Three out of four Americans no longer care about covid, poll finds

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Image: Three out of four Americans no longer care about covid, poll finds

(Natural News) Very few people living in the United States still worry about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), a new poll from Gallup has found.

Seventy-eight percent of those polled, or about three out of four people, agree that the plandemic is “over,” and that everyone should “lead their normal lives as much as possible and avoid interruptions to work and business.”

Only 28 percent of respondents said they are “very” or “somewhat worried” that the Fauci Flu might get them, this being the lowest percentage Gallup has recorded since the summer of 2021 when scamdemic fear was a lot stronger.

“The same poll finds the smallest percentages of Americans yet reporting they are steering clear of specific situations because of the coronavirus, including avoiding large crowds (24%), avoiding travel by plane or public transportation (19%), avoiding going to public places (16%) and avoiding small gatherings (13%),” Gallup reported.

“Use of face masks remains fairly common, but the 40% saying they have worn one in the past week when outside their home is also a new low during the pandemic.”

The poll also found that almost nobody is still taking seriously the “social distancing” recommendations still being pushed by some elements of the government, mainly the left wing of politics.

“About six in 10 Americans (59%) say they have made no attempt to isolate themselves from people outside their household in the past 24 hours – the most eschewing social distancing since the beginning of the pandemic,” Gallup says.


“Sixteen percent, similar to the level in April, now say they have completely or mostly isolated themselves from people outside their household, while 25% – the lowest reading since April 2020 – say they have isolated themselves partially or a little.”

Get a clue, globalists: nobody cares about your plandemic psy ops

Despite all this, the very same globalists who brought us the Chinese Flu are gearing up, it appears, to unleash another scamdemic – not to mention the endless “variants” and “subvariants” of covid that they want the masses to believe in and fear.

There is already talk about the “next pandemic,” which will likely come with more mask and “vaccine” mandates. It is highly unlikely that after the relative successes of the covid psy op that these genocidal maniacs will just let things be and return to “normal.”

Even though almost nobody believes any of this anymore, the powers that be are not planning to stop – unless they are stopped, of course.

“100 percent of people with critical thinking skills are resistant to brainwashing and never fell for the scam,” wrote a commenter. “The survey involves those who possess neither being questioned by those who possess neither.”

Others joked that the 28 percent who still fear covid must be “liberal white women with crazy eyes.”

“It’s not depopulation,” suggested another, particularly referring to the so-called “vaccines. “The shots might or might not work for that. It doesn’t matter. It’s certainly what the NWO wants. But it doesn’t matter.”

“Total global domination is what matters. They want to claim ownership of your life and rent it back to you by the carbon credit via your social credit score, all tracked by your vaccine credit score – and that’s your lifeblood itself.”

“Credit, credit, credit, and you know that that means: debt, debt, debt, and you will never own anything again and neither will anybody else worldwide and we will all be enslaved and forced to live in mega-cities, SMART cities that monitor your every thought and can predict every bowel movement. At that point, depopulation is just whoever’s cast out into the wilds and perhaps killed off by drone strikes no one will ever hear about for 1,000 years of global slavery.”

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