Gallup poll shows most Americans believe the government is the nation’s top problem in 2022

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Image: Gallup poll shows most Americans believe the government is the nation’s top problem in 2022

(Natural News) A new Gallup poll shows that Americans have listed the United States government as the nation’s main problem for the seventh time in the past 10 years.

The poll, published by Gallup on Tuesday, Dec. 13, was conducted from Nov. 9 to Dec. 2 consisting of 1,020 American adult respondents. The results found that 19 percent of respondents listed the government as the most important problem facing the country in 2022.

In the past five years, the government category was only unseated from its top spot in past Gallup polls once: in 2020, when Americans listed the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) as the nation’s main problem.

The two other years when the government was not the top problem concerning Americans were 2013 and 2016, when the state of the economy became their main problem.

Gallup further noted that “the government” is a very broad category that could mean that Americans are only dissatisfied with one or several aspects of the American government, but not all of it. This includes dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden, with the Democrat-controlled Congress and with Democratic and Republican party politics and gridlock, to name a few potential aspects of government Americans could be dissatisfied with. (Related: Constitutional scholar David Jose: Americans have power over their government – Brighteon.TV.)

High cost of living, inflation, state of economy also leading problems in America

High cost of living and inflation rose to become the second main concern of Americans at 16 percent. Third place went to the economy at 12 percent.


Before this year’s poll, inflation had not ranked in the poll’s top four issues for over two decades. It was last named as the top problem of Americans in the early 1980s amid record-breaking inflation.

Gallup’s data showed significant differences in views regarding what is the nation’s top problem, although Democrats, Republicans and independents alike all agree that the government is still the nation’s main problem.

For Republicans, 25 percent believe the government is the nation’s main problem, followed by high cost of living and inflation at 22 percent and the economy in general at 17.

For Democrats, only 18 percent believe the government is the main problem. Only 10 percent of Democrats consider the high cost of living and inflation crisis as the nation’s main problem and only eight percent of them consider the economy in general as a main concern.

This means that Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to be concerned about the economy, the high cost of living and inflation as the nation’s main problem.

Meanwhile, independents rank the government and the high cost of living and inflation as their main concerns at 16 percent each. The economy comes in third at 12 percent.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has improved throughout the year, inflation has worsened and heightened Americans’ concerns,” wrote Gallup. “The nation’s sharply divided political landscape and the troubled economy no doubt have affected the public’s satisfaction with the direction of the country.”

Other issues that all the Gallup poll respondents listed as the nation’s main concern include immigration at six percent and unifying the country at five percent. COVID-19, “race relations” and crime all came in at four percent each. Finally, gas prices, the state of the judicial system, abortion, ethics, the environment and poverty, hunger and homelessness all came in at three percent each.

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