IT’S ALL AN IQ TEST: Ten OBVIOUS lessons every intelligent person should have learned from COVID 1.0 (that can save you from what’s coming with COVID 2.0)
08/29/2023 // Mike Adams // Views

Truly, you'd have to be an oblivious idiot at this point to think the government's COVID orders are intended to benefit the people. You'd also have to be an idiot to think that N95 masks stop COVID transmission, that social distancing works or that COVID vaccines prevent infections and transmission.

Yet, astonishingly, these are things that oblivious idiots still believe. These people also tend to believe that Joe Biden is the “most popular president ever,” that Big Pharma is run by angels who seek to help humanity and that mainstream doctors are driven by medical science evidence rather than profit motives.

The great IQ test has commenced. COVID 1.0 was the training round, to present lessons in government tyranny and medical science fraud for all to witness. COVID 2.0 is the final exam to see who is stupid enough to still have not learned the lessons from the training round. However, this “final exam” is more like a final solution, and those who fail this round of the global IQ test will find their projected lifespan rapidly shrinking.

The ramp-up to COVID 2.0 tyranny is already apparent. Joe Biden just announced $1+ billion in funding for a new vaccine, and he's publicly stating that all Americans will be urged to get the new jab, even after Biden himself has taken five COVID shots but still managed to get infected twice.

The CDC, meanwhile, now admits that all previous COVID shots no longer work against the new “variant” they've named BA.2.86, which the CDC says infects those who are fully vaccinated.

We have dubbed the new variant BS.24.7 and called it the “Election Variant” because it's obvious this new round of a virus scare is intended to steal the 2024 election via nationwide mail-in voting, mandated by yet another ginned up “emergency” fabricated by the lawless Democrats.

In fact, as point #1 reveals below, as long as you comply with tyranny, the government will always find new reasons to act like tyrants. That's why the only way out of this cycle of psyops, plandemics and lockdowns is to stop complying with the insanity. Jolt yourself awake and stop acting like a programmable zombie.

Here are ten obvious lessons that any intelligent person should have already learned from COVID 1.0

1) As long as you comply with tyranny, the government will always find new reasons to act like tyrants

Keep going along with the tyranny and the corrupt, criminal government will keep invoking a new “crisis” to keep you in line. Climate crisis. COVID crisis. Insurrection crisis. Cyber attack crisis. Russia crisis. Aliens. Bigfoot. Sasquatch... you name it. There's always another emergency right out the corner, ready to be played across the theater of your mind.

Stop falling for the Truman Show. Think for yourself.


2) Masks don't work. Even the CDC openly admits it

The CDC has been forced to admit that N95 cloth masks – the type commonly push by the government for COVID “protection” – offer no protection against wildfire smoke particles, which are orders of magnitude larger than coronavirus particles. From their own website, “masks that are used to slow the spread of COVID-19 offer little protection against the harmful air pollutants in wildfire smoke.”

But coronavirus particles are only about 0.1 micrometers in diameter, while smoke particles are typically in the range of 10 micrometers. That means the CDC, in pushing masks, is somehow arguing that masks which cannot stop 10 micrometer particles can somehow stop 0.1 micrometer particles. The non-logic makes no sense, of course.


On this issue, the CDC is being deliberately dishonest. Across their various pages, they also claim that N95 “respirators” work against COVID and wildfires, while trying to obfuscate the fact that a respirator is not the same thing as a simple cloth mask. A respirator is an air-tight, face-fitting device with no air leaks. N95 cloth masks are not N95 respirators. They do not seal to the face and are therefore useless in stopping both smoke and coronavirus particles.

That's why CDC researchers don't rely on simple N95 masks when touring level-4 biohazard facilities. If they did, they would likely all die. But they tell you to use N95 masks, even when they would never rely on such things themselves.


3) Hospitals were ordered by the federal government to mass murder hundreds of thousands of people... and they gladly complied

We now know with certainty that hospitals across the United States were financially incentivized to generate COVID fatalities en masse, receiving as much as $500,000 in incentives per COVID death. Federal incentives quickly transformed hospitals into murder factories where patients who merely showed flu symptoms were falsely diagnosed with COVID, intubated for a ventilator, isolated from their family members, and routinely “homicided” by the hospital which collected a large payout as a result.

Here's my interview with attorney Thomas Renz who represents a health care worker whistleblower who has audio proof that an entire floor of patients in one hospital was ordered to be terminated so that the hospital could collect huge profits:

Understand that under Biden, US hospitals are now assassins-for-hire, and they get a per-death payout, just like contract killers. Medicine has become murder.


4) COVID vaccines don't prevent infections or transmission

It has all been admitted by the CDC and even the corporate media: COVID vaccines don't prevent infections or transmission. The medical establishment no longer even pretends they do. Instead, they say that receiving COVID vaccines will “reduce the symptoms” of a COVID infection. Occupier-in-chief Joe Biden received five COVID shots and boosters, but we are told he still contracted COVID twice (even after promising America that the vaccine would stop infections).

Perhaps this is why multiple Florida counties are now on board with a resolution to outright ban COVID shots. They are biological weapons, after all, which offer no protection against COVID but wildly increase the risk of heart attacks, stroke, neurological problems and death. COVID 2.0 “vaccines” also won't be legitimate vaccines either. They will be engineered to achieve mass death, infertility and depopulation, as those are the real goals of the entire COVID agenda.

Anybody stupid enough to line up and take one of the new COVID shots is only engaging in vaccine-assisted suicide, a kind of euthanasia obedience ritual that often ends in their own death.


5) The government will weaponize COVID to rig elections and destroy economies

We all know that the “election variant” of COVID is being timed to interfere with the 2024 elections where Democrats don't stand a chance against Trump in a fair and free competition. That's why they're trying to criminalize Trump and his speech, hoping to lock him up and deny him the opportunity to even run against Biden (or whatever mindless puppet the Dems replace him with).

Democrats know they will lose all political power if the will of the people is reflected in election outcomes. That's why they oppose paper ballots and voter ID, of course. Cheating is their only pathway to power, which reflects Democrats' total lack of ethics, morality and fairness. With few exceptions, Democrats are destructive, dishonest people who are wholly incompatible with free society, as they almost universally support censorship, child mutilations, cheating in elections and criminalizing their political opponents.


6) PCR tests for infection diagnosis are a complete fraud

PCR “diagnosis” of COVID has always been a quack science fraud from day one. PCR instruments are incapable of quantitation analysis, which means they can't determine the viral load in any given sample. Furthermore, PCR instruments can be easily adjusted to increase their replication cycles so that background noise is magnified to the point where a “positive” outcome is achieved for virtually any desired sample.

The entire narrative surrounding “swabs” and tests and “surveillance” of COVID using PCR is 100% pure fiction with no basis in science or fact. The entire thing is a deliberate lie, pushed by dishonest authorities and operators who are part of the plandemic scheme that's designed to murder people, destroy economies, achieve mass obedience and empower governments to act as lawless tyrants.

A PCR machine can no more diagnose a viral infection than a magnifying glass can see the future.


7) Your doctor was BRIBED to push unsafe, unproven COVID mRNA jabs, and he gladly went along with it

If your doctor pressured you to take a COVID jab, he (or she) was financially incentivized to do so. He got paid, in other words, like a pharma whore, to push an experimental injection in gross violation of international war crimes treaties as well as the Hippocratic Oath.

It turns out, there's nothing conventional doctors won't inject into their patients if they get paid a bonus to do it. Even biological weapons, depopulation jabs and experimental spike protein factories. What's especially noteworthy is that these doctors, once paid, also manage to lie to themselves by claiming that COVID vaccines were well tested, clinically validated, safe and effective. They can't cite any real evidence to back up such false claims, but they tell themselves it's all true so that they can internally justify exterminating patients for profit.

Depopulation has never paid as well as it does today, thanks to the government's anti-human COVID policies and financial incentives. Conventional doctors are more than happy to play their front line role in the mass extermination of human populations as long as they maintain power and profits as a result.


8) The WHO is run by globalists with a depopulation agenda

One of the key goals of the United Nations, under which the WHO operates, is to eliminate billions of humans beings living on planet Earth today. This genocidal agenda is the foundation upon which the climate change fraud has been built. The entire “climate” narrative is really about ending human activity by ending humans.

This effort to depopulate planet Earth takes many forms, but vaccines are one of the most effective forms, since they give mad scientists direct access to the tissues and bloodstream of victims. Those same victims, under the false belief that “vaccines are safe and effective,” don't even resist being injected with depopulation bioweapons. The primary purpose of the COVID narrative, of course, was to exploit fear to drive people into voluntary death shots... the easiest way for globalists to dispose of billions of people by making sure they don't fight back.

In plandemic 2.0, now being launched, the WHO will order local jurisdictions to round up people and imprison them in concentration camps – dubbed “quarantine camps” – where they will likely be murdered, then counted as “COVID casualties” to further pump up the dead body count.

In COVID 2.0, if they come to take you to any sort of camp, they most likely intend to murder you. #DoNotComply (or you die).

Recently, WEF advisor Prof. Sarah Harper said the population collapse currently being observed in the UK is “good for the planet.”

“In speaking about the precipitous decline in the number of new births across Great Britain these days, Harper pretty much celebrated this as a great thing that will help to stop global warming and climate change,” reports Natural News.

We've seen many other examples of globalists accidentally letting it slip that they equate global depopulation with planetary benefits.


9) Food supply chain disruptions are not a side effect but a FEATURE of government-enforced lockdowns (i.e. they are trying to starve us all)

One of the ways the western governments of the world are trying to slaughter their own people is by wrecking the food supply chain.

By invoking a fraudulent pandemic emergency, governments can force food production and farming facilities to shut down. Fraudulent PCR swab tests are routinely used across food facilities in order to generate “positive” PCR results that flag an imaginary “COVID case.” This case is then cited by local health authorities to order the shutdown of that facility, causing severe disruption in the food supply chain (leading to food scarcity and food inflation, both deliberately engineered).

When food prices are engineered to rise, it causes a huge increase in food scarcity. More people go hungry, and many people become homeless because the necessary increase in food costs impairs their ability to cover rent or mortgage costs.

With COVID 2.0, watch for extreme food supply disruptions and scarcity, beyond what most of us saw with the original COVID. This time, the globalists are going all-out to achieve mass extermination. We will soon see masses of starving Americans in the streets of Democrat-run cities, begging for food and being offered free hamburgers if they merely agree to be injected with euthanasia shots (labeled "vaccines").


10) Government believes the people will mindlessly obey almost anything... and they're half right

As COVID 2.0 is a global IQ test for humans, the government is counting on the fact that some percentage of human beings are so stupid, they'll go along with anything pushed by an apparent “authority.”

They're not wrong in this assumption, by the way. Perhaps half of those exposed to government lies and medical fraud still fall for it, as they are incapable of independent thinking. They will march themselves right into “kill shot” pharmacies and vaccination extermination zones, happily reminding themselves how smart they think they are to follow exactly what the government tells them to do. (Yes, the brainwashed zombies actually think they are “smarter” for acting like brainwashed zombies.)

Despite all this, the push back against the government's demanded obedience is growing. Recently, both a medical group and a Hollywood studio reversed their mask mandates after customers and employees raised alarm. It's an indication that when people choose to avoid complying with tyranny, they can force changes across corporations and institutions.

Simple rules that will keep you alive while oblivious (gullible) people are culled

In summary, any intelligent person should be able to learn these obvious lessons from COVID plandemic 1.0. The most obvious lesson is that complying with tyranny only rewards the tyrants with power, incentivizing them to keep coming up with emergencies that justify their tyranny.

Fortunately, those of you who are reading this site are well informed enough to avoid falling for any more COVID tricks. Thanks to the rather blatant dishonesty of the establishment during COVID 1.0, we now know the following hard rules:

1) They will lie about the numbers of dead and the cause of death.

2) They will lie about the effectiveness of masks and the vaccine.

3) They will lie about “the science” and will publish fabricated “science” papers in medical journals.

4) They will interfere with treatments that work and try to criminalize those who promote them.

5) They will bully and bludgeon people into compliance via threats and coercion.

6) They will incentivize doctors and hospitals to murder you.

7) They will censor any speech that opposes their death agenda.

8) They will assert wildly unconstitutional powers through sheer audacity, hoping people will just go along with it.

9) If you want to survive all this, you must refuse to believe the lies and refuse to comply with their tyranny.


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Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is the founding editor of, a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called "Food Forensics"), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics.

Mike Adams also serves as the lab science director of an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratory known as CWC Labs. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP-MS instrumentation.

In his laboratory research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

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