Cancer rates are exploding across America and the CDC is covering up the deadly truth – one of the biggest frauds was allowing mRNA genetic materials to be legally defined as ‘vaccines’

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Image: Cancer rates are exploding across America and the CDC is covering up the deadly truth – one of the biggest frauds was allowing mRNA genetic materials to be legally defined as ‘vaccines’

(Natural News) “Defining COVID-19 mRNA vaccines as pharmaceutical drugs has straightforward implications for their pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, clinical and post-marketing safety assessment. Only an accurate characterization of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines as pharmaceutical drugs will guarantee a safe, rational and individualized use of these products.” 

(Article by Dr. Joel S Hirschhorn republished from

So said a new brilliant and courageous analysis from Italian researchers at the Center for Research in Medical Pharmacology, University of Insubria that should be required reading by all in the medical and public health establishment. The title is “Understanding the Pharmacology of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Playing Dice with the Spike?” 

No major medical journal would have published this article. And no American doctors or researchers would have the smarts and guts to write that COVID-19 vaccines represent pharmaceutical therapeutics more so than traditional vaccines. It should be recalled that CDC had to change the definition of vaccine so that the mRNA COVID materials or generic therapeutics could be legally defined as vaccines.

This should be emphasized: if these “fake” vaccines were legally classified as drugs, then they would not be protected from liability actions. The vaccine makers would not be fully protected. So significant considering the huge numbers of adverse health impacts and deaths that definitely are causally linked to the “fake” vaccines.

That these “fake” vaccines were and still are pushed by government agencies demonstrates the historic corruption of the entire medical and public health establishment. This has caused incredible harm to millions of people.


Here are some excerpts from this Italian study to give a good picture of its coverage. A major truth was emphasized, one that has helped explain why there have been so many adverse health impacts and deaths from the “vaccines”:

“These products were presented from the outset as intrinsically safe, since it was believed that, similar to conventional vaccines, after intramuscular injection, most of the dose would remain in the muscle and the rest would drain through the lymphatic system, being eventually captured by antigen-presenting cells and B cells and undergoing complete elimination in a few tens of hours at the most. On this basis, the public was explicitly reassured by influential blogs as well as by academic institutional web pages that these products were not expected to exhibit any relevant systemic disposition and that the resulting S protein would remain attached to the surface of the cells and would not be released in the bloodstream and tissues to encounter ACE2 receptors and eventually induce organ damage. Step by step, however, it became clear that this was not the case.” 

“Taken as a whole, evidence strongly supports the possible link between inappropriate expression of S protein in sensitive tissues and subsequent tissue damage.” 

“…a major explanation of adverse effects following COVID-19 vaccination could well be that mRNA vaccines induce in selected individuals excessive production of S protein, for too long and/or in inappropriate tissues and organs, and this occurrence is at present unpredictable, since systemic biodistribution and disposition of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine has so far never been considered an issue, and as a consequence it has never been studied as it would have actually deserved.” 

“these products urgently need a proper conceptualization. Conventional vaccines contain antigen(s), which represent their active component, in turn exerting their effect by acting on endogenous targets (the immune system cells). On the contrary, mRNA vaccines do contain a molecule (the mRNA) which is unable to trigger any anti-SARS-CoV-2 immune response unless it is translated by endogenous cell metabolism into an active moiety, which is the viral S protein. In other terms, mRNAs contained in vaccines fully meet the definition of a “prodrug” as reported, for example, in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “a pharmacologically inactive substance that is converted in the body (as by enzymatic action) into a pharmacologically active drug”, which is the case for vaccine-derived mRNA, converted into active S protein by ribosomes through their catalytic peptidyl transferase activity that links amino acids together, leading to protein synthesis. According to the conventional classification of pro-drugs, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines could be classified as type I prodrugs since they undergo intracellular conversion.”

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