Lawyers ready to SUE any state that tries to force school children to get “vaccinated” for covid

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Image: Lawyers ready to SUE any state that tries to force school children to get “vaccinated” for covid

(Natural News) The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), a health freedom advocacy group run by television host Del Bigtree, has pledged to finance up to 50 lawsuits against states – one for all 50 of them, should it come to that – that try to force Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” on children as a requirement to attend school.

As the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) flirts with the idea of adding Fauci Flu shots to the official childhood immunization schedule in the United States, ICAN’s Aaron Siri says his team is ready to take swift action in defense of children.

“ICAN has told us it will financially support a challenge against any state,” Siri is quoted as saying to The Epoch Times. “So, if all 50 states require it to attend school, ICAN will support challenging the mandate in every single one of those states.”

ICAN says it will seek out or await contact from parents in affected districts who would make viable plaintiffs in legal challenges against such mandates at the state level. (Related: Ever since Fauci Flu shots were rolled out through Operation Warp Speed, AIDS-related diseases have skyrocketed by 33,800 percent.)

Both the funding and the legal representation for such cases are already in place and awaiting use, Siri reassures. Now we wait to see how the CDC responds to its advisory committee’s unanimous recommendation that Wuhan Flu shots be added to the schedule.

Don’t ever back down on opposing pharmaceutical mandates, including covid jab mandates

Some governors and gubernatorial hopefuls, including in the states of Florida, Colorado, Tennessee and Virginia, have pledged to block any such attempts at forcing covid injections on students.


In California, conversely, it is expected that the opposite will happen and covid jabs will become a requirement for all students throughout the state.

The Golden State already attempted to mandate them, in fact, but has since kicked the can until at least July 2023. The delay appears to be for the purpose of awaiting an official CDC decision concerning the drug’s potential addition to the immunization schedule.

When asked about the basis behind ICAN’s prospective litigation, Siri declined to answer, stating that he does not “discuss litigation strategy for potential matters.” In other words, Siri and his team are keeping their game plan close to the chest.

In San Diego where another case has already been filed, plaintiffs argued that the mandate violates state law because it lacks religious exemptions. Californians have Sen. Richard Pan, a Democrat, to blame for the removal of California’s religious and personal belief exemption clauses.

San Diego Superior Court Judge John Meyer ruled in favor of the plaintiffs’ claim that only the state legislature can issue vaccine mandates.

“In a long-awaited victory by those seeking to retain the right to informed consent and medical decision-making free from coercion, the Court found that it was ‘compelled’ to invalidate the mandate as the school district had no authority to implement or enforce such a requirement,” Siri wrote on his blog at the time.

“The basis for this decision, that school boards in California do not have the authority to require a COVID-19 vaccine, would apply to all school boards across California that are seeking to mandate a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Constitutionally speaking, there is really no instance, even with the legislature involved, when it is acceptable for anyone to force someone to take a chemical injection to which he or she is opposed – no matter the reason for objection. That right is further enshrined by the Nuremburg Code.

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