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California legislators are on a mission to de-license ALL doctors in the state who challenge covid dogma


(Related: Some California doctors tried but failed to push back against AB 2098.) Time to SUE California over AB 2098’s unconstitutional provisions It is important to note that AB 2098 only had one hearing, which took place on June 26. "...

California warns doctors: tell the truth about anything and you'll lose your medical license


If Newsom signs AB 2098, it could mean political suicide for the Democrats this fall As of this writing, Newsom has not yet signed AB 2098, nor has he publicly indicated support for it. ... If Newsom knew what was good for him, he would push AB 2098 as far out of his sight as possible. "...

Keep the Republic with Dr. Daniel Bobinski: US medical system is being totally destroyed, warns Laura Sextro – Brighteon.TV


According to Sextro, California’s passing of Assembly Bill (AB) 2098 is the first step in the total destruction of the medical system in the country as it targets informed consent. ... Sextro commented that AB 2098 essentially states that all doctors that go against the COVID-19 narrative will lose their medical license. "...

California bill seeks to PUNISH doctors promoting COVID "misinformation"


(Related: The worst Covid MISINFORMATION SPREADERS on the planet. ) AB 2098 seeks to enforce a one and only truth Emergency room doctor Nick Sawyer expressed support toward AB 2098. ... The Maine-based Nass also disagreed with Sawyer’s remarks in support of AB 2098. "...

Doctors dispute California law authorizing state medical board to revoke licenses of those challenging COVID-19 narrative


California Assembly Bill 2098 (AB 2098), signed Sept. 30 by Governor Gavin Newsom, would authorize the Medical Board of California (MBC) to pursue professional sanctions and even license revocation against doctors who go against their COVID-19 “scientific consensus.” ... Robert Malone discuss why AB 2098 violates the Nuremberg Code and the right to informed consent . "...

Aussie medical practitioners unite against edict penalizing them for opposing government narratives on COVID


Jeff Barke filed a lawsuit in the District Court for the Central District of California, in relation to the passing of Assembly Bill (AB) 2098. ... “[AB 2098] puts patients at risk. Requiring physicians to consider the state’s narrative when making a medical decision, is bad medicine and dangerous. "...

Stanford, UCLA and others admit that risk benefit to covid "vaccines" is NEGATIVE


Any doctor who relies on its findings as part of his medical practice, however, could lose his medical license in the California if AB 2098 passes. ... Covid jabs are genocide One of the things that makes AB 2098 unpassable, in Kirsch’s opinion, is the fact that its wording makes it impossible for a physician to ever change his opinion on a matter, including vaccine safety. "...

California doctor pushes back against "medical misinformation bill"


Also known as the “medical misinformation bill,” AB 2098 would criminalize any criticism of “vaccines,” as well as “alternative” treatments for the Fauci Flu such as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin. ... Another wrote that if AB 2098 passes, “we will see a culling like never before.” "...

California legislators are trying to criminalize doctors who treat covid patients with anything other than remdesivir, ventilators and vaccines


“Should AB 2098 become law, doctors who prescribe medications not approved by the state or who claim unsanctioned drugs are effective would see their licenses revoked and face strict penalties and disciplinary actions by the Medical Board of California,” reports The Epoch Times. “In short, AB 2098 would designate the dissemination of information not approved by the state related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes ‘COVID-19,’ as misinformation or disinformation, ...

Risk benefit of the vaccines is negative according to a new paper from Stanford, UCLA, others


Instead of following “the science,” in California doctors will “follow the herd” Once this paper is published, it then becomes “misinformation” according to the State of California (assuming they pass AB-2098 which seems likely). ... But there is a hidden feature of AB-2098 that nobody is talking about: it is IMPOSSIBLE for doctors to shift position on a topic like vaccine safety. "...

Letter to the California Legislature


.” > > —Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism (paperback , hardcover , Kindle , audiobook ) (Article by Margaret Anna Alice republished from MargaretAnnaAlice.Substack.com ) I am writing to urge No votes on AB2098 , SB1390 , AB1797 , SB1464 , SB871 , SB866 , and SB1479 , and part of a decalogue of medical tyranny bills (down to seven now that SB1184 passed on April 5 while AB 1993 and the HIPAA -violating SB 920 were pulled). ... If you care about saving ...

Open letter to California lawmakers urges rejection of "COVID tyranny" measures


In her letter, Mary Anna Alice urged state lawmakers to vote against AB2098, SB1390, AB1797, SB1464, SB871, SB866 and SB1479, as well as “a decalogue of medical tyranny bills (down to seven now that SB1184 passed on April 5 while AB 1993 and the HIPAA-violating SB 920 were pulled).” In a critique of the bills, she noted that AB2098 would strip physicians and surgeons of their state licenses for so-called “unprofessional conduct,” which the bill ...