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Dr. Gabriel Cousens warns the world about the toxic effects of 5G wireless (coming soon to your neighborhood)


PC Mag explains that the “G” in 3G, 4G etc. refers to a different generation of wireless technology. ... Well, the disastrous health effects of exposure to even 3G technology have already been documented in over 900 studies. "...

Integrative management of bipolar disorder: Using amino acids and omega-3s to naturally treat mental illness


In a systematic review of controlled trials on omega-3 fatty acids in bipolar disorder, one study found that taking omega-3s together with a mood stabilizer improved depression, but not mania. ... Omega-3 fatty acids may also play a role in the prevention of bipolar disorder. "...

Autism, mercury, aluminum and vaccine-induced encephalopathy


Autism, mercury, aluminum and vaccine-induced encephalopathy Saturday, December 09, 2017 by: News Editors adverse events , Aluminum , autism , Big Pharma , brain damage , epidemic , mercury , neurotoxicity , toxic chemicals , vaccine , vaccines - (Natural News ) The epidemic of chronic disorders among US children, now reported to represent well over 1/3 of fully-vaccinated children in America is likely iatrogenic (ie, physician-caused, prescription drug-induced, vaccine-induced, medical/surgical ...

COVID "vaccine" news: Big tech continue to censor but people continue to wake up


Read more: RAIR Foundation USA , 3 August 2022 1250+ Covid Vaccine Publications and Case Reports Researching Covid vaccine adverse events can be daunting in part due to a broad myriad of factors. ... @Jagman4sho @Riddlemethat14 @LightbringerKai @la_revolucion99 pic.twitter.com/jGL1zUznl3 > > — Mr G #PhalaPhala$Counter (@SeanGoss31) April 5, 2022 130 Coast Guard Members Sue Federal Government Over Vaccine Mandates More than 130 US Coast Guard members filed a class action ...

Olive oil consumption found to reduce risk of death due to cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's


Findings also showed that replacing 10 grams a day (about 3/4 tablespoons ) of butter, margarine, mayo or dairy fat with the same amount of olive oil was linked to an impressive eight to 34 percent lower risk of disease-related death. ... Volunteers who consumed the most olive oil enjoyed a: - 19 percent lower risk of cardiovascular mortality - 17 percent lower risk of cancer mortality - 18 percent lower risk of respiratory (e.g., influenza, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary ...

China suspends dialogue with US following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan visit


International forums and organizations such as the G7 and the ASEAN have called on the CCP to end its provocations and pursue a peaceful solution to the tensions, but it seems that China is not ready for such actions. ... Lee Merritt – Brighteon.TV - More news on aggression China suspends dialogue with US following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit NATO engaged in direct aggression against Russia FRANKENSCIENCE: Gene-editing experiment caused GMO hamsters to transform into “hyper-aggressive ...

China flies fighter jets into Taiwanese airspace, escalating tension following Pelosi visit


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Prepper oral health: How to clean your teeth and prevent cavities when SHTF


Follow the steps below to learn how to use clove oil for a toothache : You will need: - A bottle of clove oil or powder (note that clove powder meant for baking isn’t as effective as clove oil) - Cotton swab or cotton ball - Carrier oil (e.g., almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil .) - A small dish Steps: - Collect your supplies and ingredients. ... Survival medicine: Prep dental kits before SHTF . 3 DIY toothpaste recipes for optimal oral health and hygiene . "...

Doctor who cheered 'No Jab, No Job' suffers sudden heart attack


Our COVID death rate per capita is 1/3 that of the U.S., thanks to science-based public policy. ... Our COVID death rate per capita is 1/3 that of the U.S., thanks to science-based public policy. "...

HISTORIC: Hundreds of health care workers fired for refusing covid jabs win multi-million dollar settlement


“We are very pleased with the historic, $10 million settlement achieved in our class action lawsuit against NorthShore University HealthSystem,” announced Liberty Counsel Vice President of Legal Affairs and Chief Litigation Counsel Horatio G. ... Those who took the shots against their will just to keep their jobs will receive about $3,000 each. "...

Biden transformation of U.S. military into full-on left-wing force aimed at quashing conservatives takes huge step forward


–The Director shall– “(1) be responsible for policy of countering extremism within the armed forces; “(2) in coordination with the Secretaries of the military departments, develop and implement programs, resources, and activities to counter extremism within the armed forces; “(3) establish policies to ensure adequate protection, transparency of process, and availability of resources for individuals who report incidents of extremism; “(4) facilitate and coordinate with the Secretaries of ...

New York Times promotes cannibalism in new article, tweet


It centered around author Chelsea G. Summers, who wrote a book about a restaurant critic who murders men and then eats them. ... Sources include: ThePostMillennial.com NYTimes.com FoxNews.com TMZ.com Brighteon.com Previous :Owen Shroyer: Biden administration changing the definition of recession to deny that it is happening Next : COVID vaccines can damage innate immune systems of children, epidemiologist warns - More news on cannibalism New York Times promotes cannibalism in new article, ...

Gardening tips: Learn about secondary nutrients that help nourish your garden plants


Here’s another method of making calcium spray: - Fill a gallon (3.6 kg.) jar with water and eggshells. Steep for one month until the eggshells dissolve. - Filter the eggs into the liquid. - To create the calcium foliar spray, mix one cup (454 g) of the resulting solution with one quart (907 g) of water and transfer it to a spray bottle. "...

Depopulation taking place under our eyes! Birth reduction in Taiwan: -23.34%, in UK: -8%, in Germany: -13%… And we all know what’s causing it


. > > Eine mögliche Erklärung liegt hier –> 1/3 pic.twitter.com/obgfoLEvcE > > — Stefan Homburg (@SHomburg) June 24, 2022 This is what we normally have in Germany: > In general birth rates are surprisingly stable year-to-year with long term cycles. ... Every midwife knows. > > But this is well outside normal. > Big red arrow time. https://t.co/UEji9gtfKY pic.twitter.com/m3sPUUpaTS > > — Jikkyleaks (Fan account) ? "...

Polyphenols in acai found to have a prebiotic effect that boosts digestive health


Ingredients for 1 serving: - 3/4 Cup frozen mixed berries - 2/3 Cup nut milk or coconut water - 1/4 ripe avocado - ½ serving of unflavored vanilla or chocolate protein powder based of a 20g per serving protein powder - 1 Frozen banana (Peel and slice into coins before freezing.) - 2 Tablespoons freeze-dried acai powder - 1 Teaspoon sweetener (Use maple syrup or runny honey.) - Optional toppings like coconut chips, fresh fruit, nut butter, nuts, nutty granola/muesli, seeds, ...

BBC's "vaccine is safe" for pregnant women "expert” just happens to also be principal investigator of Pfizer's COVID injection in pregnancy trial


None of the study participants subscribed to unusual theories, referencing 5G or nanobots, with which this group is often stereotyped. > > Delving into the participants’ values, the study finds that most emphasised personal responsibility and autonomy in health and other affairs and the importance of the maxim to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ > > Despite the disappointment, some interviewees expressed with those who unquestioningly complied with the Covid narrative, ...

Study: Exotic fruit camu camu can help speed up metabolism and improve gut health


Camu camu, a superfruit powerhouse Camu camu is full of beneficial antioxidants and it contains a whopping 20 to 30 times more vitamin C per 100 g than kiwi fruit. ... Data suggests that camu camu contains at least three grams of vitamin C per 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of fruit. "...

COVID vaccines appear to be making people HYPER sensitive to POX, allergies and food toxins such as aflatoxins


Why isn’t the CDC telling promiscuous gay men to lock down their sex orgies for 3 weeks to flatten the curve? ... Paul Alexander) on substack , perhaps it’s time for the CDC to tell gay men to have “no anal sex for 3 weeks” in order to flatten the monkeypox curve. "...

Globalists want to depopulate not just humans but also animals and plant life


Since January, more than 15 million chickens and 1.3 million turkeys have been destroyed in the United States alone. ... Wade just like they rigged the 2020 election… if they don’t CHEAT, they can’t win Next : Carbon dioxide “has almost nothing to do with climate,” says World Climate Declaration signatory - More news on 5g New study links cell phone radiation to Alzheimer’s disease Globalists want to depopulate not just humans but also animals and plant life CLAIM: Covid vaccines ...