#9) Ultimate superfood - bee propolis - builds immunity without vaccines! That's why Monsanto and Big Pharma/CDC "bury the evidence"
by S.D. Wells
America is SOLD on vaccines for immunity. We are told over and over and over again that, if you don't get all the vaccines, then not only are you susceptible to many infectious diseases but, when you do get them, you will endanger the rest of the "herd" of humans.

Fortunately, we are not herds of weak animals without immunity that die regularly from infectious diseases. Rather, we are born with powerful natural immunity that is built and maintained with vitamins, amino acids and bioflavonoids.

There is an immunity-enhancing and cancer-preventing natural food, and it is NEVER injected into muscle tissue with MSG, formaldehyde and mercury! What is it?

Bee propolis is not only a substance produced by bees to protect themselves against infections but one of the most revitalizing natural superfoods in the world for humans! Get some:


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