Aussie gov’t slowly easing in digital ID to gain more control over its citizens

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Image: Aussie gov’t slowly easing in digital ID to gain more control over its citizens

(Natural News) The Australian government is slowly introducing the idea of digital identification to gain more control over its citizens.

A segment on 9 News which aired in 2021 said that in the near future, the ability to travel overseas or shop could depend on whether one has been injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. The segment host remarked: “COVID vaccination could become our ticket to international travel and possibly determine where you can shop or eat. So how do you prove you have had it?”

Writing for LifeSiteNews, Australian journalist David James said nothing in the mainstream media should ever be trusted as most of them were churning out propaganda and manipulating facts about the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The fact that the story was aired makes it clear that there is a push by the federal government [in Canberra] to interlink an individual’s vaccine status and other areas of [the] digital ID, through what is called the MyGov system,” he wrote. James described MyGov as a “digital platform the federal government uses to communicate with citizens about social security and other functions.”

As of writing, two million Australians now have a digital ID. However, Canberra seems to be “ramping up” vaccination efforts to accelerate the tracking of citizens Down Under. The digital ID would be the “safest and easiest way to access MyGov,” said Australian Government Services Minister Stuart Robert.

However, the push for the digital ID elicited privacy concerns given that two companies – telecommunications company Optus and private health care provider Medibank – found themselves victims of data breaches.


US Senate also rolls out digital ID in America

It appears that the endeavor to roll out a digital ID is not limited to the Land Down Under.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC) recently moved to advance the Improving Digital Identity Act, which would enforce the proposed national digital ID system for U.S. citizens. This stirred up worries among analysts, who expressed concerns that this amount of control over private information could be abused. (Related: Senate committee passes bill creating national digital ID system, but they will never require it for voting.)

A couple of months back, HSGAC and senators planned on attaching the bill, which already has a companion bill in the House of Representatives, to make sure the law passes. This bill will create the Improving Digital Identity Task Force, which would develop secure methods for governmental agencies to “protect the privacy and security” of individuals and support the creation of a reliable, interoperable digital identity verification system for both public and private sectors.

The said law would also empower the Department of Homeland Security to award grants to state, local, tribal and territorial governments to upgrade their digital identification systems that provide residents with driver’s licenses or other types of identity credentials.

Many people don’t realize that the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Bill Gates are the driving forces behind these.

NewsPunch’s Baxter Dmitry pointed out that this fulfills the wishes of both Gates and the WEF, warning the readers that this major development  is intentional and shows the globalists’ collaboration with the mainstream media.

“It’s almost as though the globalist elites have instructed their minions in the mainstream media to keep quiet about their plans for global domination,” wrote Dmitry. “Now, in the midst of a media blackout, a proposed national ID system for U.S. citizens is fast becoming a reality.” has more stories related to the implications of digital ID systems.

Watch this documentary that discusses how the digital passport ID would introduce state control.

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