Ariz. man’s voting debacle: Poll worker didn’t tell us we could retry rejected ballots

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Image: Ariz. man’s voting debacle: Poll worker didn’t tell us we could retry rejected ballots

(Natural News) Election integrity and the ability to safely, accurately and efficiently tabulate votes are a bedrock of American democracy.

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So why did so many American voters struggle to even cast their ballot?

The Western Journal set out to investigate what was going on in its own backyard. (The Western Journal is based in Arizona.)

We took a look at and analyzed multiple videos sent in by former publisher Floyd Brown.

Here’s just one example of how difficult it was to vote — in the voter’s own words.

You can watch the video above.

In it, one Arizona voter described a crucial piece of information that polling officials forgot to mention — either through sheer incompetence or something more nefarious.

This voter had a poll worker inform him that he could deposit his unaccepted ballot into the mysterious “door three.”

“A note on that poll worker, who neglected or purposely did not inform the voters, at least while I was there, that we could discard that vote that got rejected by the tabulator machine and start over,” he said. “Do another vote, another ballot. We were not told that.”

If that seems like an important piece of information, that’s because it is. If a voter had any qualms or questions about their erroneous ballot, why wouldn’t you give them some peace of mind by letting them know they can just discard that one and fill out a new ballot?

And as the voter noted, it’s more than fair for voters to ponder aloud if this was intentional or not, given the circumstances.

If there were just one example of a voter struggling to cast their ballot, The Western Journal might have dismissed it as pure happenstance.

But this is far from the only instance.

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