Jimmy Kimmel blasted for satanic skit promoting INFANTICIDE

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Image: Jimmy Kimmel blasted for satanic skit promoting INFANTICIDE

(Natural News) Comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is now under fire after airing a satanic skit promoting the killing of babies on his program.

The host of late-night program “Jimmy Kimmel Live” showed the skit on the night of Halloween. It was based on a TV commercial for Snuggle fabric conditioner. First introduced by Unilever in 1983, Snuggle is now manufactured by Henkel after it acquired the brand in 2016.

It began with Snuggles, the brand’s mascot, holding up a blood-stained baby shirt that appeared to be slashed. After introducing itself, the bear boasted how it made “towels fluffy, blankets cuddly” and “shirts caked with blood.”

Snuggles proceeded to address the audience: “You know what else is soft? Human flesh, baby flesh. Wait, where is your baby?” It then walked away with a knife in hand as the scene faded out. The next scene opened with a baby lying in its crib and Snuggles standing next to the innocent child.

Pulling up a blanket, the bear again emphasized the softness of a baby’s flesh. “So innocent, so defenseless. The perfect size for a sacrifice,” it said.

“Time to meet your snuggly death. When the dryer’s going, they’ll never hear you scream.”

The skit ended with the fabric softener’s brand being mentioned as “proudly made to kill.” Creepy music played throughout the segment, punctuated only by laughs from the psychopathic audience of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The segment did not sit well with some social media users.


Boca Raton, Florida-based disc jockey DJ Buddy tweeted in reply to Kimmel: “How this makes it to network TV is beyond me. It shows how monstrous some have become.”

Arizona-based graphic artist Kathleen Redman also blasted the segment, calling it “absolutely disgusting.” She accused Kimmel of “admitting [his] love for child and baby sacrifice, the eating of the flesh and drinking of adrenochrome in satanic sacrifices like so many Hollywood actors.”

Droney: Satan appears to be in charge of the Left

Writing for Law Enforcement Today, retired police officer Patrick Droney put in his two cents on Kimmel’s satanic skit about killing children.

“Leftists seem to be particularly obsessed with two issues as we head into the midterms on Nov. 8 – abortion and transitioning children,” he wrote. “It’s all abortion all the time, except when they’re obsessing over the rights of gender-confused individuals who cannot make up their mind what gender they are.”

“This really makes you wonder why the radical unhinged Left is so obsessed with killing babies. All one has to do is watch the litany of political ads this election season. For the Democrats, it isn’t about crime running rampant; out-of-control inflation; the looming possibility of rolling blackouts due to shortages of natural gas, diesel, and home heating oil nor the possibility of nuclear war.” (Related: Abortion isn’t the biggest concern for women in the upcoming midterm elections, says Melissa Red Pill – Brighteon.TV.)

Droney, former chief of the Ashfield Police Department in Massachusetts, pointed out that Kimmel’s fellow leftists in Hollywood would definitely agree with having the talk show host’s five-year-old son being aborted. Kimmel’s son was born with a heart defect that required surgery to fix, which ended up successfully.

“Some of the most hardcore abortion fanatics believe a child born with a medical defect is a perfect candidate for late-term abortion. In Kimmel’s case, he’s fine with abortion as long as it’s someone else’s baby.”

According to the retired policeman, “the latest from Kimmel takes everything to a whole new level.”

“It isn’t unusual to see satanic symbolism subliminally planted in ‘entertainment’ coming from Hollywood. But usually it is just that – subliminal. However the stunt on Kimmel’s show this week, which was putting what can only be described as a satanic ritual out in the open in front of a national audience means Hollywood is no longer afraid to show exactly who they are.”

Droney ultimately concluded: “Satan sure appears to be in charge of the political Left in this country.”

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