The Health Ranger’s best social media posts of the past week: Student protests, Israel’s ongoing genocide, energy collapse of the West and more
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Here are the best posts that I've shared on, the new decentralized, uncensorable, peer-to-peer (blockchain driven) platform that can't be taken down. It runs on hundreds of decentralized nodes around the world, powered by around a million computing devices from all its peers (users). Since there are no central servers, they can't be confiscated or blocked.

Because of this freedom-enhancing structure, is rapidly becoming a platform where people express an amazing array of free speech. Here are my own posts from the last week, divided by topic:


The finding of "bird flu" in chicken flocks — and its justification for the mass slaughter of those chickens — is a quack science hoax. These so-called viral "particles" are actually just cellular exosomes, and they are found everywhere. The mere presence of a protein sequence does not equal an infection, or a diagnosis, or a #pandemic. You will find the exact same protein sequences in sewage, in humans, on common agricultural products and in dirt, if you run enough tests and turn up the PCR replication high enough. The entire basis of using "virology" PCR testing as a diagnosis of an imminent outbreak is total quackery and isn't rooted in rational science at all. The claim that something "tested positive" is your clue to know that whoever is claiming that is completely full of bunk. Testing "positive" doesn't mean anything when it comes to the detection of a single fragment of some protein sequence that isn't even a living organism. That's why there are no actual purified viral particle isolate standards available in the world of laboratory science (I know, I've tried to acquire them for my lab, and they don't exist). While there are things labeled "isolates," they aren't isolates at all, and they routinely contain protein material from cows, pigs, monkeys, eggs or other humans. Nobody sells an actual isolated viral standard composed of uniform particles that you can see under an electron microscope as all being identical, and which, when introduced to the body of another person, actually create disease. To anyone who disagrees with this, I dare you to try to actually acquire such a sample. You will discover THEY DO NOT EXIST. The entire field of virology as a "diagnosis" of disease and pandemics is a wholesale fraud. But it sure does make for great theater while the "trust the science" loons slaughter all the animals in your food supply chain, leading to food inflation, then famine. All by design. All in the name of "science!"

Human knowledge is under attack! Governments and powerful corporations are using censorship to wipe out humanity's knowledge base about nutrition, herbs, self-reliance, natural immunity, food production, preparedness and much more. We are preserving human knowledge using AI technology while building the infrastructure of human freedom. Speak freely without censorship at the new decentralized, blockchain-power Explore our free, downloadable generative AI tools at Brighteon.AI. Support our efforts to build the infrastructure of human freedom by shopping at, featuring lab-tested, certified organic, non-GMO foods and nutritional solutions.


This is unreal. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) now says that if you check job applicants for criminal histories, including felony crimes, and if you deny them employment because they are convicted #criminals, you're now engaged in #RACISM against black people. Because, according to the EEOC, so many black applicants have felony records that refusing to hire felons is discrimination against blacks. Not making this up. So now, to appease the federal government's insane #DEI demands, you must hire BLACK FELONS over White non-criminals, because hiring White non-criminals is racist, you see. This is Joe Biden's insane federal government, run by lunatic Democrats who invoke "civil rights" for every insane monstrosity they want to push. I have a better idea: Why don't we legalize hiring the BEST person for the job, regardless of their skin color?


Truly fascinating watching the #Christian #Zionists suddenly get smacked back to reality after blindly supporting #Israel all long. Prodded by AIPAC and the ADL, the Israeli-bribed U.S. Congress suddenly votes to outlaw Bible scripture where the Jews wanted to kill Christ. I supposed frolicking with the Zionists was all fun and games as long as you thought they were on your side, and then... Whammo! Suddenly you're a criminal because you're citing John 5:18 where the Jews were trying "all the more to kill him" [Christ] because "he was calling God his own father." Pretty wild when Christian Zionists realize that Zionism has now criminalized free speech that quotes Bible scripture. When the U.S. Congress outlaws the Bible, how many Christians will continue to go along with it because they don't want to be labeled "anti-Semitic?" Answer: It will be all the same misguided Christians who took the jabs and welcomed transgenderism into their (satanic) churches.


What we've learned as a business is that while it's easy to find lots of companies to install #solar systems, it's nearly impossible to find anybody to maintain them. The very same company that installed it refuses to return calls, as they are too busy profiting from "new installs" to bother maintaining old installs. So if you buy a solar system for your business, it's only a cost savings until the first component stops working, and then at that point it's a very expensive paper weight. Solar energy at the local level is largely a fraud. We tried it, and we know.


This one chart explains what’s happening in the world today, as the collapse of the West accelerates, and the rise of #Russia, #China, #Iran, #India and #BRICS nations emerges. The chart is from the book, “Why the West Can’t Win” by Fadi Lama. I interviewed this extraordinary author today, and will be posting the full interview mid-day Friday. His rigorous, data-driven analysis achieves mind-boggling conclusions about the direction of economic, military and industrial powers across our world, and the inescapable conclusion is that the West is finished. Obsolete. The #dollar will die, Western Europe will suffer economic and industrial collapse (it has already begun), and any nations foolish enough to cling to the dying corpse of the US Empire (Taiwan, #Israel, Australia, Japan, etc.) will suffer devastating losses in economic, industrial, military, cultural and geopolitical power. This is a can’t-miss interview that gives you a suddenly clear perception of what’s happening in the world. With this knowledge you can “decode” the wars, sanctions and political games playing out in front of us all. I will post the interview here as soon as it’s live.

China's electricity generation has now surpassed all the G-7 nations combined. All the "climate change" nations are sabotaging their own energy infrastructure, leading to a rapid decline in farming production, industry, military capabilities, small business growth and also population. It is the climate change cultists who are pushing national suicide while those nations that aren't afraid to produce and use energy are rapidly eclipsing the West.

Free speech

To any conservatives cheering the police assault on students in NY and the Zionist thugs assaulting peaceful pro-Palestine students at #UCLA, don't worry, you'll be targeted next by the same police state thugs. Because if you don't support freedom of speech for others, you don't support it at all. And if you cheer the deployment of aggressive police forces against unarmed free speech protesters who have every right to be heard across the public commons spaces of our universities, then you are cheering your own destruction at the hands of authoritarian #tyranny. SHAME on you for supporting the weaponization of state-sponsored violence against innocent, unarmed students and faculty.


It's amazing to me how quickly and readily the conservative independent media leaped to the defense of #Israel and condemnation of student protesters, only to find out that the Israeli lobby paid off the U.S. Congress to pass its anti-free speech bill that lays the groundwork for criminalizing the very same kind of speech often practiced by conservative independent media. Even now, many indy media outlets are still parroting Israel's narratives, apparently with no recognition that the demands of #Zionism are irreconcilable with the First Amendment. Any publishers still supporting Israel are supporting their own destruction under tyrannical government that will criminalize their speech. Because if the federal government can outlaw criticism of #Israel today, they can also outlaw criticism of transgenders, illegal aliens or government agencies tomorrow. Soon, you may be arrested in America for criticizing the FDA and Big Pharma. Yet it is the pro-Israel publishers who are accelerating us toward that outcome, effectively setting fire to their own houses in order to leap to the defense of Zionist zealots who are openly engaged in acts of #genocide. Because if Israel succeeds in its real goals, there will be no First Amendment remaining in America, the Bible will be outlawed, and free speech will be dead. Anyone supporting Israel at this point is simultaneously supporting the end of freedom in America, and the end of the rule of law on a global scale.


#Israel is shutting down all Al Jazeera operations in Israel. While Israel is routinely described as a "democracy," it respects none of the pillars of democracy, not even freedom of the press. Interestingly, #Ukraine also demolished its free press and only allows government-controlled media to operate. The U.S. claims to be funding "freedom" around the world by sending billions to Ukraine and Israel. It's actually MONEY FOR TYRANTS.


Five minutes after receiving $61 billion in military and financial aid from the United States, money-grubbing Zelensky now demands a TRILLION dollars, locked in over the next ten years, during which, presumably, he will remain the dictator in power while elections are cancelled, the free press is outlawed, and young Ukrainian men are rounded up all across Europe and forced back to the front lines of #Ukraine where they will die by the hundreds of thousands. Horrifyingly, Biden calls this "protecting democracy." In reality, it's just protecting a massive money laundering racket that skims money off the foreign aid and funnels it back into the pockets of U.S. government criminals and congressional criminals who keep voting for this racketeering conspiracy.


Hilarious to me that the same people arguing #Taiwan is a part of #China are citing the "one China policy" of the very same US State Dept that these same people say is constantly lying about #Russia and #Ukraine. Taiwan was never part of mainland China. Taiwan is its own nation, with its own currency, elections, economy, currency, trade relationships, energy supply, culture, language and embassies / consulates. I know this personally. I lived there for two years. Anyone claiming Taiwan is part of China is laughably ignorant and yet somehow fully aligned with the lying US State Dept. The United Kingdom has a much stronger claim to ownership of the United States of America than China's claim to Taiwan.


Trump's recent lashing out against RFK Jr. over vaccines has proven one highly disturbing thing: #Trump is STILL surrounding himself with campaign decision makers who are completely disconnected from the people and who have no idea what's actually going on across America. Trump's first administration was characterized by the repeated failure to know what was going on in America because he was insulated by (and surrounded by) a group of handlers running interference, isolating him from the real world. With Trump's recent comments attacking RFK, Jr., I don't see that any of this has changed. Trump needs to FIRE his social media director, for starters, and bring on somebody who has their finger on the pulse of America. By definition, that needs to be someone OUTSIDE the political establishment. Get somebody from Utah, or Indiana or Tennessee. Stop hiring swamp creatures who live their lives in the artificial bubble known as Washington D.C. They are absolutely clueless about what real Americans think about vaccines and Operation Warp Speed.

Student protests in America

Have you noticed how many so-called conservatives who insisted it was the right of the people to protest a stolen election on January 6th now say it’s an insurrection when students across America protest against genocide? So in other words, these conservatives are playing the same mind games that the Democrats played on them. They don’t actually believe in a universal right to protest, they only believe that THEY ALONE can protest against the issues that they care about, but no one else is allowed to protest against far more serious issues such as the mass killing of 35,000 Palestinian civilians in #Gaza. If there was ever an issue worth protesting about, it’s #genocide. In denying the right of students to protest against this, many conservatives are once again proving they have no principles at all. Because if your so-called “principles” aren’t universal, they aren’t principles in the first place.


So let me get this straight. The same conservatives who said U.S. Capitol Police and DOJ wildly overreacted to the J6 protests are now pushing for National Guard troops to put down STUDENT protests across America’s universities? Gosh, there goes the entire argument of the J6 defenders who claimed that aggrieved people have the right to be heard. Suddenly when the topic is Israel, it’s an “insurrection” after all. I can hardly keep track of the blatant hypocrisy.


By dispatching hundreds of troopers and police to brutality put down the student protests in #Austin, #Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is playing right into the narrative of the corporate media and the radical left. The numerous videos of students being thrown to the ground and smacked around will only strengthen their protests, and it reinforces the Left's narrative that all police are bad and need to be de-funded. Gov. Abbott is making a critical mistake with his gross overreaction to pro-Palestine students hanging out in tents. But of course he's following orders from Israel (Netanyahu), and will gladly do his master's bidding, no matter what the political cost in America. All of us who live in #Texas are living under a theocratic police state run by Zionists.


When BLM was burning government buildings and police cars during the Trump administration, police, state troopers and governors across America did nothing. But now that peaceful student protests are criticizing #Israel's #genocide against Palestine, suddenly the gloves are off.


By unleashing police brutality against the student protesters in Austin, #Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has done irreparable damage to the reputation of the State of Texas, which was once known as a place of freedom and free expression. Now, Gov. Abbott says that those who criticize Israel's blatant #genocide are criminals who must be arrested and thrown in jail. Not only is this stance a gross violation of the United States Constitution (the First Amendment), it's also a violation of the State Constitution of Texas. This is Gov. Abbott's Justin Trudeau vs. the truckers moment, when everybody paying attention realizes that they are living under a tyrannical regime that respects no rule of law, no civil rights and no freedoms when it comes to the subject of justifiably criticizing Israel for acting as a murderous regime of war criminals.

Gov. Abbott should resign from public office and apologize to the student protesters for violating their civil rights. No doubt massive lawsuits are coming against the State of Texas over all this, and they will be very costly for Texas citizens who will have to foot the settlements and legal bills.


Regarding the brutal police crackdown on free speech protesters across U.S. universities: This is also the result of Leftists refusing to say anything when the federal government responded to the peaceful #J6 protests with a brutal law enforcement response that has put over 1,000 American patriots in prison. The Left was very satisfied with that result, not realizing that the same power of the brutal, authoritarian police state would one day be unleashed against them, too. Now, college professors are being assaulted by police, thrown to the ground while they are screaming. Students are being tasered and beaten by police. The Left is learning the hard way that when you endorse the violent actions of an overzealous police state regime, sooner or later that system comes for you, too. Texas Gov. Abbott is doing to students what the Biden regime did to patriots on J6. Leftists thought they would never be targeted by the government they supported. They were wrong. ALL AMERICANS are considered "enemy combatants" by both state and federal governments. First they came for the conservatives and Christians, and the liberals refused to speak. Then they came for the liberals who were calling for #peace. Sooner or later, the system will get around to the Blacks, Hispanics and even the Jews, too. No one is safe until all people are free and government is reduced in size and power by 90% or more.


The violent assault on pro-Palestine students at #UCLA by violent, Zionist vigilantes screaming, "Second Nakba!" is an abhorrent act that reflects precisely the same attitude of Jewish privilege and genocidal intent that Israel inflicts upon #Gaza and the Palestinian people. What young Jewish students are learning is that the tyranny and violence of the state will always support their own acts of #violence against others. And what young Palestinian students are learning is that even in America, the "land of the free," you are not free to speak out against coordinated #genocide without being violently assaulted by both Zionist thugs and 'roided-up police forces that are effectively working for the Zionist state. Thanks to the complicity of Joe Biden and the deeply-ingrained HATE found in wealthy Zionist donors, Zionists have managed to bring the conflict of the Middle East to America's universities, sowing chaos, violence and hatred even as some so-called "conservatives" like Mark Levin are calling for rounding up pro-Palestine students, processing them through deportation camps and expelling them from America. You are now witnessing the horrifying rise of the far-right violent Zionists in America, and a merging of apocalyptic religion with mindless police brutality into an ORWELLIAN THEOCRACY where no one is safe. These acts by Zionists and Zionist-controlled governors, university administrators and police authorities have set America back at least 40 years on civil rights and humanitarian principles. On top of that, they've now turned America's home soil into a Zionist war zone. No doubt #Israel will soon demand the routine bombing of America's universities, just like they bombed the universities in #Gaza. And any acts of violence carried out by Zionist-linked vigilantes across America will apparently be wholly supported by the state itself. If you wondered what WAR would look like in America, you're beginning to see it unfold. And if you speak out against the genocidal, violent Zionists, you might be targeted by state-sponsored violence, too.


If a group of vigilante Satanists attacked a student encampment of anti-abortion Christians on campus, Breitbart would decry it as a violent assault on free speech.

If a group of White supremacists attacked a BLM student encampment on campus, the NY Times would decry it as a violent, racist assault on minorities.

If a group of Muslims attacked an LGBT / "trans rights" encampment on campus, the entire corporate media would lose their minds and call it a violent assault on "trans rights."

But when a group of violent, vigilante Zionists attacks a student encampment of pro-Palestine, anti-genocide student protests on campus, the entire media, both conservative and liberal, merely calls it a "brawl" and covers up the real story, which is that peaceful, unarmed pro-Palestine protesters were viciously attacked by bloodthirsty Zionists screaming, "Second Nakba!"

Now you know with certainty that #Zionists control the media, both conservative and liberal. They also control the Biden regime, Hollywood, the banking system and the U.S. Congress. It's not a theory; it's a demonstrable fact. And if you are cheering this violence against on-campus protesters, you are a mindless puppet of the Zionists.


Hundreds of students have now been arrested by police and charged with trespassing. You know who ISN’T being arrested by police and charged with trespassing? The nearly 300,000 illegal aliens that cross over the wide open U.S. border every single month and deliberately, in coordinated fashion, trespass on the sovereign soil of the United States of America. Even worse, when these same “untouchable” #illegals engage in violent crimes like murder, rape, carjacking and assault (on cops, often), they are released from jail, right back onto the streets where they can commit more violence to help accelerate the destruction of America. Don’t pretend for even a second that law enforcement in America is being deployed to enforce the law. They are only SELECTIVELY enforced to protect the Zionist destruction of America, while in other cases – such as dealing with CHAZ in Seattle, or BLM riots – law enforcement obediently backs down, licks the boots of the left-wing fascists, and even evacuates entire police departments to allow them to be overrun by Leftists. What the NYPD just proved in its despicable assault on students at Columbia is that “NYPD” actually stands for NetanYahu Police Department. The police stand for nothing when it really counts, but they readily stand for #genocide when Israel demands it.


Any influencer or analyst who claims to stand for "freedom" but also supports #Israel is living a gross contradiction. Israel's genocidal actions and domineering policies are the antithesis of #freedom. Yet you still have many conservatives who once claimed to oppose cancel culture who are now demanding the complete silencing of all those who point out the truth about Israel. If you have any real principles at all, you can't be pro-Israel. If you are pro-Israel, you are not a principled person (unless your principles are death, destruction, suffering and evil).


FULL DISCLOSURE: Years ago, I trained in high-level hand-to-hand combat with many Israeli instructors (Krav Maga). I trained for several years, advancing to near-military training levels in edged weapons and weapon takeaways (how to take guns away from the bad guys). We did full-contact training with heavily padded instructors where you didn't have to pull your punches (or knees, or elbows). Occasionally, a super high-level Israeli combat instructor would visit our training school and demonstrate some insane level of combat proficiency that awed us all. A few times, I heard them talking about Palestine and how they needed to "clean out all the snakes" of Palestinians. At the time, I had no context to grasp what they were saying, and I wasn't tracking anything in the Middle East. Only today do I now realize that Israeli hatred toward Palestinians has been deeply embedded into the minds of the Israeli people. They are TAUGHT to HATE, and they are brought up with a mindset of violence and a predisposition toward exterminating the Palestinian people. This is why close to 80% of the Israeli people still support #genocide. It's what they are taught, even as little children. The Israeli Zionist culture is a culture of hatred, violence and death. And I guess they didn't need all those hand-to-hand combat skills anyway, since they are dropping 2,000-lb. bombs on civilians in #Gaza. Today, in actual hand-to-hand combat, the IDF would lose badly against #Hamas, because Israel has become weak, and the Palestinian people have become strong through adversity. #Israel has already lost this war with Hamas, and the ICC is about to issue an arrest warrant against the war criminal Netanyahu. The very nation of Israel as it exists today will likely be completely wiped off the map within a few years, and while the spirit of Israel will continue to survive around the world, the current geographic location of Israel will almost certainly be destroyed. If only the Israeli people had called for peace instead of violence, they might actually have a future in the Middle East, but now the whole world has come to the conclusion that Israel's ethnic supremacist Zionism is INCOMPATIBLE with sustainable human civilization, and it must be stopped. If there is ever to be a future of peace in the Middle East, Israel's philosophy of violence, destruction and mass death must be stopped. Interestingly, it is the collapse of the #dollar that will instantly cut off Israel from the billions in U.S. financial support that's currently provided, and that will spell the end of Israel as we know it. This day is not far off. Without U.S. military support and financial support, Israel is finished. And with that, regional peace might finally have a chance.


You are being ruled by evil #Zionists. They are now dictating to America, through the wholesale bribery and prostitution of nearly the entire United States Congress, a long list of "speech crimes" that you will never be allowed to utter, even when they are abundantly true. Seeing how dangerous and tyrannical #Zionism is now becoming in America, it's not at all difficult to understand why nearly every Muslim nation in the Middle East is so strongly opposed to Israel's acts of violence, tyranny and oppression across the region. The philosophy of Zionism is flatly incompatible with sustainable human civilization, human rights and human #liberty. DEFUND ISRAEL... and vote out the Zionist prostitutes in the U.S. Congress.


#Colombia just broke diplomatic ties with #Israel, over Zionist #genocide and the nation's atrocious crimes against humanity, all of which are fully supported by nearly the entire U.S. Congress, Joe Biden, the State Department, nearly all Democrats and virtually 100% of Republicans, too. We are living in a world gone crazy, where nearly everyone in a position of power has lost their damn minds, and they've gone all-in with the satanic death cult that is modern-day Israel / #Zionism. Colombia has finally decided they've had enough. Pray that the entire world breaks off all diplomatic and trade ties with Israel and shuns the evil regime on a permanent basis. No nation on this planet should recognize Israel as a legitimate member of any "rules-based order," as Israel rejects all rules any time it wants. It's time to END ISRAELI APARTHEID and restore freedom, dignity and human rights to the Palestinian people. Pray that the ICC issues arrest warrants for Netanyahu and the other war criminals running his genocidal regime.


Both #Trump and #RFKJr are heavily funded by Zionist money. So is #Genocide Joe. What's really on the ballot this November isn't a choice between Republicans, Democrats or Independents, it's a NON-CHOICE for America to be ruled by a Zionist theocracy regime that rejects the First Amendment, human rights, civil rights and America's founding principles. No matter who wins in November, AMERICA LOSES. All by design. And nearly the entire US Congress has already abandoned America anyway. They now work for Ukraine and the Military Industrial Complex. The U.S. Capitol Building is a hive of hysterical whores who have all suffered cognitive lobotomies from the jab... and now it shows.


Imagine that your town had a serial killer who preyed on children and ran around killing little kids and their mothers in city parks and playgrounds. Imagine his name was "Semite." Now, imagine that you and a bunch of neighbors start protesting the killings of children, calling for the Mayor and the town police to do something to stop the killing of children. But instead of doing anything to stop the serial killer, they call you an "anti-Semite" and arrest you and charge you with "hate speech," even while the killing of children continues. This is #Israel and the US Congress in a nutshell.


BLOOMBERG: Turkey has suspended all trade relations with Israel, all imports and exports will stop as of Thursday.

Looks like Turkey is joining the growing list of countries isolating the wretched, murderous, genocidal nation of #Israel and its war criminal leadership. ALL nations should cease exports to Israel and withdraw any recognition of the state of Israel, for Israel's behavior is flatly incompatible with human civilization and cannot be tolerated by any nation on the planet. DEFUND ISRAEL.


The great fraud of #Israel is that it claims to be the "Jewish state" that represents all Jews, everywhere around the world. Yet none of those Jews have voting rights in Israel, unless they happen to have dual citizenship, which means Jews around the world have no power in choosing the government of Israel. Furthermore, Israel doesn't even allow other citizens of "Greater Israel" to vote in Israeli elections, meaning that none of the Palestinians living in the West Bank or #Gaza are allowed to vote in Israeli elections. And that means Israel is NOT a democracy as is repeatedly (and falsely) claimed by western political leaders and presstitutes. In truth, Israel is not a Jewish state, either, but rather a #Zionist state, which means it is inherently racist, theocratic supremacist and anti-democratic. This is why so many Jews around the world despise the current actions of Israel. Israel does not represent those of Jewish faith; it represents Zionist supremacists whose philosophy is rooted in extreme intolerance and violence against others. For the Jewish people to ever find peace and security in our world, the dangerous, extremist assertions of Zionism must end.


#Netanyahu says that because he's Jewish, the International Criminal Court (ICC) CANNOT issue an arrest warrant against him because that would be "anti-Semitic." In making this claim, he just inadvertently suggested that every criminal in America simply convert to Judaism, and then when they carry out rapes, murders, car jackings, home invasions and child trafficking, they can simply tell the police, "You can't arrest me! That would be anti-Semitic!" And astonishingly, the police will obey, because all police in America now apparently obey Zionists in #Israel. If you thought George Soros-funded DAs were bad because they let criminals loose on the streets, Netanyahu just out-Soros'ed Soros by claiming absolute legal immunity for ALL JEWS who might be involved in any kind of crime. This is how arrogant and insane Netanyahu is. According to many Zionists, the laws don't apply to them!


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Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is the founding editor of, a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called "Food Forensics"), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics.

Mike Adams also serves as the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation.

In his laboratory research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

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