FLASHBACK: Stephen Colbert begged to join the Illuminati, pushed ideas for global depopulation in 2007, all disguised as comedy

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Image: FLASHBACK: Stephen Colbert begged to join the Illuminati, pushed ideas for global depopulation in 2007, all disguised as comedy

(Natural News) It is said that the powers that be love to disguise their true malignant plans for the world right in plain sight where everyone can see them but few can discern. This typically occurs in mass media programming, including in comedy routines like the one late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert performed back in 2007 to reveal the globalists’ future depopulation plans.

Colbert opened his bit talking about Benjamin Fulford, who at the time had quit writing for Forbes because the corporate-controlled media outlet refused to publish an article of his that contained criticisms against an advertiser. Fulford made the implication at the time that Forbes is controlled by dark, shadowy figures pushing a hidden “Illuminati” agenda.

Because mocking conspiracy theories was especially popular back at that time, Colbert seized the opportunity to blast Fulford and others like him for suggesting that a hidden cabal moves its invisible hand to pull the puppet strings of world events.

“Normally I would ignore this kind of raving from an obscure hack, but there’s one reason I want to talk about it: the possibility that the Illuminati might let me join,” a wide-eyed Colbert maniacally said into the camera, prompting the audience to erupt with laughter – watch below:

“Masters of the temple: please let me in! I tried every crazy handshake I can think of when I met President Bush,” Colbert continued to mock. “You would not believe what I’m doing with my fingers here. And I’ve got some great ideas about depopulating the earth. There has never been a better time to put me in charge of the destiny of mankind.”


Colbert went on to mock the globalists’ constant use of Illuminati symbolism in public, using a popular piece of infrastructure in New York City to complete his “hilarious” bit.

“I will await your answer every night for the next month in the exact center of the Brooklyn Bridge – whose cables, by the way, are in the same geometric ratio as the sides of the Pyramid of Giza,” Colbert said to loud hyena-like guffaws from the audience.

What other kinds of truths are hiding in plain sight?

This is the same Stephen Colbert whose show co-writer, Ariel Dumas, celebrated the character assassination of then-Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh, who as you may recall was accused by Christine Blasey-Ford of impropriety back in high school.

Dumas had tweeted, then deleted, that “whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.”

Colbert also praised Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” despite having “caught” the alleged virus multiple times despite being fully jabbed.

On Twitter, Colbert told his fans earlier this year that he is “grateful to be vaxxed and boosted,” even though these injections apparently did nothing to stop him from testing “positive” for the Fauci Flu, not once but twice.

There was also that time when Colbert took aim at Big Pharma, exposing the statin drug racket as a money-making scam. The truth has come out multiple times in his comedy routines, in other words – and some would argue that it happens on Colbert’s show more than in the actual “news” because once again, they like to hide the truth in plain sight, but in unlikely places such as comedy.

“Bill Gates went on Colbert’s show a couple years ago and told him that the covid vaccine would be the ‘final solution,'” added one of our readers to the conversation. “Colbert was quick to suggest that Gates rephrase that or else the ‘conspiracy theorists’ would have a field day with that comment.”

More of the latest news about end times mockery can be found at Lunatics.news.

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