#4) 200 Biologically active components of garlic beat down the pathogens - you can beat cancer naturally!
by S.D. Wells
What are the "doctor's orders"? What's the natural prescription for health, because certainly no scientist in a lab can mix pesticide with seeds and make anything grow that will contain nutrients.

Humans used to eat food from soil and seeds that did NOT contain insecticide and herbicide. Were you aware of that? That was about 100 years ago, before the "invention" of cancer as an epidemic.

Yes, biotechnology is a bad word that means your best cancer prevention foods are ruined with pesticides. Do not buy those seeds and do not buy their "fruit"! Do not eat Frankenfruit, as it causes cancer.

Find organic garlic and make sure that your gut health finds and keeps its balance! Promote your healthy microflora balance and prevent imbalances that propagate parasites and harmful bacteria growth. Garlic has power! Get some organic bio-active compounds now! http://www.naturalnews.com

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