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SNOPES caught being dishonest in its assessment of a California bill seeking to criminalize the sale of Bibles


The legislation, AB 2943, forbids counselors from telling a gender-confused female that she’s a woman or a gender-confused male that he’s a man. ... The site notes that AB 2943 “does not mention the Bible, Christianity, or religion at all, and any claim that “the legislation would ‘literally’ prohibit the sale of the Bible…is demonstrably false.” "...

"Pro-choice" California doesn't believe GAY people should have a choice at all – counseling professionals to be fined and jailed


Entitled “Unlawful business practices: sexual orientation change efforts,” AB 2943 specifically prohibits so-called “conversion” therapy, which involves counseling LGBT individuals in an attempt to help them become “straight.” ... “AB 2943 violates my right to choose,” Olsen declared. “It is a blatant violation of my First Amendment rights and I believe there’s a reason why our Founding Fathers chose to put these rights in the very First Amendment.” "...

Former gays rally against California authoritarian law that would criminalize "conversion" therapy... yes, counseling is about to become illegal


Former gays rally against California authoritarian law that would criminalize “conversion” therapy… yes, counseling is about to become illegal Monday, June 25, 2018 by: Ethan Huff AB 2943 , bisexual , brainwashed , California , coersion , conversion therapy , gay , gender , health freedom , legislation , lesbian , LGBT , LGBT mafia , Liberty , mental health , mind body science , political correctness , politically correct , protest , psycology , rally , reparative therapy , rights ...

California seeks to criminalize certain Bible teachings in latest outrageous assault on Christianity


Assembly Bill 2943 would amend Sections 1761 and 1770 of California’s Civil Code to basically outlaw the sale of any goods, including religious texts, that deal with issues related to sexual orientation and gender. ... This latest assault with the introduction of AB 2943 is no different. Because Christianity and the Bible are very clear in defining marriage and sex as being exclusively reserved for one man and one woman, the LGBT brigade of cultural Marxists is trying everything ...

After criminalizing the Bible and medical choice, California is now trying to outlaw home schooling


AB 2926 goes on to explain exactly what is meant by the term “additional requirements,” stating that they “shall include, but are not limited to, both of the following: minimum qualifications for home school instructors and additional content or curriculum standards.” ... This would mean that AB 2943 would threaten the sale of the Bible , considering the fact that the Bible condemns homosexuality and defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. "...

Same corrupt California government that pushed vaccine mandates now forming a "fake news" authority to BLOCK news sources they don't like... California to become Communist China


Another California bill, AB 155, is attempting to force public school teachers to indoctrinate students about “fake news” This is hardly the first egregiously unconstitutional legislative bill to come down the pipeline in California. ... This is actually already in the works with regards to LGBT issues and sexual orientation with the introduction of AB 2943. "...



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