Why PLANDEMICS are critical for Dems to stay in power

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Image: Why PLANDEMICS are critical for Dems to stay in power

(Natural News) Since March of 2020, Democrats have assumed imaginary powers — powers that were never granted to them under the U.S. or state Constitutions. Democrat governors waged economic warfare against small businesses, shutting down anyone they considered to be “non-essential.” Democrat governors threw their support behind rioters and looters, while advocating for shutdowns and restrictions on places of worship. Democrat governors targeted anyone who didn’t comply with harmful medical experimentation. Individuals who protested the lockdowns, forced masks, and mandatory vaccines were dubbed “enemies of the state” – their livelihoods and careers threatened.

PLANDEMICS are critical for Democrats to stay in power because: fear is a motivating force, bringing power to every unlawful mandate; abusers know that psychological manipulation works on their victims; and state election systems can be corrupted if a perpetual state of emergency can be maintained.

Democrats govern through terror, assured that the oppressed will return to their abusers

The principles of individual liberty and limited government have not mattered over the past three years because Democrats weaponized fear, propagated false narratives, and used terror to dictate. This caused many people to abandon their faith in God, to give their parental rights away to the state, and to seek continual validation from a false god in order to get their freedoms back. Civil liberties were suspended nationwide and the individual’s inalienable rights were threatened on a daily basis because enough people complied with the Democrat’s fear, virtue-signaling deceit, manipulation, and desire for absolute control.


Perpetual PLANDEMIC FEAR is now critical for Democrats to stay in power. Democrats will most assuredly weaponize FEAR further, to terrorize people to give up their individual liberties for a false sense of security in matters of infection, hospitalization, social justice, dialogue, climate, gun violence, and calls for election integrity.

When people are afraid, they look to leaders who assure them of safety and security. The most infamously oppressive figures of our time – Kathy Hochul (NY), Gavin Newsom (CA), Gretchen Witmer (MI), and J.B. Pritzker (IL) all won re-election for governor in their respective states, because PLANDEMIC FEAR drove the psychologically oppressed and manipulated to seek further abuse and validation. Mass compliance with a plandemic fear in 2020 foretold cowardice into the unforeseeable future. The eventual re-election of these oppressive figures was no surprise.

Plandemic fear led to mass mail-in ballots and drop box fraud

Today, Democrats continue to govern through “statewide emergency powers” that they continue to grant to themselves. Month after month, they continue to make up new rules for themselves, while restricting the population and diluting their votes. These newfound imaginary powers have allowed states to push out mail-in ballots and drop boxes en masse, without proper voter verification or ballot oversight. The fear of covid-19 was the original motivation for contact-less voting. When people in a community are not properly overseeing the election system/ballot printing and are not requiring an ID and signature verification, then the whole process is ripe for FRAUD.

Mail-in ballots can be easily filled out and returned to the nearest drop box by people who don’t even live at the address. Election systems across the United States no longer function properly on election day and continue for days. Any time a Republican is winning an election, Democrats will delay the vote counting so they can come up with whatever number of ballots is necessary to “win.” Ballots are now discovered and brought in, long after election day, and the public has been conditioned to accept this sabotage because of “covid-19” and “threats to democracy.” Anyone who questions these new cavalier voting systems is labeled an “extremist,” an “election-denier” or a “threat to democracy” by the corporate media.

Democrats will continue to use fear to govern, because it helps them get re-elected. The abused return to their abusers. The Dems will also push more plandemic germaphobia and mass hysteria because it perpetuates a system of unverified mail-in ballots and drop off boxes that can ensure Democrat victories long after election day.

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