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New York reports 88% death rate among coronavirus patients put on ventilators


But this approach seems to be failing, as a whopping 88 percent of coronavirus patients on ventilators at New York’s largest hospital system end up dying . ... Sources for this article include: MSN.com NaturalNews.com Previous :For social distancing to truly work, people would need to stand 26 feet apart, say researchers Next : Pandemic conditions in Manaus, Brazil, are like a “horror movie” - More news on 88 percent New York reports 88% death rate among ...

Natural vs. artificial herd immunity: What have failed vaccination programs taught us?


And yet the herd immunity threshold score (the target percentage) allegedly required to acquire herd immunity is between 88% and 93%. ... Consideration of age-dependent transmission has suggested a slightly lower estimate, 88 percent, assuming no waning of immunity…. "...

Natural Cellular Defense removes heavy metals, pesticides, toxic chemicals from body - study


The overall percentage of removal of these toxins from these organs was 88%, leaving only 12% of the toxins in their systems overall. ... After the one-week protocol, just 73 toxins were left in the liver, 102 toxins left in the breast, and 111 toxins left in the brain: Results of Week-Long NCD and Juice Fasting Non-Toxic Baby Protocol LIVER BREAST BRAIN TOTAL Toxins Found BEFORE 801 825 824 2450 Toxins Found AFTER 73 103 111 287 Percentage Removed 91% 88% 87% ...

Six Reasons Why You Should Eat More Raw Foods


Cardiovascular endurance improved for 67 percent of respondents. A dramatic increase in energy levels were reported since transitioning to raw foods, specifically 31 percent to 88 percent of the respondents who said they had "good" or "excellent" energy levels. #2 - Cleansing Elimination improved dramatically on a raw food diet. ... Passion (53% to 88%) 8. Intuition (52% to 91%) 9. Dept of Meditation (28% to 68%) 10. "...

Study finds that 95% of riots have links to Black Lives Matter


Of these 633 incidents, 88 percent of them involved known members or affiliates of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the project was unable to verify the identities of the perpetrators in 51 incidents. ... Among Democrats and people who lean Democrat, support for the movement also decreased from 92 to 88 percent. "...

No, “coronavirus” hasn’t thrown 100 million into extreme poverty... virus LOCKDOWNS did that


Hundreds of millions of people, worldwide, lost their jobs, many for good since a sizable percentage of those jobs are never coming back. ... The Wall Street Journal reports : The coronavirus pandemic has thrown between 88 million and 114 million people into extreme poverty, according to the World Bank’s biennial estimates of global poverty. "...

Unwarranted Medical Procedures Burden Taxpayers and Necessitate Bailouts


It is estimated that the percentage of hysterectomies performed that are medically unwarranted is between 24 and 88%. The percentage of hysterectomies that might be avoided with conservative treatment is estimated to be approximately 98%. "...

Electromagnetic hygiene - Can qi really help us be healthier?


The survival rate of the cells went from 50 to 88 percent. To possibly increase the survival rate the idea of karma was presented. ... This experiment was duplicated over 100 times with the same result: the 88 percent survival rate increased to 96 percent. "...

One in eight public pools full of disease-inducing filth, warns CDC


"Pools in child care settings had the highest percentage of inspections that resulted in immediate closures," said CDC epidemiologist Michele Hlavsa. ... Schaffner said the study results should not be interpreted as meaning that all pools are unhealthy, noting that 88 percent of pools passed their inspections. "...

The flu shot is the most defective vaccine ever made – here's proof


In fact, 88 of the 108 cases settled were for injuries and deaths due to the flu vaccine, making the flu vaccine the most dangerous vaccine in the United States, killing and injuring more people than every other vaccine combined. ... On top of that, the percentage of vaccinated Americans has skyrocketed in every single age group, including the elderly, infants and pregnant mothers. "...

American College of Pediatricians warns about toxic effects of Gardasil vaccine; sounds alarm over massive scientific fraud that concealed toxic effects


If society routinely injects poisons into children, we should not be surprised when some percentage of those children are damaged by those poisons. ... Shocking 88% of ovarian failure incidents have been attributed to Gardasil According to the American College of Pediatricians, 88% of adverse event reports involving ovarian failure have been associated with just one vaccine: Gardasil. "...

Poll: 61% of African Americans want police presence in their area to stay the same


When taken together, only 14 percent of all U.S. adults would prefer fewer police patrols in their area, while the percentage of people who want the police presence to either stay the same or increase is at 67 percent and 19 percent, respectively. ... However, a large majority also believe that police reform is necessary, with 88 percent stating that they believe major changes are needed, and another 10 percent believing only minor changes ...

Long-predicted GM crop' superweeds' have arrived


., the percentage of GM staple crops being planted today has skyrocketed. According to the latest figures released by the U.S. ... Corn and cotton are not much different, with GM corn representing 88 percent of all corn plantings in the U.S., and GM cotton representing 90 percent of all cotton plantings in the U.S. "...

Sweetened Beverage Intake Raises Heart Disease Risk in Women


Women aged 34-59 with no previous related health history are at higher risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) when consuming two or more servings of sugar-sweetened beverages per day, according to a 24-year study that evaluated data from more than 88,000 women. ... According to a Reuters' article discussing the results, previous studies show that consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages has more than doubled in the past 30 years, based on percentage of energy intake. "...

Research confirms: Magnesium supplements linked to stronger muscles and bones


Measurements of the increases are shown below: - Increased grip strength: 1.1 percent in men; 2.4 percent in women - Increase in fat-free mass percentage: 3.0 percent in men; 3.6 percent in women - Increase in fat-free mass body mass index: 5.1 percent in men; 5.5 percent in women - Increase in bone mineral density: 2.9 percent in men; 0.9 percent in women https://prevent-and-reverse-heart-disease.naturalnews.com Discover ...

Drug maker pleads guilty to selling children's Tylenol laced with carcinogenic heavy metals


Court documents said the fine was set as a percentage of sales of the tainted products during the 11 months included in the filing and plea. ... Eventually company officials traced the problem to a machine part manufactured from Waukesha 88, "a composite metal that is mostly nickel, but also includes iron, tin, bismuth and chromium," said court documents quoted by the Inquirer. "...

GMO-labeling announced as defeated despite uncounted votes in counties favoring the measure


Vigilant reporting by The Oregonian reveals that, with 88 percent of the votes counted, the measure is trailing 49 to 51 percent; however, most of the votes yet to be counted are in Multnomah County, a region where 62 percent of the population favors GMO labeling. ... Prop 37 was announced as being defeated by 6 percentage points , 53 to 47 percent, when more than 3 million votes were still left uncounted. "...

Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers $155 billion per year... building a wall could pay for itself almost immediately


Illegal immigration imposes a net fiscal burden on U.S. taxpayers When an American earns their paycheck, they pay out a percentage to local, state, and federal taxes. ... FAIR’s cost analysis found that the total expenditures for illegal immigration is $45,870,474,332 at the federal level and $88,992,981,032 at the state and local level. "...

One in five businesses report having to reduce employment due to Obamacare


The same percentage (18 percent) indicated that the proportion of part-time workers had increased. ... However, more than half - 52 percent - indicated that "modifications to their offerings" had been implemented: Among those modifying their health insurance coverage, higher deductibles (91 percent), higher worker contributed premiums (88 percent), and higher out-of-pocket maximums (77 percent) were the most cited changes. "...

Young Americans so scared by the “climate change” hoax which claims the world is ending in 12 years, they aren’t saving a DIME for retirement


Some 88% of millennials (a higher percentage than any other age group) believe in the climate change religion and 69% say it will impact them in their lifetimes. ... A study published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology in March found that young Americans aged 18-25 reporting symptoms of major depression skyrocketed 52 percent between 2005 and 2017. "...