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Daily Beast senior writer: “People trust me…but they shouldn’t”


Now, on to Abby … Where Abby Writes Abby Haglage writes for several publications, most notably The Daily Beast. ... I’ve summarized her notable lines below. - Abby Haglage (00:13): “I’m Abby, and I am Catholic.“ - Abby Haglage (00:42): “I feel like Catholic is the only chance I have at getting people to feel bad for me. "...

Daily Beast vaccine propagandist tries to "expose" vaccine truth researcher, fails miserably


abby haglage , badmedicine , Big Pharma , Daily Beast , fake news , Jeffry Aufderheide , Journalism , journalist integrity , junk science , lies , mainstream media , Navy , propaganda , smear campaign , vaccine truth , vaccines , Vactruth.com - (Natural News ) Those who choose to speak out about injustices often find themselves the subject of character attacks by those who would prefer they stay silent. ... In a piece entitled, “The Navy Fraud Fronting the Anti-Vaxxer Movement ,” ...



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