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Dr. Gabriel Cousens warns the world about the toxic effects of 5G wireless (coming soon to your neighborhood)


PC Mag explains that the “G” in 3G, 4G etc. refers to a different generation of wireless technology. ... Well, the disastrous health effects of exposure to even 3G technology have already been documented in over 900 studies. "...

Integrative management of bipolar disorder: Using amino acids and omega-3s to naturally treat mental illness


In a systematic review of controlled trials on omega-3 fatty acids in bipolar disorder, one study found that taking omega-3s together with a mood stabilizer improved depression, but not mania. ... Omega-3 fatty acids may also play a role in the prevention of bipolar disorder. "...

Autism, mercury, aluminum and vaccine-induced encephalopathy


Gary G. Kohls and Kenneth P. Stoller republished from GlobalResearch.ca ) But the corporate medical and pharmaceutical industries both go through all sorts of contortions to deny responsibility for the epidemic, even to the point of lying, black-listing whistleblowers, publishing fraudulent journal articles, smearing the tellers of inconvenient truths, refusing to publish certain authors that have disproved certain doctrinal medical beliefs, etc. ... The transcript of the video is printed ...

Japan's central bank won't hike interest rates amid highest inflation in 40 years


Reuters reported that the nationwide core consumer price index in Japan went up by 3.6 percent compared to a year earlier. ... Watch this G News report about the . This video is from the . More related stories: . . . . "...

Lance D Johnson


More and more New Yorkers are beginning to notice the ominous, three-story-tall 5G towers that are invading their neighborhoods and emitting radiation just outside their bedroom windows. Back in January of 2020, New York City leaders approved an “equitable expansion of 5G mobile service” to the five boroughs. "...

Heinz Tomato Ketchup sees 53% PRICE INCREASE in the UK


A 500g tub of Anchor Spreadable costs £1.31 ($1.55) more, equivalent to a 45 percent increase. A 500g tub of Lurpak Spreadable Slightly Salted costs, £1.17 ($1.39) more, equivalent to a 35 percent increase. "...

Survival medicine: Healing herbs for your first aid kit


Try the recipe below to make a green salve that can help calm inflammation and soothe insect bites: You will need: - Cheesecloth - Double boiler or makeshift double boiler - Fine mesh strainer - Medium bowl - Small tins or lip balm tubes Ingredients: - 1/2 Cup (4oz/120ml) avocado oil (You can also use olive or sunflower oil) - 2-3 Tablespoons (.7oz/14g) beeswax - 2 Tablespoons (.25 oz/7g) dried plantain leaves - 1 Tablespoons (.037oz/1g) dried chickweed or calendula ...

Poland's central bank predicts double-digit inflation until 2024


As a consequence, the unemployment rate is predicted to increase only moderately to 3.1 percent in 2024. ... Watch this G News report about to tame inflation. This video is from the . More related stories: . . . . . "...

EPA continues to ignore link between pesticides and breast cancer


The two authors of the December 2020 paper called on the regulator to re-examine the cancer assessment risks of five pesticides it earlier approved – Malathion, Triclopyr, Atrazine, Propylene oxide and 3-iodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate. ... Sources include: NaturalHealth365.com ChildrensHealthDefense.org Brighteon.com Previous :Consumer Reports poll: Gas-powered cars more reliable than EVs Next : COVID-19 vaccines are the main cause of excess mortality around the world, Edward Dowd tells ...

Biden meets with his Chinese counterpart, fails to bring up COVID, Taiwan or spying


But Biden, who is being managed by Barack Obama sycophants behind the scenes, did not bring much of anything up when he met with Xi on the sidelines in Bali, Indonesia, where this year’s G20 summit is expected to begin on Tuesday. ... Eric Nepute facing $500B in FTC fines for promoting VITAMIN D3 and ZINC as COVID-19 treatments Biden admin vows to reinstate MASK MANDATES this coming winter Child labor in America: Dozens of teenagers are employed as slaughterhouse cleaners in Nebraska, ...

Warning: Nearly 25% of Americans are facing risk of power blackouts this winter, thanks to Biden admin's anti-fossil fuel policies


Later in Friday’s assessment: U.S. gas inventories rose by a record 64 billion cubic feet last week, bringing total stockpiles to 3.644 trillion cubic feet as of 11 November. ... Sources include: ZeroHedge.com ForwardObserver.com Previous :Infrared camera catches small army of migrants illegally entering U.S. as Republicans consider impeaching DHS chief Next : G20 globalists push mandatory vaccine passports for all international travel despite fading COVID plandemic - More news ...

The mortality rate is up 17% across the vaccinated world


(Article by Emerald Robinson republished from EmeraldDB3.Substack.com ) This week, I recommend that you follow the Twitter account of the Ethical Skeptic — who might be the most important COVID data analyst right now. ... pic.twitter.com/P4DEG7q12o > > — Dr.No (Reformed) (@DrNo_Reformed) April 21, 2022 Read more at: EmeraldDB3.Substack.com Previous :WAYNE ROOT: Is the Paul Pelosi story the new Jussie Smollett fraud, or the new Hunter Biden laptop scandal? "...

Study warns of possible reproductive crisis as sperm counts drop worldwide


According to the Guardian, the counts fell by 62.3 percent during the same period. ... Alex Jones: People living close to 5G kill grids are going to DIE from cancer TD Bank gives $500,000 to child transgender clinic Protect your health freedom! "...

KFC in Germany apologizes for promoting fried chicken special in "commemoration of Kristallnacht" on anniversary of 1938 Nazi pogrom that massacred Jews


Kanye West is also back in the news for tweeting a strange message about “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE,” the meaning of which is unclear. ... - More news on ads KFC in Germany apologizes for promoting fried chicken special in “commemoration of Kristallnacht” on anniversary of 1938 Nazi pogrom that massacred Jews NY Times forced to admit that COVID-19 immunity is better in red states that opened sooner Subway franchisees revolt, demand company end woke Rapinoe’s ads: ‘It gets tiring apologizing’ ...

Study shows eating prunes daily can help prevent bone loss


. - Another group consumed at least 50 grams (g) of prunes a day, or four to six pieces daily. - The last group consumed 100g of prunes , or 10 to 12 pieces daily. ... All of their diet included calcium and vitamin D3 supplements, which can also help prevent bone loss . "...

US-EU price cap on Russian oil threatens India's crude imports and economic growth


Given how the EU and G7 are retreating from buying Russian crude, these countries are expected to see bigger discounts, especially if they increase their purchases. ... Russia currently exports about 3.6 million barrels of crude oil a day by sea. To buy more oil they will have to secure deals at the capped price in order to access available services from European companies. "...



This could … Read More... - Views October 25, 2022 - Belle Carter Experts now urging pause on 5G rollout after study reveals regulators were ignoring health risks of radiation Natural News ) Scientists called for a moratorium on the rollout of 5G after a study revealed that government regulators were not being fully transparent on the technology's health hazards. ... The Sustainable Protein System (SPS) seeks to address this demand, but it appears that companies focused on animal ...

Back when you were distracted by the War in Ukraine, Documents were published confirming Moderna created the COVID Virus


pageRequest=viewSequence&DocID=US09149506B2&seqID=11652 , whereupon you will find the same thing again gccctgatca ccatcatggc ccagatcggc ag ctacgtgc ccgccgagga g gccaccatc 2760 I then searched the gene sequence of Wuhan Hu1 (alpha) at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/NC_045512 and found 23581 ttatcagact cagactaatt ct cctcggcg ggcacgtag t gtagctagtc aatccatcat from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/NC_045512 Which has the 19 nucleotide sequence CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG from 23601-23619 as ...