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Rep. Gohmert sues Pence to grant the Vice President the authority to save the republic from a rigged election


The suit asks a federal judge to strike down the 1887 Electoral Count Act, which would in effect allow Pence to determine who becomes president. ... Scott Atlas says America may not survive the corruption, incompetence and FRAUD unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic Next : Alleged DOD official says illegal ballots were offloaded from plane in Arizona, then driven to Maricopa County to rig the election - More news on 1887 Electoral Count ...

The law is clear: If an election is stolen, state legislatures can restore the will of the people


The actual Electoral College election is governed by the Electoral Count Act, an 1887 law amended in 1948. ... In fact, the Electoral Count Act explicitly accounts for what to do if a disputed election or other problem means electors cannot be chosen by voters: > Whenever any State has held an election for the purpose of choosing electors, and has failed to make a choice on the day prescribed by law, the electors may be appointed ...

Gohmert blasts fed court for tossing lawsuit challenging unconstitutional voting changes in battleground states: “If I don’t have standing, nobody does!”


Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) filed suit against Vice President Mike Pence in an attempt to have an 1887 law, the Electoral Count Act, declared an unconstitutional violation of the 12th Amendment, which proscribes how the president of the Senate — that would be the sitting VP — is supposed to count electoral ballots. Gohmert’s lawsuit alleges that the act in question, which also deals with the manner in which electoral votes are to ...

Leftist magazine says Whites should only count as half humans when voting


The United States must also get rid of the Electoral College and count every black vote twice , according to The Nation. ... The truth, of course, is that the Electoral College exists to ensure that minority votes count the same as majority votes. "...

Electoral voter death threats backfire: Hillary Clinton loses four, Donald Trump wins in an electoral landslide


Electoral voter death threats backfire: Hillary Clinton loses four, Donald Trump wins in an electoral landslide Tuesday, December 20, 2016 by: Mike Adams Donald Trump , election , electoral votes , Hillary Clinton , political darwinism , presidency - (Natural News ) Donald J. Trump secured a decisive electoral victory this week as electoral voters across the country cast their votes for Trump despite being subjected to a coordinated, well-funded campaign ...

Electoral college deadlines not 'Set in Stone': Election integrity watchdog


All other dates, including the “safe harbor” deadline, the Electoral College vote on Dec. 14, and even the congressional vote count on Jan. 6, are dates set by federal law, which the document argues are “arbitrary” and founded on obsolete concerns. ... with NO WARNING or explanation Furious over censorship, Finchem drafts legislation to fine big tech for every user in Arizona New York’s latest progressive tax proposal has a radical twist Hypocrites: ABC urges Americans to trust ...

Governors have usurped legislative role on electoral votes, lawsuit charges


The suit is asking that legislatures in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin be allowed to meet and make the decision on whether to certify electors before Congress meets to count the votes on January 6. ... Additionally, the Amistad Project is asking that the Congress and Vice President Mike Pence (who will preside over the electoral vote count on January 6) not count the votes from the contested states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, ...

The Electoral College is the very definition of inclusiveness and diversity... no wonder the crybullies on the left want to dismantle it


Another important property of a representational Republic is the Electoral College. ... Technically speaking, the Electoral College means that the votes of city people count less than the votes of rural people, and that’s exactly the way it was intended to be. "...

'Electoral terrorism': Dems plan to 'threaten their way into White House'


But the Democrats want to convince voters of a looming coup d’etat, and the danger is an “act of treason” by Democrats, the Free Beacon editors contended. ... It’s really “a campaign by insurgent ideological groups to threaten and intimidate their way to victory” and “nothing less than electoral terrorism.” "...

Arizona representative issues call to withhold Electoral College following "significant evidence of fraud"


Arizona representative issues call to withhold Electoral College following “significant evidence of fraud” Thursday, December 03, 2020 by: Ramon Tomey Arizona , ballot fraud , cheaters , Dominion Voting Systems , Donald Trump , election fraud , Election results , Electoral College , Electoral Fraud , electoral votes , Jenna Ellis , Joe Biden , Katie Hobbs , Mark Finchem , paul gosar , Phil Waldron , President Trump , rigged , Rudy Giuliani , Sonny Borelli , State ...

The case for Trump to invoke Insurrection Act to restore election integrity


But the Posse Comitatus Act didn’t repeal the above-quoted section 252 of the Insurrection Act. ... Instead, he could simply invoke the Insurrection Act to have U.S. armed forces seize control of crucial electoral evidence—ballots, envelopes, and Dominion voting machines and servers—and order the military to conduct an immediate and thorough forensic audit of the votes, so that all lawful ballots are counted, and unlawful ballots are disqualified, in strict accordance ...

Sperm count news, articles and information:


Sperm count news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Five factors that can lower sperm count in men 7/27/2016 - The size of a man's package isn't nearly as important as the quality of his sperm. When it comes to reproductive health, appearance is one thing, but what matters most is a properly functioning hormonal system and a healthy sperm count. "...

'Never bet against me': Trump confident he'll get to 270 electoral college votes


‘Never bet against me’: Trump confident he’ll get to 270 electoral college votes Saturday, November 14, 2020 by: News Editors conspiracy , deep state , democrats , election fraud , Electoral College , Liberty , lies , treason , Trump , vote fraud , White House Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.hangthecensors.com/474487.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) President Donald Trump , in a new interview, said he is confident that he will get to 270 Electoral College ...

Jeffrey Prather reveals Deep State’s role in Jan. 6 Capitol Hill incident – Brighteon.TV


“The [former President Donald] Trump supporters, the Make America Great Again (MAGA) supporters were of course arrested, and the Blantifa supporters with the guns were of course released because again Blantifa still goes today to White House because Antifa is the covert militia arm, the violent arm of the Democratic Party supported through Act Blue,” Prather said. ... Biden and congressional Democrats began the day in Statuary Hall, one of various spots where rioters flocked a year ago and ...

California should be stripped of Electoral College votes due to high number of illegals in the CA census


California should be stripped of Electoral College votes due to high number of illegals in the CA census Thursday, December 22, 2016 by: JD Heyes Electoral College , Illegal aliens , U.S. ... Her huge victory in the state gave her all of its 54 electoral votes as well. She is up by more than 2 million, at last count, in the popular vote, and nearly all of that margin came from California—the state with the highest population of illegal aliens (2.4 million). "...

The Epoch Times calls on Trump to take decisive action to save the republic by invoking the Insurrection Act


“The Insurrection Act enables Trump to use the military to seize the key electoral evidence in contested states and deliver a transparent, accurate accounting of the vote. ... Trump would act to restore the rule of law,” they conclude. Will he? And if he does, who else will stand with him? "...

SAVE THE REPUBLIC: Trump may invoke the Fourteenth Amendment to strip Electoral College votes from states engaged in an illegal INSURRECTION against our republic


This implies that Electoral College votes would also be proportionally reduced in these states. ... If California is protecting Big Tech’s politically targeted censorship of Americans, then California’s Electoral College votes can be revoked What the Fourteenth Amendment clearly says is that when states are engaged in open rebellion against the Constitution and the United States of America, they can be declared to be “insurrectionist” states and blocked from having their Electoral ...

Petition asks President Trump to implement Insurrection Act to stop fraudulent election results


The last time the act had been called was in May of 1992 when California requested that then-President George H. ... The last time the act had been implemented in relation to an election was in 1872. "...