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Holly and Adam Anderson tell Kerri Rivera: Focus on relationships, experiences and people for a strong family – Brighteon.TV


Rivera shared that the Andersons have a unique approach to parenting and life in general, which they show through their YouTube channel 7-Ahead. ... Sources include: Brighteon.com 7Ahead.com CamperGuide.org Previous :Elon Musk hit with $258 billion lawsuit over alleged dogecoin cryptocurrency pyramid scheme Next : The Dr. "...

Veep Harris tapped to jumpstart mini ministry of truth


Read more at: HeadlineUSA.com Previous :Catholic advocacy group launches map tracking attacks against churches across America - More news on disinformation USA Today, a “fact-checking” authority, got caught fabricating its sources across 23 articles All criticism of government and establishment media types now called “cyberbullying” as Orwellian censorship efforts rapidly expand Election winners in Brazil who are accused of spreading “disinformation” online will now have their wins nullified Veep ...

LOCKDOWN LUNACY: Social isolation harms brain health and increases dementia risk, warn researchers


Plan ahead for older adults who may suffer greatly from loneliness and isolation so you’re ready for another pandemic. ... More related stories: 7 Natural ways to battle loneliness and feelings of isolation . "...

Biden administration sued for colluding with Big Tech to censor political speech


Big Tech censorship has undue power Ahead of the 2020 elections, researchers revealed that the world’s most popular email platform, Google’s Gmail, was 7 times more likely to send emails from conservative candidates to users’ spam folders than emails from left-wing candidates. "...

Nets ignore news that all stock market gains have been WIPED OUT under Biden


“It all comes ahead of a closely watched Federal Reserve meeting this week where the central bank is all but sure to raise interest rates” which are reported to be “going up by 75 basis points,” O’Donnell reported. ... Going up by 75 basis points, that could be the biggest hike in more than two decades. > NBC Nightly News > 6/13/2022 > 7:05:21 p.m. "...

Rolling blackouts to leave tens of millions without power as fuel prices hit record highs making gas-powered generators unaffordable or prolonged outages


Which brings us to the warnings of upcoming blackouts we are seeing, due to a brutal Summer up ahead. ... Up To 7 Days of Emergency Power Supply. (For 1-2 People Family) Jackery Solar Generator 500, 518Wh Outdoor Solar Generator Mobile Lithium Battery Pack with Solar Saga 100 for Road Trip Camping, Outdoor Adventure Jackery Solar Generator 1500, 1800W Generator Explorer 1500 and SolarSaga 100W with 3x110V/1800W AC Outlets, Solar Mobile Lithium Battery Pack for Outdoor RV/Van Camping, ...

5 Ways to brew coffee when the grid goes down


Sources include: TheOrganicPrepper.com Aeropress.com Snowpeak.com Brighteon.com Previous :Medical preparedness and foot health: 10 Tips to prevent foot blisters - More news on coffee 5 Ways to brew coffee when the grid goes down 5 Caffeine FACTS and 5 caffeine MYTHS Study: People who drink coffee have lower risk of early death 15 Ways to use spent coffee grounds on your homestead Coffee prices soar to 7-year high as supply woes hit top producers Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam Supply chain ...

Biden blatantly lies about the stock market, claiming non-existent GAINS when the market actually shows alarming LOSSES


It has hit record after record after record on my watch, while making things more equitable for working-class people, ” Biden said on January 7. ... “Apart from crude oil, almost all asset classes were clubbed like baby seals today as event risk anxiety (ahead of FOMC) combined with OpEx technicals ($3.4 trillion options expiration) and European ‘fragmentation’ fears and all the usual geo-political, geo-economic factors that are holding back the dip-buyers as the S&P drops into ...

Bitcoin and nearly all other crypto PLUMMET amid crashing markets


As for Celsius, which claims to have 1.7 million customers, shutting down withdrawals is sure to spark more fear among crypto investors and traders who recognize that the crypto markets are perhaps even more corrupt than Wall Street. ... Mikkel Morch, executive director of the crypto hedge fund ARK36, added that he, too, believes there is more pain ahead for crypto. "...

Pro-abortion leftists FIREBOMB Buffalo, NY pregnancy center


Arsonists from the group attacked the center on June 7, leaving shattered glass panels and burnt interiors behind. “The windows in the reception room and nurses’ office were broken and fires lit,” said a June 7 statement from the center. "...

The crypto apocalypse is here


A lot of crypto investors are now deeply in the red, and the outlook for the months ahead is very bleak. ... On Tuesday, the price of Bitcoin actually dropped below $21,000 for a short period of time… > Bitcoin briefly fell below $21,000 on Tuesday in Asia before bouncing back slightly, continuing its plunge as investors sold off risk assets. > > The world’s largest cryptocurrency was down around 7% and trading at $22,531.22 at around 05:13 a.m. "...

French municipalities handing out food vouchers to deal with food inflation


She relies on a pension of 900 euros ($964.7) per month to help her pay for essential goods and services. ... Marcon’s governing coalition is only slightly ahead in recent polls and he is at risk of losing his majority and thereby leaving him with a hostile legislature, which could hamstring Macron’s desire to move ahead with economic reforms that include plans to rein in welfare and pension spending. "...

The CDC says "severe reactions" to the COVID vaccines are rare. That's not what this survey says


You may change your mind when you watch this video where I interview 7 nurses who were willing to speak out publicly and reveal the rate of vaccine injury among their peers. ... Also, the preview has 8 nurses but there were only 7 in the call. Can you spot the duplicate? "...

Shifting to green energy is currently impossible due to global shortage of batteries and minerals needed for energy storage


The reduced pace of building battery storage space for wind- and solar-generated energy is threatening the pace of the country’s transition away from fossil fuels, following Joe Biden’s nonsensical stated objective of decarbonizing the American power grid completely by 2035 (and by the way, not a single Democrat, including Biden, ran on creating $5, $6, $7 dollar-a-gallon gasoline and diesel fuel because if they had, Democrats would be lucky to have 100 seats in Congress, combined). ... ...

Medical preparedness and foot health: 10 Tips to prevent foot blisters


More tips that can help prevent blisters Here are some more tips to prevent blisters: - Plan ahead for stream crossings. ... Walk the extra mile: 7 best camp shoes to take care of your feet . Smelly feet? "...

Glenn Beck: An economic and financial hurricane is coming and Americans need to prepare for it


“You cannot have this country paying $6, $7 a gallon for gasoline,” he noted. “You cannot have a transportation sector that runs on diesel fuel that is paying $6, $7, $8, $10 a gallon for diesel. ... “We expect there’s going to be tougher economic times ahead. No question we are seeing a tougher capital-markets environment.” "...

Survival essentials: 10 Emergency supply tips for preppers


Take things slowly, plan ahead and make detailed lists so you can prepare before SHTF. ... Sources include: FoodStorageMoms.com EverydayCheapskate.com MDCreekmore.com Brighteon.com Previous :Personal safety and survival: 15 Things to do after an EMP attack Next : Nutritious berries contain compounds that help fight cancer - More news on bug out Survival essentials: 10 Emergency supply tips for preppers Water supply basics: How to use ponds as an emergency water source 20 Wilderness survival ...

National average price of gas breaches $5 per gallon mark for the first time in American history


This is according to GasBuddy, a crowdsourced real-time gas price reporting platform, which also first reported back on March 7 that America broke the previous all-time record for national average gas price when it hit $4.10 per gallon. ... “It’s been one kink after another this year, and worst of all, demand doesn’t seem to be responding to the surge in gas prices, meaning there is a high probability that prices could go even higher in the weeks ahead,” said De Haan. "...

Gasoline price in Los Angeles rises to as much as $7.83 a gallon – more than the federal minimum wage


In some locations, a gallon of regular fuel is higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 . For example, the Chevron station on Alameda St. is now charging $7.83 a gallon. "...

The Earth only has a 3 month supply of food – if production stops humanity has nothing to eat "in 90 days"


We truly are in unprecedented territory, and we are going to see things happen in the months ahead that once would have been absolutely unthinkable. ... As global food production drops precipitously, there simply will not be enough food for everyone in the months ahead. "...