ALL official climate models radically over-predict warming, analysis reveals

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Image: ALL official climate models radically over-predict warming, analysis reveals

(Natural News) Well-known climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer published an article recently that exposes every single climate model out there to be dead wrong as far as the state of “warming” on planet earth.

Actual satellite temperature readings show that the planet is barely warming at all – and even the warming that is being seen could just be a statistical anomaly because it really is that small. But you would never know this from the official climate models.

“How is it possible that EVERY SINGLE CLIMATE MODEL predicts higher warming than observation?” asks the No Consensus blog. (Related: Independent scientists have confirmed that there is no climate emergency.)

“Climate science is one of the most gratuitously funded fields in the history of science. They get satellites, flights, conferences, an entire MASSIVE division of the United Nations, buildings, university departments, supercomputers, ridiculous paychecks, insane monetary awards, international recognition, television commercials … hugs from hot girls … on and on.”

No, the planet is NOT warming

All this nonsense is paid for with your tax dollars, by the way. None of this climate lunacy would be possible if not for tens of millions of people forking over a large percentage of their paychecks to the psychopaths in charge.

The only reason they continue to get away with fooling the world and bilking society out of true success and prosperity is because We the People are allowing them to.

The science is clear: the planet is not warming. If anything, it is cooling right now. And at some point in the future, it will start warming again because that is how the climate works.


The world is certainly on a crash-course towards disaster, but not because humans drive cars and eat meat. No, the real reason is because psychopaths rule the world and are destroying the world with their endless climate fiction.

The truth of the matter is that every single climate model on planet earth is fraudulent in that they all massively over-predict the state of the weather. If anything, things are still the same as they have always been, despite the industrial revolution.

“That needs to be screamed from the rooftops,” wrote a commenter. “There are billions of dollars of incentives, paid for by taxpayers, being doled out for bad information knowing that it’s bad information but agreeing with the false narrative, and good information is being censored.”

Dr. Spencer, by the way, recently had his YouTube channel censored for revealing too much about the climate fraud that is passed around as “truth” by the globalists. They simply cannot tolerate opposing viewpoints, which is how you know their dogma is bunk.

“When you live in a world that rejects reality and puts fantasy in its place, and then demands that you agree with the fantasy or face painful consequences, it becomes one’s duty to SCREAM that the fantasy is a lie,” another commenter wrote.

Someone else pointed out that the global warming crowd is deliberately ignoring the fact that Antarctica has had record cold, snow, and ice accumulation over the past several decades. Things are sure not warming in that part of the world, in other words.

“Even over the past few years, Antarctica’s cold, snow, and ice have hit record numbers,” this person added.

“The number of catastrophic hurricanes and tornadoes has dwindled the last couple of decades. The oceans have not risen appreciably other than the normal waxing and waning of ice melt and evaporation cycles. Also, droughts, cold snaps, and weather extremes are the rule all throughout recorded history. There are records clear back to the 1400s verifying this fact.”

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