In America today, 646 hospitals risk closure due to financial troubles

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Image: In America today, 646 hospitals risk closure due to financial troubles

(Natural News) Nearly one in three rural American hospitals is on the verge of shutting down for good, according to a new report from the Center for Healthcare Quality & Payment Reform.

There are precisely 646 hospitals in rural America that risk closure, the group says, due to persistent financial problems. These facilities are not being paid enough to cover the cost of care delivery, we are told, which means losses on the balance sheet continue to mount.

Inflation and workforce shortages are only making matters worse, the report further explains. And while some rural hospitals are being kept on life support with grants, local tax revenues, and other profit sources, most still have very low financial reserves and remain at risk.

Texas is in the worst shape with 81 rural hospitals, or around 49 percent of the Lone Star State’s total number of rural hospitals, on the verge of closure, followed by Kansas with 56 rural hospitals, or 54 percent, facing probable shutdown.

Other hard-hit states include:

  • Oklahoma with 38 rural hospitals, or 49 percent, facing closure
  • Mississippi with 27 rural hospitals, or 36 percent, facing closure
  • Alabama with 27 rural hospitals, or 52 percent, facing closure
  • New York with 27 rural hospitals, or 53 percent, facing closure
  • Arkansas with 22 rural hospitals, or 45 percent, facing closure
  • Iowa with 22 rural hospitals, or 24 percent, facing closure
  • Tennessee with 20 rural hospitals, or 38 percent, facing closure
  • Georgia with 20 rural hospitals, or 29 percent, facing closure
  • Missouri with 19 rural hospitals, or 33 percent, facing closure
  • Louisiana with 18 rural hospitals, or 34 percent, facing closure
  • California with 17 rural hospitals, or 31 percent, facing closure
  • Montana with 15 rural hospitals, or 27 percent, facing closure
  • Michigan with 14 rural hospitals, or 22 percent, facing closure
  • Kentucky with 14 rural hospitals, or 19 percent, facing closure
  • Minnesota with 13 rural hospitals, or 14 percent, facing closure
  • Washington with 13 rural hospitals, or 32 percent, facing closure
  • Pennsylvania with 12 rural hospitals, or 29 percent, facing closure
  • Illinois with 12 rural hospitals, or 17 percent, facing closure
  • South Carolina with 11 rural hospitals, or 44 percent, facing closure
  • North Dakota with 11 rural hospitals, or 28 percent, facing closure
  • North Carolina with 10 rural hospitals, or 19 percent, facing closure


West Virginia, New Mexico, Maine, South Dakota, Hawaii, Indiana, Vermont, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Ohio, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Utah all have less than 10 rural hospitals facing closure.

The only states with no rural hospitals at risk of closure right now are Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

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There’s no money to pay for rural Americans’ health care, but plenty for actor Zelensky and the war machine in Ukraine

In the immediate term, about 200 of the 646 hospital facilities in question face a very soon risk of closure, while the others have slightly more time to turn things around and right the ship.

Whether or not they will be able to achieve this remains to be seen as it seems mostly southern states are having trouble keeping their rural hospitals open.

“We may not have the money to cover the medical costs of rural Americans but we sure as hell can pay for illegals while covering the cost of a war in Ukraine,” wrote one disgusted commenter about the displaced priorities of America’s politicians.

“Lots of hospitals stayed in business simply by killing people and calling them coof deaths,” wrote another, referring to the deadly covid protocols that were deployed at hospitals through a federal government bribery scheme.

“Hospitals, doctors, actors, musicians, politicians, reporters, health officials, etc. all got paid in the trillions,” wrote another. “We got like $1,200 and insulted.”

The Mystery Babylonian death care system seems to be on its last legs. To learn more, visit

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