GREED GALORE: Pfizer CFO tells investors that covid will continue to be a “multi-million dollar franchise for many years to come”

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Image: GREED GALORE: Pfizer CFO tells investors that covid will continue to be a “multi-million dollar franchise for many years to come”

(Natural News) Now that government funding – meaning American taxpayer dollars – are drying up as a subsidy, drug giant Pfizer is planning to massively hike the price of its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” in the next few months.

During an investor call, chief financial officer David Denton told shareholders that they need not worry: the company has plenty more tricks up its sleeve to ensure a “multi-million dollar franchise for many years to come.”

The covid “virus” itself will remain “somewhat like a flu,” Denton admitted. But in his estimate, it will be “more deadly,” which is a convenient assessment since this ensures that Pfizer will continue rolling out more drugs for it to rake in lots of cash. (Related: Pfizer’s entire business model is based on the idea of creating sickness in order to sell the “cure”.)

Right now, Pfizer is generating about $80 billion in annual revenue from sales of mRNA shots and the antiviral drug Paxlovid, a rip-off of ivermectin that is both highly dangerous and entirely ineffective.

Thanks to government subsidies, Pfizer was able to profit massively from the sale of its Fauci Flu shots, which cost the public between $19 and $30 per dose depending on the area. Next year, however, those subsidies will end, and Pfizer plans to jack up their price to around $130 per dose.

Considering that each Pfizer jab vial only costs around $1.18 to make, according to Julia Kosgei, policy advisor to The People’s Vaccine Alliance, a price increase to $130 represents a markup of “more than 10,000 percent,” she indicated. (United Kingdom).


“Analysts speculate that the move was made so Pfizer could still meet its target of $32 billion [worth] of projected vaccine revenue this year.”

Public Citizen director says Pfizer’s next moves illustrate company’s profound “greed”

Responding to the news, Peter Maybarduk, director of access to medicines at Public Citizen, told the MailOnline that Pfizer does not need to price-hike its covid jabs like this because it is well within the bounds of being financially sound.

The only reason Pfizer is doing this, he suggested, is because Pfizer is an ultra-greedy company. He added in a statement that the company has already generated an “obscene” amount of money as a result of the scamdemic and does not need any more to stay well in the green.

So far this year, Pfizer has projected revenue totaling around $102 billion, which is simply massive. The addition of Paxlovid to the covid scamdemic arsenal is expected to nearly double the revenues of 2019 and 2020, which amounted to $40.9 billion and $41.7 billion respectively.

“This is daylight robbery,” Kosgei further said. “Governments must not stand by while companies like Pfizer hold the world to ransom in a global pandemic.”

Keep in mind that all this time, Pfizer has still been making these types of profit margins. It is just that you, if you are a taxpayer, have been funding these billions of dollars in revenues via government contracts for the company’s wares.

“I think the products, both from a vaccine and the therapy perspective that Pfizer has developed, are going to be quite relevant for many years to come,” Denton would conclude during the investor call.

Pfizer chief executive officer Albert Bourla also chimed in on the matter, reiterating that the company’s “Covid-19 franchises” will remain obscenely profitable “for the foreseeable future which should serve as a buffer for any unforeseen challenges with other products in our portfolio.”

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