ICA, Sweden’s leading grocery store, publishes “environmentally friendly” MEALWORMS recipe on its website

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Image: ICA, Sweden’s leading grocery store, publishes “environmentally friendly” MEALWORMS recipe on its website

(Natural News) How does “Insect salad with chili and garlic and roasted vegetables” sound to you? If it sounds disgusting, perhaps it’s time to contact ICA, Sweden’s largest grocery retailer, which recently put up the recipe for this ghastly dish on its website.

In promotion of Klaus Schwab’s eat bugs and be happy mantra, ICA is urging its customers to try the “environmentally friendly” recipe, which contains mealworms as its primary source of protein. (Related: Some schoolchildren in Wales are already consuming mealworms in their daily lunches.)

For a small family, one and three-quarter cups of fresh mealworms is all that is needed, along with lettuce, carrots, garlic, and bread, to create a healthy and balanced meal, ICA claims.

A globalist-controlled grocery chain – the largest in Sweden, in fact – ICA accounts for about half of all grocery trade in the country. This could soon change, though, as customers are reeling with upset over the new mealworms recipe.

Almost all of the 140-plus comments on the recipe are negative, pointing out that mealworms are not human food but rather animal food, despite what the World Economic Forum (WEF) claims to the contrary.

“They slammed the grocery chain for supporting the New World Order and Agenda 2030,” reported the RAIR Foundation about these comments. “Even more dissatisfied customers can be found on various social media platforms.”

The globalists see us all as cattle, which is why they want us eating bugs

For years, the WEF and other globalist groups have been trying to warm the world up to the idea of consuming insects rather than meat from chickens, cows, and pigs. According to globalist thought, insects are “greener” for the planet than meat, and should thus be consumed instead of meat.


The EU Commission decide on Jan. 24, 2023, to approve the use of bugs as food. Powdered or frozen crickets, as one example, can now be added to pizza, pasta, and cereals, just so long as manufacturers “dispose of their intestinal contents” before processing.

The maggot-like larvae of lesser mealworms are also now allowed to be sold as food across the European Union, hence why ICA is now slapping up recipes for how to use them in salads and other dishes. There are eight additional insects awaiting approval for use in food as well.

In The Netherlands, there are already hundreds of state-funded primary schools that have begun offering insect-based food items on the lunch menu. The United Kingdom is similarly following suit with recipes like “spaghetti with beetle Bolognese,” which contains a “delicious” mixture of insects and plant proteins.

There is still no proof whatsoever that insects are safe for human consumption – and plenty of proof, in fact, that they aren’t. Even so, the globalists are pushing to normalize bug consumption starting with the children, until eventually the entire world is turned into a human cattle farm.

“These are Satan’s children, the foreign Nazis that rule the country, who are making these decisions,” one commenter wrote about the bug consumption push. “They, of course, will still be eating sirloin steaks and roast duck while their human slaves consume bugs and worms.”

Another wrote that in communist China, it is already normal for some people to eat insects. Many Chinese grocery stores sell all kinds of bug-based “foods” – “the store was filled to bursting with huge see-through plastic bags crammed with what looked like insects,” this person explained.

“Bags hung from the ceiling on cords; they were crammed onto the shelves. It was a bit stomach-turning to say the least.”

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