NYC stores selling frozen guinea pigs as food; customers mistake rodents for RATS

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Image: NYC stores selling frozen guinea pigs as food; customers mistake rodents for RATS

(Natural News) Is skyrocketing inflation driving some desperate New Yorkers to consume rodents for sustenance? Several locals believe so after they witnessed what appeared to be rats being sold frozen in local shops, while others were seen cooking the rodents on an open spitfire grill out on the sidewalk.

The following footage depicts one local woman’s encounter with frozen rodents being sold at a local shop for take-home cooking:

“Oh my g**, are you serious?” the woman filming is heard stating as she looks at the packs. “They are bagging up rats now, guys – the food shortage is real. Look at this s***, are you f***ing s***ing me? This is a rat!”

Another video captured on New York City streets by a Hispanic woman depicts much the same. She witnessed what appeared to be rats being spit-roasted over an open fire out in public as people passed by on the sidewalk – watch below.

“They’re cooking rats in New York City now,” the video’s caption reads.

The globalists want you eating rodents and bugs, not beef and lamb

It was later determined that what the first woman saw was packs of guinea pigs, not rats, being sold as food. In Peru, “cuy,” as these creatures are called when cooked for nourishment, is considered to be a cultural delicacy.

Why cuy is suddenly appearing in New York City to people who have never before seen them being cooked or being sold is unknown, but perhaps it really does have to do with the current food crisis and the greater accessibility of rodent meat versus traditional meat.

Truth be told, it is probably cheaper to cook up guinea pigs or rats than it is to purchase beef or lamb at today’s outrageous prices. Maybe this is why cuy is suddenly becoming a thing in the Big Apple?

“Rats, or guinea pigs, are certainly not part of American cuisine, however as more illegal immigrants continue to pour across the open border, this type of rodent-cooking may become more commonplace,” writes Adan Salazar for Infowars, suggesting that America’s open borders may also play a role.


“It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that in the event of a food shortage starving Americans could turn to rats, or guinea pigs, as a sustainable food source.”

In the comments, many argued about whether the creatures in the spitfire grill video really were guinea pigs as the person taking the video stated that they looked more like rats. Others questioned if the meat was even real at all since it had a plastic-like appearance.

“Those look like plastic fake rats to me,” one of them wrote. “I have no idea how that makes sense, but from this chef’s perspective, they look plastic and possibly even melting.”

Another thought they looked more like cats, and was surprised to see such a thing taking place in New York City – and on the sidewalk with lots of passerby, no less.

“This can’t be NYC, it’s probably southeast Asia, somewhere,” this person added, perplexed at the sight.

“That’s a Chinese lady, no?” wrote another. “It’s normal in Chinese cuisine.”

Seeing as how New York City is the second “rattiest” city in America, it would not be that much of a shock to learn that, in these difficult times, some might be resorting to eating the nasty critters just to survive.

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