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Democrats and media abandon democracy


Democrats and media abandon democracy Monday, November 30, 2020 by: News Editors Collapse , conspiracy , Dana Nessel , democracy , democrats , elections , enslaved , freedom , left cult , Liberty , mainstream media , politics , Social media , Twisted , Tyranny Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.hangthecensors.com/477733.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel has attributes of a Nazi.She, like Washington Post columnist Randall D. ... ...

The Health Ranger was right: Bitcoin's usefulness as a payment system COLLAPSES


The Health Ranger was right: Bitcoin’s usefulness as a payment system COLLAPSES Tuesday, January 16, 2018 by: Ethan Huff bitcoin , blockchain , Collapse , computing , cryptocurrency , finance , Glitch , Microsoft , money , payment , transaction costs , usefulness - (Natural News ) High fees, slow transaction times, and unpredictable volatility are among the main reasons why some companies are reportedly deciding to abandon ship when it comes to using Bitcoin. "...

Airline industry pushing for medical testing, thermal screening, digital IDs and vaccination passports


The International Air Transport Association, (IATA) representing 299 airlines, has issued sweeping new guidance for air travel, including police state surveillance, bio-metric tracking, and medical requirements for all passengers. In their latest publication: Biosecurity for Air Transport – A Roadmap for Restarting Aviation, the IATA argue for indefinite mask wearing, physical separation of travelers, thermal screening, forced medical testing at airport terminals, warrant-less contact ...

The Democrats are signaling end-game atrocities in a post-Trump take-over


If people admitted what was really happening in America, they would be forced to abandon their normalcy bias and take sides. ... Now wait a minute, this document painstakingly describes interrogation processes, food preparation, the transport and care of detainees, but they barely mention how they are going to deal with dead bodies? "...

California once again experiencing massive port congestion, number of ships waiting to dock approaching record highs


The remaining 64 percent of waiting ships are off the East and Gulf Coast ports, with Savannah, Georgia, currently having the longest ship queue in the United States. ... Used truck auction prices drop as more truckers abandon their vehicles and leave the industry . "...

Natural gas to be rationed in Switzerland, government warns


Around 42 percent of the gas is used to heat households, and the rest is used by different industries, including manufacturing, services and transport. ... Western Europe forced to abandon failed “green” energy as Russian gas flows stop; Germany restarting coal power stations . "...

Bidenflation much worse than expected: Consumer prices rise 9.1%


Capitol Hill Democrats were forced to abandon ambitions for socially-transformative huge spending on so-called “human infrastructure.” ... Read more at: Breitbart.com Previous :Senator Ron Johnson warns evidence now proves ‘Hunter Biden is working directly for Communist China’ Next : “Take the tragedy in Sri Lanka and multiply by ten”: The Fed just lobbed a financial nuke that will obliterate the global economy - More news on Biden Obvious agenda: Biden forces hospitals in the US to fire ...

"Red Dawn is not just a movie anymore": China preparing for all-out war with U.S., leaked audio recording reveals


According to the film, tens of thousands of airborne troops dropped deep into the heartland of the country from transport planes flying the same routes as commercial airlines, in order not to tip off American air defense units and fighter interceptors. ... America must not abandon her allies in Asia. If we fail to defend those allies, we will find ourselves isolated and economically broken. "...

Shanghai lockdown causing cargo backlog ripples throughout China


“Even with this arranged, it is possible for booked trucks to be commandeered by the government to transport aid supplies,” announced Seko Logistics in an update to its clients. ... “If the situation does not improve soon, it may be necessary to abandon the voyage and advise you from where your container may be collected,” said MSC in a notice to its customers. "...

Switzerland to experience weeks or even months of power grid failures, warns president as nation continues to dismantle its own electrical infrastructure


If they do not and the energy runs out, then factories could be forced to cut production; banks could be forced to reduce their opening hours; and transport operators could be forced to reduce the number of trains and trams running. ... “When did they abandon common sense?” Over at Natural News, someone wrote that Germany is also facing its own energy shortages. "...

10 shortages that are getting worse


Pallets Wooden shipping pallets are required to transport almost anything imaginable including: paper goods, food items, auto parts, diapers, etc. ... A pay squeeze has led large numbers of qualified drivers to abandon the industry. "...

White House refuses to sign off on FDA guidelines for authorizing and monitoring the use of coronavirus vaccines


Sources include: WSJ.com NYTimes.com PewResearch.org Coronavirus.JHU.edu BBC.com Previous :Black, POC businesses in the Twin Cities flocking to Trump as Minnesota Democrats abandon them Next : French president proposes ban on homeschooling to deter “radical” values - More news on badhealth South Sudan confirms new outbreak of vaccine-related polio VACCINES KILL: Study finds positive correlation between COVID-19 deaths, flu vaccination rates in elderly worldwide Fauci and Biden together: ...

Years ago, Russia gave up on supporting a domestic seed supply and food security policy... now a "catastrophic" famine is all but inevitable


Not only are Ukrainian farmers forced to abandon their fields due to Russian invasion, but the nation of Hungary just announced a halt to all their grain exports . ... Even worse, as fuel prices skyrocket, the price to transport these basic commodities goes up, putting even more pressure on prices of basic foodstuffs. "...

RED ALERT: Entire U.S. supply of diesel engine oil may be wiped out in 8 weeks... no more oil until 2023 due to "Force Majeure" additive chemical shortages


Without diesel engine oil, transportation in the USA grinds to a halt… including trains Yesterday, my company emailed a representative working for one of our package / transport carriers. ... About 10 percent of 18-wheeler rigs need to change their oil each week All across America, about 10% of the 18-wheeler transport trucks have to change their oil each week. "...

Bulgarians storm the country's parliament, demand repeal of health pass mandate


The Sofia demonstrators urged lawmakers to abandon a proposal to mandate health passes or “green certificates” for Bulgarians. ... Under current rules, Bulgarians have to wear masks in indoor settings and on public transport. "...

Waves of migrant workers returning to their home villages in India trigger concerns over second wave of small, localized outbreaks


However, this did not happen and many people were left with little money and food, forcing them to abandon their city jobs and make the trek out to their homes. > The #coronavirus lockdown in India has left this 15-year-old girl and her injured father without a way to make a living. ... In the first wave of reverse-migration, around four million Indians crammed themselves into buses and other forms of public transport to get home. "...

Scientists discover new properties of water


Conventional knowledge believed that the process used by water to transport protons and the method used for hydroxide ions were symmetrical mirror images of each other. ... The hydrogen atoms are able to abandon their molecule and go to another one. Their mobility explains the ease with which water transports ions. "...

CDC: Mumps outbreak can still occur in highly VACCINATED communities


Essentially, the vaccine failed to pass their regular testing protocol, and rather than work to fix the vaccine — Merck chose to tweak their testing protocols and abandon “gold standard” scientific methods to make it look like the mumps portion worked better than it really did. ... - More news on CDC Fauci and Biden together: A scientific dictatorship Airlines and transport officials CLASH with CDC over quarantines for airline passengers Shocking numbers: Comparing COVID-19 deaths ...