Toronto demonstrators stand with China’s ‘white paper revolutionaries’ opposing never-ending COVID lockdowns

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Image: Toronto demonstrators stand with China’s ‘white paper revolutionaries’ opposing never-ending COVID lockdowns

(Natural News) Demonstrators throughout China who are protesting the country’s unending COVID-19 lockdowns have found some allies in Canada.

As reported by The Post Millennial, a group of protesters in Toronto are standing in alliance with the growing number of Chinese citizens being hurt by the Communist regime’s “zero COVID” policies, which trigger the lockdowns of entire cities numbering in the millions.

The protesters gathered outside China’s consulate in the city in pushback against the ChiComs who are led by President Xi Jinping:

The group, many holding blank pieces of paper which have become a symbol of the numerous protests occurring in China, chanted slogans including “Step down Xi Jinping!” and “Communist Party step down!”

Organized by the group Democratic Party of China, Juntao Wang said that the people of China don’t want the dictatorship of Xi Jinping to continue, or the zero COVID policy. “People suffer from such a policy. Many people died for such a cruel policy.”

He noted that the people of China can’t voice their ideas, so they were there to give voice to their situation.

Canada-Hong Kong’s Gloria Fung said that, across China, “people have come forward to say no to the restrictive zero COVID policy,” adding that the white paper “is a strong symbol of defiance” and “represents all they cannot say in China.”

Among the group of protesters in front of the consulate was Dominic Cardy, an MLA from New Brunswick, who said: “A free world for all peoples to live, in equality and justice without the tyranny of Chinese communism to kill, to oppress, and to silence through fear. We are here to say no more!”

Protester Hugh Yu talked about how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was largely silent regarding the Two Michaels and urged Trudeau to speak out in strong terms. “Be brave! You are the leader of Canada,” he said.

Trudeau did issue a statement, but it was tepid at best.

“Canadians are watching very closely. Obviously, everyone in China should be allowed to express themselves, should be allowed to share their perspectives and, indeed, protest,” he said.

“We’re going to continue to ensure that China knows we’ll stand up for human rights and we’ll stand with people who are expressing themselves,” Trudeau added. “We also need to make sure that China and places around the world are respecting journalists and their ability to do their job. We will continue to make that very clear.”

Demonstrator Wester Yang noted that the current protest was not just against China but on behalf of Canadians who were reprimanded by a tyrannical Trudeau government when they protested against his COVID lockdowns and restrictions with a trucker Freedom Convoy in Ottawa earlier this year.

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