Montana officials deny explosion over Billings during “Chinese weather balloon” incident

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Image: Montana officials deny explosion over Billings during “Chinese weather balloon” incident

(Natural News) Last Friday, strange video footage depicting what appeared to be an explosion over Billings, Mont., went viral on social media, only to later be decried as false by local and state officials.

The alleged incident – see the video below – occurred on the same day the “Chinese weather balloon” appeared over this exact same area of Montana before moving in a southeast direction towards the Carolinas. (Related: Are the Chinese “spy balloons” a dry run for a nuclear EMP attack?)

According to the City of Billings, Governor Greg Gianforte, and the Montana Department of Emergency Services, whatever happened in the above footage was not an explosion.

“We have confirmed with @MontanaDES & @GovGianforte that there have not been any explosions in, around, or across #Montana,” the City of Billings tweeted. “They are aware of the video and it can not [sic] be substantiated.”

“We are aware of the video shared on Twitter and claims of a ‘massive explosion’ over Billings. However, our PD, Fire & airport have NOT been called to any incidents related to this video and there haven’t been any plane crashes picked up on radar #ChineseSpyBalloon #spyballoon.”

Twitter account says jet went by “so fast” right before “explosion in the sky”

The chemtrail-like artifact in the above video was dubbed by one media outlet as “a trail of smoke in the sky where the balloon was last spotted.” Near that same spot came the massive flash of light, which would seem to suggest a link between the two events.


The authorities deny this, but something clearly happened in the frame that warrants further investigation. Is the flash of light a visual forgery, or did something happen with the “Chinese weather balloon” to cause a bright flash to occur?

One Twitter account noted that right before the alleged explosion occurred, a jet flew by “so fast” – this according to Heidi Hatch from KUTV.

Bill Melugin from FOX LA also tweeted about the incident, writing that “something apparently just happened in the skies above Billings, Montana.”

FOX News also picked up on the story and released the below segment:

Dr. Roger Marshall, M.D., a United States senator for Kansas, tweeted later in the day on February 3 that he and his staff confirmed the presence of the “Chinese spy balloon” over northeast Kansas.

“My staff is in contact with law enforcement officials,” Marshall wrote. “I condemn any attempts the Chinese make to spy on Americans. President Biden must protect the sovereignty of the U.S. whether it’s our airspace or the southern border.”

Footage was also released – see below – to show that military helicopters were dispatched following the balloon’s initial appearance over Montana.

“Our borders are not secure. A balloon can fly around here for days. Our food is expensive. Our roads are trash. Our children are indoctrinated in our schools – so why do we pay taxes again?” asked someone in the comment section.

“Couldn’t agree with you more,” responded another. “Just add, they keep sending our money out of the country to help anyone other than Americans.”

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