L.A. County to close largest jail, releasing 900 mentally ill criminals onto the streets

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Image: L.A. County to close largest jail, releasing 900 mentally ill criminals onto the streets

(Natural News) If you live in California, you seriously need to think about leaving.

Or, if you want to stay and you’re a Democrat voter, stop doing that because the party of the donkey is not only making your life more expensive and far less fulfilling, they are making it dangerous as well.

Case in point: The left-wing lunatics who run Los Angeles County have decided to close the largest men’s jail and have made zero provisions for the 3,800 inmates who are currently housed there — 900 of whom have serious mental health problems.

Law Enforcement Today notes:

The program, approved by local lawmakers, would close the largest jail within the world’s largest jail system with no provisions for housing the 3,800 suddenly freed inmates, 900 of whom have mental health problems.

Opened in 1963, the enormous jail has been the temporary home to some of the nation’s most notorious criminals, including Charles Manson, “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez and “Golden State Killer” Lonnie Franklin.

L.A. County initially planned to replace the jail with a facility called the Consolidated Correctional Treatment Facility, “where inmates with mental health problems would receive the help they need,” the report continued.

“But as often happens when actions are not thought through, that plan fell to a desire for incarceration-diversion programs and community-based alternatives,” LET noted further.

Afterward, the libtards who run L.A. County just decided instead to cancel plans altogether to open the treatment facility without also canceling plans to close the jail. As such, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted July 7, 2020, to close Men’s Central Jail. Roughly a year later, the board voted 4-1 to actually begin the process of shuttering the facility after 57 years of housing inmates.


To add some perspective, LET added, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was handed a $47 million decrease in funding for its jails while simultaneously dealing with a dramatic increase in crime that includes a 94 percent surge in murder rates over the past two years, thanks in large part to George Soros-installed L.A. ‘District Attorney’ George Gascon, who has simply refused to enforce existing laws by prosecuting lawbreakers.

But the sheriff’s department is fighting back. LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he plans to sue the Board of Supervisors to keep the men’s jail open.

“They don’t have the legal authority to do this. They think by removing the budget from us that we will be forced to close the jail,” he told the Washington Examiner.

“But every single inmate is there by orders of the court, so the board has no authority to intervene and release them from custody. They are smoking some strong stuff at the Board of Supervisors,” he added.

After being elected to his post three years ago, Villanueva has been battling the left-wing lunatics at the L.A. County Board of Supervisors nearly every single day just to be able to employ proven policing techniques that are constitutional and known to keep civilians safer, even amidst a nationwide ‘defund the police’ movement that was also echoed locally.

“The board appears to dismiss the Sheriff’s suggestions and instead seems intent on [removing] his authority. It has, for instance, rejected Villanueva’s request for outside counsel, or the funds to hire his own, to resolve the jail issue,” LET reported.

County Counsel Rodrigo Castro-Silva responded to Villanueva’s request in a Dec. 28, 2021 letter that states, in part:

Like all county department heads, you are responsible for operating the Sheriff’s Department within the parameters of the budget. Your disagreements with the Board regarding budgetary matters is not a basis for independent outside counsel.

Rather, Castro-Silva demanded that the sheriff “work alongside the board” to implement “a new model of criminal justice policies to offer more effective rehabilitative options and better serve the community.”

Again, if you live in L.A. or California in general, either move while you can or stop electing lunatic Democrats who are obviously destroying your cities.

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