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Image: Champions with Kerri Rivera: Sereca Friend fights against COVID shots for kids – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) New Zealand (NZ) health freedom advocate Sereca Friend discussed her fight against Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination for children and young people during the Jan. 19 episode of “Champions with Kerri Rivera” on Brighteon.TV.

Friend is the founder and director of The Hood NZ. The group’s website describes it as “a community of parents, doctors, nurses, academics, scientists, lawyers and concerned others who share a common goal – to make the best decision for our children and young people.”

Host Kerri Rivera pointed out that The Hood NZ isn’t anti-vaccine, but it stringently opposes the COVID-19 shot because its science remains unclear. The group is also not convinced that the vaccine should be given to those younger than 18.

Friend blasted the hypocrisy of “trust the science” and “the science is absolute” – two mantras COVID-19 vaccine proponents are sticking to. She also mentioned that the vaccine data is a product of “guess-timation.”

The health freedom advocate expressed disbelief that people readily accepted the COVID-19 vaccine without questioning it. It was only recently that many people had a problem with the country’s vaccine rollout for those aged between 12 and 15 years old, as many New Zealanders didn’t believe vaccination was necessary for both adults and children.

She also dubbed outgoing NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as the “mouthpiece” or “voice of the puppet master.” Friend added that the outgoing leader dealt New Zealanders rough times by pushing the COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the country.


Wellington bribing Kiwis to get the clot shot

What bothered Friend, however, was when the NZ government announced that it was legally acceptable for 12-year-olds to give informed consent and get the COVID-19 injection on their own.

She recounted to Rivera a story of a father upset after finding out his two sons got vaccinated without consent. Friend said it was heartbreaking and concerning that a 12-year-old cannot make informed decisions about something that they do not understand properly.

Moreover, the director of The Hood NZ revealed that Wellington had also been giving out vouchers for restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations just so New Zealanders can get their COVID-19 shot.

“If something works and if something is necessary, you don’t need to bribe people to go and use it,” Friend stressed. “If the science is there and the proof is there … then you don’t have to bribe me to do that.”

She told the Brighteon.TV host that her group had to become the voice for children when the COVID-19 vaccine rollout came down to five- to 11-year-old children.

“We had prepared ourselves. We started together and we had a legal team starting the preparation and we took the government to High Court over that rollout,” Friend said. (Related: New Zealand’s high court strikes down COVID jab mandate for police, says it’s not “demonstrably justified.”)

However, the health freedom activist lamented to Rivera that the NZ High Court refused to acknowledge the evidence they presented. The country’s very difficult judicial system made it difficult for Friend’s group to seek a judicial review.

Moreover, she remarked how her group’s efforts almost never got media coverage despite sending out press releases. But there’s still hope as their case is funded by a public community of supporters on social media and covered by alternative media outlets. has more about people like Sereca Friend who are fighting against the COVID-19 vaccines and mandates.

Watch the Jan. 19 episode of “Champions with Kerri Rivera” below. “Champions with Kerri Rivera” airs every Thursday at 11 a.m.-12 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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