Michael Yon: Controlled opposition infiltrated Dutch farmer protests

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Image: Michael Yon: Controlled opposition infiltrated Dutch farmer protests

(Natural News) According to combat correspondent Michael Yon, controlled opposition has already infiltrated the farmers’ protest movement in the Netherlands.

He disclosed this fact to “Uncensored” host Maria Zeee during the March 17 edition of the podcast. While he did not see officers of the Royal Netherlands Army in any of the two farmer protests he attended, there was an announcement that they could come. This scared off a bunch of people, Yon said.

The Australian host remarked that Yon had warned of Amsterdam planning to send the military to the protests, which fortunately did not come to fruition.

However, Yon – a veteran writer and photographer – mentioned that the Farmer-Citizen Movement (BBB) is a clear left-wing shill designed to divide the farmers. Everything about the BBB is shrouded in mystery, including its formation in 2019. Its leader Caroline van der Plas did not attend the protest for fear of her safety, he pointed out.

“So, many of the farmers went with the BBB. And it’s right on their signs – BBB, build back better – which is clearly they say it in your face who they are,” he told Zeee.

Many of the farmers who participated in the protests were divided, with some joining BBB instead of the Forum for Democracy (FVD) party that aligns itself with the farmers. Some of the participants who sided with BBB do not like the FVD for different reasons.

Controlled opposition is infiltrating protests, movements

According to Zeee, controlled opposition is a real thing that is so advanced, people can’t distinguish it from the freedom movement. The BBB is one good example, she continued, because they know their role and are toying with the Dutch farmers. Even the group’s logo is a dead giveaway of what their real intentions are.


Aside from BBB, there are many other types of infiltration within different protests or movements. She cited the J6 Capitol riot as one example of a protest which had infiltrators and chaos agents within it. Individuals such as the informant Ray Epps are installed in protests and political parties as part of the controlled opposition within information warfare, Zeee said.

Yon agreed, emphasizing that controlled opposition is important to those in power. He recalled that during his coverage of the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, there were Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operatives who left piles of bricks – a tactic borrowed from American Antifa. This proved that Antifa also had agents in the special administrative region, and also served as Yon’s first encounter with the group outside of the United States. (Related: War, riot expert: Anti-Trump “agent provocateurs” were in charge of destruction at Capitol building, including Antifa/BLM, using tactics as old as the Bible.)

He pointed out that the controlled opposition can go on forever and they may never totally reveal themselves. People many never even know the real identity of agent provocateurs – people who attend protests and goad participants into doing something violent. Nevertheless, Yon warned that people showing up with drums and making mindless chants in protests are leftist agent provocateurs that Americans should be aware of.

Watch the full conversation between Maria Zeee and Michael Yon on “Uncensored” below.

This video is from the High Hopes channel on Brighteon.com.

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