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Picralima nitida seed extracts possess antioxidant and anti-diabetes properties


The results of their study were published in the Journal of Medicinal Plants Research. - P. nitida or akuamma is a medicinal plant native to Africa. - For their study, the researchers used three solvents, namely, 70 percent methanol, distilled water, and coconut water, to prepare extracts from akuamma seeds. - They used DPPH radical scavenging assay, FRAP assay, Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) assay, Hydroxyl Radical Averting Capacity (HORAC) assay, Total Phenol Content (TPC) assay, and Total Flavonoid ...

Akuamma seeds offer potent antioxidants that can help prevent diabetes


The extracts can also inhibit a-amylase and a-glucosidase, two enzymes that dictate postprandial glucose levels or blood sugar levels after a meal. ... Their inhibitory potential also compared favorably with acarbose, the standard used for the a-amylase and a-glucosidase assays. "...

This traditional African medicine can naturally prevent diabetes, says study


It further breaks down the products of a-amylase digestion into glucose molecules that can be absorbed by the body. ... However, the former had significantly lower inhibitory activity against a-amylase than the latter. "...

Here's why eating garlic and onions can prevent hypertension and diabetes


The researchers reported that the garlic, purple onion and white onion extracts inhibited the activities of ACE, a-amylase and a-glucosidase in vitro in a concentration-dependent manner. ... Meanwhile, the white onion extract showed a significantly stronger inhibitory effect on a-amylase at an IC50 of 3.93 mg/mL than the garlic extract (IC50 = 8.19 mg/mL) and the purple onion (IC50 = 8.27 mg/mL) extract. "...

Extracts from garlic, white onion and purple onion exert inhibitory effects against enzymes linked to diabetes and hypertension


-azino-bis 3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulphonic acid (ABTS) radical-scavenging assays. - The researchers found that the garlic, purple onion and white onion extracts inhibited the activities of ACE, a-amylase and a-glucosidase in a concentration-dependent manner. - The purple onion extract (IC50 = 0.59 mg/ml) had a higher inhibitory effect on ACE than the white onion (IC50 = 0.66 mg/ml) and garlic (IC50 = 0.96 mg/ml) extracts. - White onion (IC50 = 3.93 mg/mL), on the other hand, had a significantly ...

Loquat, native to many regions in Asia, exhibits anti-diabetes properties


Because of the role a-amylase plays in increasing postprandial (after meal) blood glucose levels, inhibitors of this enzyme are used for diabetes management. ... This indicates that the extract can inhibit the activity of a-amylase better than acarbose, an anti-diabetic drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes . "...

Wild mint can prevent blood sugar spikes after meals, reports study


Because of their functions, compounds that can inhibit a-amylase and a-glucosidase activity are used to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics. ... The wild mint extract also showed high inhibitory activity against a-amylase and ?"...

A banana a day keeps the doctor away? Study suggests wild banana species may have anti-diabetic properties


The researchers reported that the seed extract obtained using acetone as solvent demonstrated the highest inhibition of a-amylase and a-glucosidase. ... Sources include: OnlineLibrary.Wiley.com MedicalNewsToday.com POWO.Science.Kew.org Previous :Japanese herb found to protect against liver cancer Next : Survival top picks: Essential medical supplies and trauma kits - More news on a-amylase A banana a day keeps the doctor away? "...

Researchers evaluate the antidiabetic activity of Mentha arvensis (wild mint)


. - Two enzymes that can be targeted to achieve this are a-amylase and a-glucosidase. - M. arvensis, a medicinal herb traditionally used to treat various disorders, is a promising alternative treatment for diabetes. - For their experiment, the researchers tested methanolic extracts derived from M. arvensisleaves on male rats. - They also performed various in vitro tests to evaluate the anti-diabetic activity of the extracts. - The researchers reported that the M. arvensismethanolic extract ...

Investigating the anti-diabetic properties of Eriobotrya japonica (loquat)


. - They next evaluated the antioxidant and anti-diabetic activities of E. japonica methanolic extract using DPPH assay and a-amylase inhibition assay, respectively. - The researchers found that E. japonica leaves contain a variety of phytochemicals, such as flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins, phytosterols and glycosides. - Analysis of E. japonica methanolic extract’s antioxidant capacity revealed that it has a slightly lower half-maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50 = 0.453 mg/mL) than ascorbic ...

Study: The stem bark of black stinkwood has anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties


To assess the extracts’ antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory properties, the researchers looked at their effects on the activities of a-amylase and a-glucosidase, two enzymes involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates into simple sugars, and 5-lipoxygenase, an enzyme involved in inflammation. ... The aqueous extract also showed the highest inhibitory activity against a-amylase and a-glucosidase, even higher than acarbose’s. "...

Study: Clove essential oil can keep blood sugar levels at bay after eating


In cell-free assays, PCE also inhibited a-amylase and a-glucosidase activities. a-Amylase is the enzyme responsible for converting dietary starch into glucose molecules, while a-glucosidase is needed for the absorption of glucose in the gastrointestinal tract. "...

A species of wild climbing rose found to be effective alternative treatment for diabetes; it inhibits the conversion of starch to sugar


The study, titled Antioxidant activity and a-amylase inhibitory potential of Rosa canina L., looked at the therapeutic properties of the dog-rose plant; in particular, its capacity to kill free radicals and inhibit alpha-amylase activity in the body. ... Alpha-amylase (or ?-Amylase) is an example of such an enzyme. In particular, alpha-amylase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down complex starch into glucose that finds its way into the blood. "...

Crescent-cup liverwort shows promise as a treatment for diabetes


The two crescent-cup liverwort samples also exhibited good a-glucosidase and a-amylase inhibitory activity. a-Amylase is the enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates into maltose , a sugar composed of two glucose molecules. a-Glucosidase, on the other hand, is the enzyme that breaks maltose apart into two separate glucose molecules. "...

Clove extracts found to reverse elevated pre- and post-prandial blood glucose levels


. - In cell-free assays, PCE also inhibited a-amylase and a-glucosidase activities. "...

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These studies indicate that ginger has very good potential for a-glucosidase and a-amylase inhibition relevant for type 2 diabetes management and cyclooxygenase inhibition for inflammation. ... These studies indicate that ginger has very good potential for a-glucosidase and a-amylase inhibition relevant for type 2 diabetes management and cyclooxygenase inhibition for inflammation. "...



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