Health Ranger Report: CCP is vulnerable because its regime is built on LIES, says filmmaker and author Kay Rubacek

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Image: Health Ranger Report: CCP is vulnerable because its regime is built on LIES, says filmmaker and author Kay Rubacek

(Natural News) Filmmaker and author Kay Rubacek argued that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is vulnerable as its regime is built on lies.

“Tyranny always seems so powerful, and that makes us afraid when they look like the big dictator, and sure they are because that’s playing the role,” she told Health Ranger Mike Adams during a recent episode of Health Ranger Report. “They want us to be afraid, and that’s exactly what they want. So when we’re afraid, we play into their hands.”

“But they are vulnerable. They are so vulnerable because this regime is built on lies. And it’s a house of cards – once enough people know the truth and they value themselves, then the lies cannot exist anymore.”

Rubacek also divulged that a former Chinese propaganda official told her that the CCP media machine is all about propaganda. The same official told her that the Chinese people are fed lies because once they find out the truth, the CCP would instantly fall. (Related: Beijing influencing media outlets in a bid to create a more positive reputation for China.)

“The truth is such a powerful weapon,” she told Adams. “We all wield that weapon and we have to remember that because tyranny wants us to forget that. But that’s where we have the upper hand.”

Meanwhile, Adams cited a tweet by leftist actress Susan Sarandon. The picture that was tweeted had this passage: “It didn’t start with gas chambers. It started with one party controlling the media. One party controlling the message. One party deciding what is truth. One party censoring speech and silencing opposition. One party dividing citizens into ‘us’ and ‘them’ and calling on their supporters to harass ‘them.’ It started when good people turned a blind eye and let it happen.”


According to Adams, Sarandon does not realize that the tyranny she referred to in her tweet is now creeping into America. He also mentioned that the passage perfectly described China under the CCP’s thumb – something Rubacek agreed with.

American youth already being brainwashed at a young age

Rubacek also mentioned that the American youth is already being brainwashed at a young age, thanks to communism in the education system. She warned that it latches onto anything, such as the woke agenda, in order to permeate and twist people’s minds.

According to the filmmaker and author, the socialists and communists who tasted power in half of Europe did not disappear. They just went underground and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, working their way through the higher education system.

Former CCP officials had also revealed to Rubacek that the Chinese people became soulless bodies or “walking dead” when communism took over China in 1949. She added that these people have made an oath to put the CCP above their country and fellowmen, forcing them to separate their conscience in the process.

While America has a different foundation, Rubacek stressed that the American people need to recognize how far communism has gone into the country’s system. She mentioned that communism is not a Chinese product – it came from the West and was only implanted there. Adams seconded her statement, adding that communism is now wading through America by means of the Democratic Party.

Rubacek also talked about Chinese defectors. These defectors, she said, feared death as they felt they could not be true Chinese under the CCP. They wanted to keep their true values, sanity and humanity – thus, they chose to defect. for more news about the Chinese regime.

Watch the video below as filmmaker and author Kay Rubacek exposes the truth about the cruelty and pure evil of communism and the CCP.

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