Colorado gay club shooting suspect self-identifies as “non-binary,” attorneys say

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Image: Colorado gay club shooting suspect self-identifies as “non-binary,” attorneys say

(Natural News) Anderson Lee Aldrich, the 22-year-old man who is accused of shooting up a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs called Club Q, is also a non-binary, according to they-slash-them‘s attorneys.

Lawyers told The New York Times that Aldrich does not identify as male but rather as a they-slash-them, which throws a few wrenches into the case because the corporate-controlled media was quick to dub it a “hate crime.”

The expectation, it appears, is that Aldrich was a straight, white, right-wing 20-something who got mad and shot up a bunch of homosexuals in the mountains. The reality, though, is that Aldrich is an LGBT himself.

We are told that five people died at Club Q, this according to Max D’Onofrio, a city spokesman. Aldrich was supposedly injured theyself during the melee and was admitted to a hospital before being released and “booked into the El Paso County Jail,” according to the Denver Post.

Aldrich made they‘s first court appearance via livestream from a jail cell, the news outlet added. (Related: Remember when gay Democrat Elizabeth McCarthy lied about removing bullets from the alleged victims of the Pulse Nightclub false flag shooting in Orlando?)

Was Aldrich pharmaceutically drugged before appearing via live video before a judge?

During that livestream call, Aldrich appeared dazed and bloodied, we are told. Was they pharmaceutically drugged beforehand, we wonder?

Aldrich also presented with a beard while slouching in they‘s chair, with head slumped over the shoulder as if asleep.


“Could the defendant please state his name?” asked Judge Charlotte Ankeny, misgendering – gasp! – Aldrich and likely triggering they.

Aldrich barely said a thing, though. They sat “nearly motionless during the five-minute hearing,” reports claim, and “only spoke when prompted by two public defenders at their side in El Paso County Jail.”

“Anderson Aldrich: did you watch the video concerning your constitutional rights in this case?” the judge proceeded to ask.

“Yes,” Aldrich responded.

“Do you have any questions about those rights?” the judge then asked back.

“No,” Aldrich said after delaying they‘s response for a few seconds.

Aldrich will continue to be held without bond until they‘s next court appearance, which is scheduled for December 6. On that date, it is likely that Aldrich will be charged both with murder and “hate crime” charges, though formal charges have yet to be filed.

We are also told that the court records concerning Aldrich’s arrest have been sealed at the request of prosecutors – though defense attorneys are requesting to see the arrest records.

The official story is that Aldrich marched into Club Q just before midnight last Saturday and started blasting clubgoers with a firearm, killing five people and wounding more than a dozen others, allegedly.

The alleged rampage ended after Aldrich was tackled by two people in the club, who disarmed they and held they until police arrived on the scene.

No potential motive has been disclosed for the alleged incident, though prosecutors are eager to make it all about sexuality and gender identity. How they manage to pull that one off remains to be seen.

“They use they / them pronouns, and for the purposes of all formal filings, will be addressed as Mx. Aldrich,” reads a footnote in Aldrich’s court filings, which did not mention the point at which Aldrich decided to self-identify as non-binary.

It turns out that Aldrich used to go by the name of Nicholas F. Brink. They‘s grandparents requested it be changed in 2016 just before they‘s 16th birthday in order to “protect himself” from a father with a lengthy criminal rap sheet.

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