California pediatrician argues that cutting off breasts of teenage girls is no big deal

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Image: California pediatrician argues that cutting off breasts of teenage girls is no big deal

(Natural News) A pediatrician from Los Angeles spoke at an event recently in which she casually tried to argue that slicing off little girls’ breasts to make them “transgender” is no big deal because they can always re-implant fake breasts later on if they change their minds.

The clip – watch below – shows the woman engaging in derogatory womansplaining to the man shown on the screen, using that ever so common tone of Western female condescension.

“So what we do know is that adolescents actually have the capacity to make a reasoned logical decision,” she is seen blabbing disparagingly while waving her hands in the air.

“And here’s the other thing about chest surgery,” she proceeded, hitting her hand on the table, “if you want breasts at a later point in your life, you can go and get them.”

Everything about the woman’s presentation is detestable, of course, as she talked down to the man on the screen like he is a moron for apparently pressing her on the damage “chest surgery” causes to young girls. (Related: The World Professional Association for Transgender Health says that children as young as 14 should be allowed to “transition.”)

Children are the new transhuman guinea pigs

In another video clip, possibly from the same meeting, another “gender specialist” named Kellyn Lakhardt is seen explaining that at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, a 16-year-old boy was recently castrated and given a fake “vagina” as an implant.


That same medical facility also chopped off the breasts of a 12-year-old girl so she could become her “true self” – watch below:

“As far as masculinizing top surgery I think 12 is the youngest who’s had surgery through our program,” a man said.

These are just two examples of a growing trend of destroying children’s bodies in the name of LGBT “transition.” It is a permanent alteration that leaves children’s bodies mutilated for life, despite what those promoting it – including the woman in the first clip – expect us all to believe.

“Breasts are for feeding babies,” wrote a commenter in response to the video. “You cannot replace them EVER as many child-confused trans-now-straight women are finding out.”

“The fact is that they destroyed their ability to be a complete woman and mother,” this same person added.

Another stressed the fact that with people like the woman in the first clip running children’s medicine, the newest generation of children “will end up having the most suicides ever.”

“Cut and paste all you want, you evil people – you will NEVER change anyone’s gender,” wrote someone else. “That would be the gender that God gave them, and it’s a forever thing.”

“Castrating a child should be a death penalty act,” wrote another, expressing a widely held sentiment concerning the LGBT body butchers. “And the hag that likes to cut off breasts should have hers removed and replaced with red horns so we know who the sadistic freaks are on sight.”

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