meaning research that had been banned by then-President Barack Hussein Obama. "...

Pro-life activist Randall Terry exposes ABORTIONISTS and their CORRUPTION


There would be such an outcry for this man to be prosecuted and for this abominable practice to be ended [that] it would become deafening. "...

COVID vaccine experiment causes monstrous spike in vaccine injuries and deaths, serious adverse events under-reported by a factor of eight


These agencies have so far ignored the monstrous spike in vaccine injuries throughout 2021 and have downplayed the abominable rate of serious adverse events post vaccination (which includes over 14,000 deaths). "...

Texas pro-life victory scares desperate blue-check abortion fans


And if doctors and mothers had to go to jail for trying to kill innocent children through the abominable practice, so be it. "...

Striking similarities between vaccines and GMOs: both are untested and destroy life


., for GreenMedInfo about this terrible phenomenon, which has led to all sorts of abominable inventions that are actively destroying life. "...

Crackpot biotech CEO arrogantly wants to 'replace every existing organism with a better one'


Heinz's abominable outlook on the future of the planet is one that he truly believes will come to pass, and one that he plans to actively bring about, unless forcibly stopped. "...

GMO babies now being engineered in labs under guise of preventing incurable disease


And yet this has not stopped OHSU researchers nor their British predecessors who conducted similar experiments back in 2008 from engaging in the abominable practice under the guise of supposedly preventing incurable diseases. "...

Disturbing new study highlights the potential risks of "Franken-food" creations


Under the new name, “gene-edited,” proponents of the GMO industry claim that the next phase of abominable foods will be safer — and there is already a covert campaign to keep any potential dangers under wraps. "...