SHOCKING: Corporations to start running GENDER COMPLIANCE AUDITS and “blackness checks” to qualify for lower loan rates from “woke” finance giants

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Image: SHOCKING: Corporations to start running GENDER COMPLIANCE AUDITS and “blackness checks” to qualify for lower loan rates from “woke” finance giants

(Natural News) Large corporations are signing loan agreements with finance giants that demand “LGBT quotas” and “black quotas” be met in order to receive beneficial interest rates on lines of credit. In essence, the more gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, Blacks or Hispanics a corporation hires, the more favorable the terms become for their borrowing.

This highly disturbing development has been revealed by the Washington Free Beacon, which reports that, “Race-conscious credit agreements are incentivizing illegal hiring practices across corporate America.”

This sets off several shocking ramifications that should rock the corporate world:

#1) Corporations will start asking about sexual preferences and transgenderism during job interviews.

In order to achieve the lower loan rates, corporations will need to hire more gays, lesbians, trans, etc. So they will begin asking job candidates questions like, “With whom do you routinely have sex?” And as the radical Left moves even more strongly into pedophilia and grooming as a form of “tolerance” / “love wins,” it means corporations may actively seek to hire pedophiles to meet woke quotas required by lenders.

Can you imagine showing up for a job interview and being asked whether you have sex with children? And then if you answer YES, they say, “You’re hired!”

#2) Lenders will need to run gender compliance checks to keep companies honest about reported LGBT quotas

Watch for lenders to dispatch “gender auditors” to corporate offices. There, they may ask all transgenders to gather in the lobby while they interrogate them about the “rigorousness” of their transgender claims.


Since transgenderism is a state of mind, and not anything rooted in physical reality, anyone can claim to be a transgender. So lenders will need to dispatch what are essentially “transgender police” to make sure nobody is just making it up (which, ironically, is exactly how transgenderism works in the first place). Make sure you don’t fake your fakery!

Prepare for your crotch checks in order to comply with woke corporate America.

#3) Lenders will also need to run “Black checks” to make sure claimed Black employee numbers are real

Imagine a Caucasian “Black auditor” showing up at the corporate offices and demanding all Blacks line up in the lobby to be counted and measured based on the blackness of their skin. Based on skin pigmentation, some Black employees might only count as 5/8ths of a Black person, hearkening back to the days of slavery in America when even the US Supreme Court once ruled that Blacks only counted as 5/8ths of a human being.

Imagine being a Black American working in corporate America and being told, “You’re not black enough” to qualify for favorable loan rates. Imagine HR interviews at the corporation valuing you based on the perceived darkness of your skin rather than the merits of your capabilities.

Blackness audits are coming to corporate America, along with gay audits, trans audits and Hispanic audits. It’s the ultimate dehumanization of a human being. Under wokeism, your only value to society is found in your skin color or your sexual preferences, not what you might offer in terms of ideas, creativity, inspiration, performance or otherwise.

“The businesses that have struck such agreements include the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the consulting groups Ernst & Young and AECOM, insurers Prudential and Definity Financial, private equity firms BlackRock and the Carlyle Group, the technology company Trimble, and the telecommunications giant Telefónica,” reports the Washington Free Beacon:

Trimble CEO Rob Painter, for example, said the company’s credit facility—which conditions interest rates on the percentage of female employees—illustrates Trimble’s “commitment” to “gender diversity in the workplace.” In press releases announcing their own credit facilities, executives at BlackRock, Prudential, and Definity say the agreements demonstrate their commitment to “accountability.”

But critics see something far more sinister: a form of blatant discrimination that will harm consumers, credit markets, and the rule of law.

This is what “woke” policies are now doing: Turning people into corporate commodities based on superficial qualities

Now, a Black American, or a gay person or even a transgender, will be valued based on their skin color or sexual proclivities rather than their merit.

This entire “woke” scoring system turns a human being into a discount rate commodity, pretending their value to society is based solely on either the color of their skin or their preference of who they sleep with or what gender identity they claim to exhibit.

It creates perverse incentives for distorted hiring practices, and risks corporations demanding to pry into the private sexual lives of potential employees. “Who did you have sex with today? Have you ever had sex with other men? Women? Both? Children? Animals? Furniture?”

As the “woke” movement goes increasingly insane, it’s also obvious that corporations will be incentivized when more employees claim to be grooming children, or engaging in pedophilia, sex with animals or so-called “furries” (people dressed up as animals who pretend to be animals).

Before long, if this trend continues, corporations might conceivably feature child rapists in the lobby, and pedophiles molesting children in the cafeteria, just to qualify for better loan rates. This will all be explained as completely normal “inclusive” behavior, and anyone who speaks out against it might be arrested and charged with hate crimes.

Welcome to your “woke” corporate future, where all business operations are contingent upon your acceptance of Satanic, child-abusing rituals and ungodly perversions that now count as credit with financial institutions.

Bring your underwear and hammers, too, since that will get you extra points in the whacko world of woke capital where workers are hired for their perversions rather than their skills, creativity or job performance capabilities.

After all, why work hard when you can just f##k the couch in the lobby and keep your job in woketard corporate America that only values you for your perversions rather than your contributions?

(Gives a whole new meaning to the work week “hump day” doesn’t it?)

Get full details on this bizarre (and highly illegal) corporate plan in today’s Situation Update podcast:

– Finance giants offer lower lending rates to corporations that meet “woke” quotas
– If you hire more Blacks or Hispanics, you get lower rates
– If you hire more transgenders, gays, lesbians or bisexuals, you get lower rates
– Will hiring teams now start grilling applicants on who they have sex with?
– Finance companies will need to deploy GENDER COMPLIANCE AUDITORS
– Get ready for your “gender check” from the loan company
– Get ready for BLACKNESS COMPLIANCE AUDITS from finance companies
– Will they base loan compliance on shades of Black / tones of pigment in skin?
– Lighter-skinned Blacks might only count as 5/8ths of a “fully Black” (shades of slavery)
– This practice turns human beings into SLAVES / COMMODITIES based on external properties
– The ultimate dehumanizing enslavement system, packaged as “inclusive” or “woke”
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