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Vaccine mandates leading to massive shortage of 911 staff, putting Americans' lives in danger


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Breakdown: New York EMTs forced to wait for hours with dead bodies before police arrive


The 911 system gets up to 4,000 calls a day when the mercury tops 90 degrees. Tying down ambulance crews for hours Is it just an occasional thing? ... "It was just one of the frustrating delays documented on that Wednesday, a snapshot of more madness with the city's 911 system," the paper reported. "...

Planned Parenthood facility bypasses 911 to hide medical emergency from public records


“When abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood bypass the 911 system, they are doing it to cover up the fact that they hurt someone during an abortion. ... That time, the facility called 911 twice . According to 911 records provided to Operation Rescue by the Pro-Life Action League, the 25-year-old woman was sedated and unconscious during the ordeal. "...

NYC paramedics stood by and did nothing while police choked man to death on the sidewalk


The four - a pair each of EMTs and paramedics - who were taken off the city's emergency response system are the latest public safety employees to face reassignment following mounting questions about the death of NYC citizen Eric Garner. ... Long told reporters that the fire department initiated action against the hospital's medical workers because the FDNY supervises the city's 911 system, which is essentially "a patchwork of public and privately-operated emergency services," ...

Report: Arizona follows Texas lead and starts busing illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C.


The 911 system in Yuma crashed not too long ago. A county supervisor said three churches contacted them Sunday because migrants were showing up [from the border] and they didn’t know what to do.” > Arizona follows Texas, begins busing migrants from southern border to D.C. https://t.co/pdWykwhGth > > — Diana Hurst (@DianaHu42465710) May 15, 2022 According to the Washington Examiner: “Over the past year, fewer than half of the people who illegally cross the southern border have been ...

Paramedics say New York City punished them for speaking about the pandemic


A worker on restricted status cannot receive overtime or work for other emergency services in the city’s 911 system. "...

Prepare for utter mayhem and carnage in US cities as over 120 locations in America's biggest city to be hit by DHS 'gas exercises' while critical infrastructure is dismantled


From the Daily Mail : “Lightfoot slams Chicago police union for trying to ‘induce an insurrection’ by telling cops to disobey COVID vaccine mandate while chief warns officers could LOSE retirement benefits if they quit rather than get jab” From NBC News : “EMS services warn of ‘crippling labor shortage’ undermining 911 system: “We’re not bleeding any longer — we’re hemorrhaging,” one ambulance service operator said of a decade long worker shortage exacerbated by the pandemic” From ...

ON YOUR OWN: Portland residents have to wait more than 5 minutes for their 911 calls to be answered


Average wait times for a 911 dispatcher on that day rose to more than 7.5 minutes. ... By comparison, 911 calls in July 2020 only increased by two percent over July 2019. "...

Nationwide 911 outage traced back to Microsoft failures... why does Microsoft control 911 services across dozens of cities?


“The one system we need to work all the time is 911,” she stated. “The FCC needs to get to the bottom of this now and figure out what is going on.” ... 9/11 memorial in Washingtonville, New York DEFACED by vandals - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-10-01-is-the-911-emergency-system-run-by-microsoft.html Embed article link: (copy HTML code below):

America plunging into third world status as police run out of fuel and say they won't respond to 911 calls because of gas prices


Because of this, the Isabella County Sheriff’s Department has already “blown through [their] fuel budget” and will have to respond to some 911 calls over the phone rather than show up in person. ... To solely blame Biden and his regime would be a mistake, though, as the country’s entire economic system was corrupted long ago, allowing it to blow up like a balloon. "...

Millions of cars sold in the USA automatically call the police and report your 'crimes' without your knowledge


They were following up on a 911 call placed by ... the woman's vehicle. According to a Ford spokesperson, 10 million Ford vehicles already on U.S. streets come equipped with a feature that automatically calls 911 in the event of a collision. ... A 911 dispatcher then returned the call to Bernstein to make sure she was all right. "...

The government can now activate your phone camera to stream live video of whatever you are seeing


The 911eye software was also developed in partnership with the West Midlands Fire Service in the United Kingdom, where the West Midland Police Department has already embraced a type of “pre-crime” unit in which potential offenders are identified by the system and flagged for possible “interventions” by law enforcement. ... Jeffrey Epstein funded a similar spying tool known as Carbyne911 with similar spying capabilities 911eye isn’t the only product of its kind ...

CAUGHT: Boston Bombing


#OutdatedRemoved Previous :SUBWAY GAS ATTACKS to be staged by DHS/Feds in NYC at over 120 locations, including transit buses, airports, subway tunnels between October 18th – 29th Next : You can’t make this up: CNN’s HOME PAGE pop-up advertisement is for an injection for joint pain that also compromises your immune system’s ability to fight infection - More news on 9/11 After 9/11 America secured airplane flight decks to stop the deaths; after the Covid-19 vaccine holocaust, it’s time to ...

SHOCKING: Woman calls 911, screaming for help as violent mob attacks her car with a child inside, is told "City Hall has sanctioned the protests" and police can't help


That’s the shocking reality now being felt across America as a 911 emergency call recording has emerged (see video below) where a woman is frantically screaming to a 911 operator to get help while a 911 operator tells her the violent mob has been “sanctioned by City Hall” and there’s nothing the police can do. ... Now, you call 911 as you’re being assaulted, and the 911 operator informs you that City Hall has sanctioned the violent mob that’s attacking ...

Crypto 9/11 is now under way... a "controlled demolition" event to usher in HEAVY regulation


The system could even prevent individuals from spending too much money on food, gasoline or other categories of retail items such as firearms or ammunition. ... Using his technical experience combined with his love for natural health, Adams developed and deployed the content management system currently driving NaturalNews.com. "...

In some cities, police now take FOUR DAYS to respond to a 911 call... are you armed yet?


“It’s a far cry from the days when 911 calls averaged 30 minutes,” he claimed to great applause. Officers now arrive on the scene an average of 12 minutes after 911 calls are made. "...

Tenn. school English lesson teaches that Whites are racists who oppress minorities


. > > — GrantB911 (@GrantB911) August 14, 2020 > The white kids told the Mexican girl to “Go back to the Mexican school!” pic.twitter.com/muMQnOzM2D > > — GrantB911 (@GrantB911) August 14, 2020 If you can’t read the text in the upper left-hand image, know that it reads: “Sylvia had on her black shoes. "...

Tech tyrants develop app for Leftist brownshirts to report as "hate speech" anything you say that offends them


Known as the Hate Incident Reporting System, the app has been branded as a tool to help fill the alleged “gap” in hate crimes reporting, which is apparently tracked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). ... Kennedy Jr. proves that he’s the only Kennedy willing to fight for humanity and stand against the vaccine deep state Next : Yes, CNN actually claims unborn babies “aren’t human” - More news on 9/11 After 9/11 America secured airplane flight decks to stop the deaths; after the ...

Just like the FBI covered up the crimes of Clinton and Comey, it also covered up the truth about 9/11 and the controlled demolition of WTC 7


“Third, we simulated a number of scenarios within the overall structural system in order to determine what types of local failures and their locations may have caused the total collapse to occur as observed,” they added. ... Sources for this article include: TheFreeThoughtProject.com NaturalNews.com Previous :There’s no more denying it: Bernie Sanders wants to EXTERMINATE people to stop climate change Next : The capital of California is collapsing into chaos, feces, drug addiction and homelessness… ...