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Health Ranger to make three landmark science announcements that will expose the chemical lies of multi-billion-dollar corporations


Get ready for an exciting week for independence science. ... Health Ranger publishes scientific study revealing heavy metals contamination of America's municipal water supplies (EPA Watch) About the author: Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/054189_independent_science_Health_Ranger_analytical_laboratory.html Embed article link: (copy HTML code below): Health Ranger to make three landmark ...

56 examples of outrageously foul, lewd language spewed by Bill and Hillary Clinton over the last three decades


So the leftist media, after announcing a cash award for audio and video that might be damaging to Donald Trump, has unearthed an old recording where he spoke in lewd, crude terms about women. ... Clinton Foundation a bribery and racketeering scheme of astonishing scale About the author: Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/055582_Hillary_Clinton_foul_language_abuse_of_women.html Embed article link: ...

LGBTPQ insanity: 11-year-old "Desmond Is Amazing" dances like a stripper at gay bars where pedophile perverts throw dollar bills at him


Three Dollar Bill bar requires patrons to put cell phones in locked, magnetic cases so they can’t capture video and audio evidence of pedophilia A man by the name of Yosef Ozia from Ozia Media was the first to break the story, publishing shocking images and video footage of young Desmond performing at 3 Dollar Bill in front of hordes of creepy LGBTPQ degenerates. ... Since news about 3 Dollar Bill’s promotion of pedophilia ...

3,000 different bacteria strains live on U.S. dollar bills


An analysis by New York University found 3,000 separate species of bacteria living on U.S. one-dollar bills, far more than had ever been detected in prior studies. ... Military helicopters now patrolling Beijing Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/045054_currency_bacteria_microorganisms.html Embed article link: (copy HTML code below): 3,000 different bacteria strains ...

Massive $1.9T covid "relief" bill is nothing more than a massive money laundering operation to pay back Democrat donors and supporters


“They can see that we now have three effective vaccines, and vaccination rates are surging, so I think they’re worried they won’t have the coronavirus as an excuse to pay off all their clients and patrons in a $1.9 trillion blowout bill,” he noted further. ... “Just take a look at the payoff to some of their constituencies: $350 billion for states that are poorly run and that have longstanding problems but didn’t even lose money because of the coronavirus, places like California ...

GlaxoSmithKline admits to criminal pharma fraud in 3 billion dollar case


British registered company, GlaxoSmithKline, faces $3 billion in penalties after pleading guilty to the biggest health care fraud case in history. ... GSK faced charges that they had used the gifts to sell three drugs that were either unsafe, or used for purposes that were not approved. "...

Peter Schiff: The dollar crash will take down the entire US "house of cards"


The dollar WILL crash. That’s the goal. There will be a new digital dollar and it will be centralized and controlled by the Federal Reserve banking cartel. ... Dave Janda from “Operation Freedom” interviewed by Mike Adams, on THREATS to America and how we achieve VICTORY Seattle’s Lefty mayor hilariously claims that President Trump is to blame for the lawless rioting in her city The Bill Gates depopulation plan is succeeding at culling human populations: Fertility rates ...

Payments panic and the ending of fiat currencies


But, returning to a theme of recent Goldmoney Insights, the relationship between the dollar and financial assets has become eerily similar to that between John Law’s livres and his Mississippi bubble three-hundred years ago. ... All it takes is one small delivery hitch and suddenly expected payments that do not materialise have to be covered all down the line, We cannot know the true extent of the likely problem, but with major economies being disrupted by the virus for more than ...

Frugal Fiscal Planning: How to Survive the Coming Recession


Close off unused rooms; no point in burning dollar bills in rooms where nobody goes. ... Now that you've shrunk your grocery bill, let's look around at what else you can control. "...

Global civilization expert Fred Markert talks about America's collapse – Part 2: The Present


The dominance of the dollar as a result of the Bretton Woods Agreement appears to be coming to an end. ... Markert gave the example of smartphones both advocated by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. "...

CRYPTO WARNING: FBI arrests three men accused of running a $722 million cryptocurrency fraud scheme that allegedly defrauded thousands of "investors"


In contrast, the three guys arrested in the BitClub Network scheme had to have your consent. ... As the following chart shows, the U.S. dollar has lost over 98% of its value since 1913, all due to the looting of the dollar by the Federal Reserve. "...

Why did this reporter


"'All this tapering talk is absolutely deadly for emerging markets' because of its effect on the dollar, [Bill O'Grady, Chief Market Strategist at Confluence Investment Management] said. ... It added that increasing inflows of capital result in boosting the value of the dollar. "...

Giant hexagon of clouds spins on Saturn while clouds disappear from Jupiter


If not, just whip out a dollar bill from your pocket and glance at the back. There it is! ... Here's a zoomed-in image showing you this from the back of a U.S. dollar bill: https://www.naturalnews.com/images/Dollar-Bil... "...

Mysterious NASA video of Saturn reveals impossible hexagon-shaped cloud pattern larger than planet Earth


If not, just whip out a dollar bill from your pocket and glance at the back. There it is! ... Here's a zoomed-in image showing you this from the back of a U.S. dollar bill: Reality check Please note what you're thinking right now as you're reading this. "...

Global food inflation hits hemp seed, coconut oil and other superfoods: Here's why it's happening


The fall of the dollar means a rise in the price of imported goods The third factor sharply increasing the cost of imported hemp products is the plummeting value of the U.S. dollar versus the Canadian dollar. ... But don't hold your breath: The DEA, FDA and USDA all have vested interests in keeping hemp farming illegal in America, and they will fight its legalization with every (taxpayer) dollar they can muster. "...

'FILTHY PERVERT': Bill Gates attended nude parties, hired sex workers and hung out with pedophile – sources claim


The 70-year-old, who has known Gates for decades and was one of Microsoft’s earliest employees, said that the software guru and his wife may have grown apart in recent years, and ‘didn’t always share the same interests’ in their multi-billion-dollar charity the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He added that the couple are ‘good people’, saying: ‘I truly hope Bill and Melinda end up being happy. "...

Financial Hurricane Warning: How to Protect Yourself from the Global Financial Fallout Now Underway


In articles published from 2005 - 2007, I warned of hyperinflation and the coming collapse of the U.S. dollar. ... Just check your grocery bill. Did you notice that food prices have risen 50% in the last year? "...

Public isn't buying lamestream media's contrived attack on multivitamins


The smear campaign hit pieces cite a 12 billion-dollar supplement industry without statistical sourcing. ... The vitamin hit pieces neglected to compare a 12 billion-dollar vitamin industry, if that figure is accurate, to the 2,000 billion-dollar medical system that doesn't want diseases prevented, because disease care is their business. "...

US Mint postpones silver coin pre-orders amid global silver shortage


The Mint said that huge demand drove an “extraordinary” volume of traffic to its website during the pre-order window for the 2021 Carson City Morgan dollar and the 2021 New Orleans Morgan dollar. ... I got through three times, got to the finalize order, and all three times, the system crashed!!!!! "...