On The Fringe with Dan Radiostyle: Trump blasts anti-America Biden for siding with cartels on border policy

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Image: On The Fringe with Dan Radiostyle: Trump blasts anti-America Biden for siding with cartels on border policy

(Natural News) Former President Donald Trump rebuked President Joe Biden for his border policy that favored drug cartels over Americans wanting safety and security.

During a recent episode of the “On The Fringe” podcast, host Dan Radiostyle played footage posted by Trump on his Truth Social platform. In the video, the real estate mogul-turned-president discussed how drugs such as fentanyl, heroin and methamphetamine enter through the wide-open border and end hundreds of thousands of American lives.

“Biden’s open border policies are a deadly betrayal of our nation,” Trump said. “In this war, Joe Biden has sided against the U.S. and with the cartels. They are making more money than they’ve ever made before –  times 10. There’s never been anything like it.” (Related: Video shows camouflaged illegal aliens easily crossing southern border wall to enter US.)

According to Trump, his term from 2016 to 2020 had the strongest border in American history and drugs were at a 45-year low. He assured supporters that if he becomes president once more, he will take down the cartels in the same way he took down the Islamic State and its caliphate. Trump continued that if needed, he will deploy all necessary military assets – including the U.S. Navy for a full naval embargo.

“We will guarantee that the waters of the western hemisphere are not used to traffic illicit drugs to our country,” Trump said. “I will order the Department of Defense to make appropriate use of special forces cyber warfare and other overt and covert actions to inflict maximum damage on cartel leadership, infrastructure, and operations.” He added that he will get Congress to pass legislation, ensuring that drug smugglers and human traffickers receive the death penalty.


After the video finished, Radiostyle could not help but wonder if Trump is actually doing “presidential things right now” even though his term had already ended.

“But he’s having to hide it behind this charade of ‘when he’ll be in office in 2024,'” the podcast host continued.

White House spokeswoman points finger at Trump, Republicans

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, meanwhile, blamed Trump and Republican lawmakers for the immigration crisis facing the Biden administration. She accused the GOP of making the problem worse by opposing comprehensive immigration reform proposals put forward by Democratic lawmakers.

“The president inherited a mess because of what the last administration did. We inherited a mess. And, you know, Republicans in Congress made it worse by blocking comprehensive immigration reform,” she told reporters during a Jan. 6 daily press briefing.

“So what you’re seeing from this president is he’s acting. He’s acting … to continue to protect the border, secure the border and also deal with irregular migration.”

A day before the press briefing, Biden announced on Jan. 5 several changes to his immigration policies. The changes came amid 2.3 million migrant encounters being recorded in fiscal year 2022, breaking the historic 1.7 million encounters recorded in fiscal year 2021.

On the same day as Biden’s announcement, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) introduced a new rule that would make illegal immigrants ineligible for asylum if they “circumvent available, established pathways to lawful migration” and do not claim asylum in a country through which they traveled to get to the United States.

Reporters present during the Jan. 6 press briefing pressed Jean-Pierre about the rule, which was compared to Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy mandating asylum applicants to stay outside the U.S. while their claims were being processed.

“I do take issue with comparing us to Trump,” the press secretary responded, adding that the former president “tore babies away from their moms, from their parents [and] from their families.”

Jean-Pierre insisted that the DHS proposal is “not an asylum ban,” noting that the Biden administration is communicating with Congress and immigration groups about the policy.

“It’s a safe, orderly and humane process for seeking asylum. Our priority is to do this in a safe, orderly and humane way and that’s the path we want to take.”

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Watch the full episode of “On The Fringe” with Dan Radiostyle below.

This video is from Dan Radiostyle’s channel on Brighteon.com.

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