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Ninth Circuit Court says President Trump can defund Planned Parenthood – the time is NOW for taxpayers to stop paying for the murder of unborn babies


Ninth Circuit Court says President Trump can defund Planned Parenthood – the time is NOW for taxpayers to stop paying for the murder of unborn babies Monday, July 01, 2019 by: Ethan Huff abortion , badhealth , defund , infanticide , medical violence , Ninth Circuit Court , Planned Parenthood , President Trump , taxpayer funds , Trump , violence , Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/362127.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Plans ...

Did the Ninth U.S. Circuit just legalize OPEN CARRY firearms in all 50 states?


Did the Ninth U.S. Circuit just legalize OPEN CARRY firearms in all 50 states? Wednesday, July 25, 2018 by: Lance D Johanson Constitution , discrimination , favoritism , firearms , freedom , guns , Liberty , Ninth Circuit Appeals Court , open carry , patriot , privileges , protection , rights , Second Amendment , self-defense , slavery - (Natural News ) A three judge panel for the Ninth U.S. ... The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth ...

FCC faces historic legal challenge for failing to protect the public from wireless technology radiation


Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The petition calls on the court to find out why the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not updated their 25-year-old guidelines on wireless technology radiation. "...

It's time for Trump to ignore activist judges and implement executive rules necessary to protect our border


District Judge Jon Tigar, who was appointed to the libtard judicial capital of the country – the Ninth Circuit – by Barack “Spygate” Obama, blocked the Trump administration from implementing a new rule regarding bogus asylum claims. ... And as such, the Justice Department is very likely going to appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court, where the lower court ruling will be upheld – and then to the Supreme Court, where the administration will likely win. "...

EPA decision to destroy environment with bee-killing pesticides overruled by federal judge


Nevertheless, the corrupt EPA attempted toramrod this chemical through safety approvals without any actual evidence of safety, which the Ninth Circuit found to be speciously misguided. ... The lawsuit that led to this much-welcomed decision by the Ninth Circuit Court serves as a template for others to follow. "...

BREAKING: 72 individuals from Trump's seven named countries have been convicted in terrorism cases since 9/11


This finding demolishes the absurd, fact-less assertion of the Ninth Circuit judges who claimed there is “no evidence” of terrorism from those seven nations. ... There is now no question whatsoever that the Ninth Circuit judges are lawless traitors who are actively working against America’s interests by aiding and abetting foreign terrorists who intend on murdering as many Americans as possible. "...

U.S. government routinely steals almost half of all raisin harvests from American farmers


As of this writing, the Hornes' case against the USDA is currently awaiting consideration by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California. According to Reason.com, the Supreme Court recently ruled in a 9-0 decision that the Ninth Circuit, which previously attempted to deny the case, claiming it had no jurisdiction in the matter, must now consider it on the grounds of its constitutional merits. "...

EXCLUSIVE: Patriot groups fighting to keep Oregon ranchers out of jail say calling forth 'militias' will be next move


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed and ordered them re-sentenced in October, which they duly were. ... Supporters insist that the mandatory minimum sentence of five years is a violation of the Eighth Amendment's protection against "cruel and unusual" punishment, and that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals violated the Fifth Amendment's protection against double jeopardy, by ordering the Hammonds re-sentenced for the same crime. "...

Leftists on 9th Circuit appeals court rule there is no right to carry concealed weapons in latest attack on Second Amendment


Leftists on 9th Circuit appeals court rule there is no right to carry concealed weapons in latest attack on Second Amendment Monday, March 29, 2021 by: JD Heyes assault weapons , concealed carry , firearms , freedom , guns , Illegal , infringement , Liberty , Ninth Circuit , patriots , ruling , Second Amendment , Supreme Court , unconstitutional , uprising Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/505131.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Now that ...

US Court of Appeals: States and counties can ban GMO crops despite federal laws


Thanks to the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals and their recent interpretation of the Plant Protection Act , all U.S. states, counties, and local communities can actually ban (or regulate) the planting of any and all commercially-grown genetically engineered crops, no matter what the feds or Monsanto claims about GMO. ... The reduction of biodiversity cited by the US courts as reason to limit GE crop planting The Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals also recognized ...

Baby kidnapped by authorities over missed medical appointment


There is a Ninth Circuit Court precedent long-standing for 20 to 30 years that does not permit law enforcement to remove a child from parents without a court order unless serious bodily harm is imminent, Boyles said. "...

Discrimination by medicine? Cannabis users have no Second Amendment rights, court rules


Circuit is one of the most liberal, most-overturned of all circuit courts. So it wasn't a surprise to many when leftist judges there recently ruled to uphold a ban on gun sales and possession to anyone who uses marijuana for medical purposes – even if it's legal in their respective state. ... As reported by KQED, the Ninth Circuit's ruling came as a result of a lawsuit filed by S. "...

Court bans Feds from prosecuting medical marijuana users


Circuit Court of Appeals. Twenty-five states allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes, while another four states plus the District of Columbia permit it for medical and recreational use. ... Now the Ninth Circuit has ruled that if the DOJ uses its budget to carry out any enforcement action against people who are following state medical marijuana laws, the department will have violated the congressional order. "...

Court bans DOJ from prosecuting medical marijuana users, growers


A unanimous decision by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals prevents the DOJ from using federal funds to prosecute those who grow, sell or purchase marijuana, despite the fact that marijuana is still illegal under federal law. ... The 10 defendants – all from Western states in the Ninth Circuit's jurisdiction – were either indoor growers or medical marijuana store owners. "...

Biden DHS plotting to put opposition on 'no fly list,' label them 'suspected domestic extremists'


Earlier this month, the Ninth Circuit reinstated some of the charges against him and 3 others by claiming they were justified as a form of pre-crime. The Ninth Circuit’s ruling stated that “it would be cavalier to assert that the government and its citizens cannot act, but must sit quietly and wait until they are actually physically injured or have had their property destroyed by those who are trying to perpetrate, or cause the perpetration of, those violent outrages ...

Media racism in Oregon: If the Feds had charged Muslims with 'terrorism' for starting a fire, all hell would break loose on CNN


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed and ordered them re-sentenced in October, which they duly were. ... Patriot groups and other supporters of the Hammonds say that the Ninth U.S. Court of Appeals violated the Fifth Amendment's prohibition against "double jeopardy" – that is, "be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb." "...

Obama's USDA to deceive Americans over GM crops


Monsanto continues to appeal the decision, even though the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against it twice. "...

School Officials Order Strip-Search of 13-Year-Old Girl Over Ibuprofen Pills


Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the strip search violated Redding's 4th Amendment right to protection from unreasonable search. "...

UC Irvine fires medical ethics director for challenging vax mandate


Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, noting that there are some legal questions that the court needs to answer regarding the limits of the mandates during public health emergencies. "...

Supreme Court rules against federal seizure of farmer's crop production


Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the Fifth Amendment somehow affords less protection to "personal property" than "real property" (like land), and in doing so upheld the penalty. "...