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Image: BardsFM with Scott Kesterson: Globalists waging war on children, God’s creations via WOKE ideology – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Scott Kesterson blasted the globalists for their full-on war against children, saying that woke ideologies have been utilized in this engineered war.

“The war that’s being waged is designed specifically to confuse the principles of gender,” he said during the Oct. 13 episode of “BardsFM” on Brighteon.TV. “By doing this, [the globalists are] creating a mockery of what God has created.”

Kesterson pointed out that the woke ideology is leading children down a very dark path toward one of the greatest sins that people could commit. Young girls are being encouraged to have their breasts and ovaries removed. Meanwhile, young boys are encouraged to either undergo chemical castration or have their penises replaced with artificial vaginas.

“When you wage a war upon them in schools or earlier age, you’re destroying their ability to see. And with parents not doing their job to preserve and protect them, their gift of being able to understand the world and its complexities is being ruined early on,” he lamented.

Moreover, he noted that the “demonic groomers” target the children in every way they can use them because they are the perfect sacrifice for their evil doctrines.

“One of the highest priced commodities out there on the market is the children. Yet they control the narrative so our eyes are thrown into things like heroin, cocaine and fentanyl, which are real and very dangerous. But the truth is they traffic the greatest drug and commodity of all – children.”


“It’s hard enough for people to wrap their head around the fact that trafficking kids are real. It’s massive.”

Kesterson: Globalist elites promoting transhumanism for full control

According to the “BardsFM” host, the globalist elites knew very well that this era was coming. He cited things and events that would slowly grant the elites control of humanity. One such technology, the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), vaccine, had been tested as early as the 1970s and stockpiled for a long time.

“The whole concept behind it is ultimately transhumanism. Once they get this stuff in you to modify your programming, mood, morality or even be able to target very specifically, down to your genetic level, whatever it is to destroy you, kill you, maim you or whatever,” said Kesterson.

“All of this was engineered to reduce a certain level of society with the bioweapon, but to take it even further to where all of humanity becomes part of what would essentially be a full web, where you’re enslaved forever in the system. No matter what you do, they have control over you remotely.”

Aside from the injections, the globalists had also tapped mobile devices to subjugate the population. Kesterson cited an interview of renowned German economist Ernst Wolff exposing how portable electronic devices or computers will allow the World Economic Forum and its allies to implement digital currency, social credit and universal surveillance. (Related: German economist: WEF plans to impose SOCIAL CREDIT system under the guise of “humanitarian act.“)

“With that, you’re connected directly to the central bank. The most important aspect is that the central bank has the capability to apply individually adapted taxation, individual interest rates and instant penalization charges. This also means they’ll cut off all cash flows or place a three-week expiration date on your money,” Wolff told AUF1 editor-in-chief Stefan Magnet.

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Watch the full Oct. 13 episode of “BardsFM” below. “BardsFM” with Scott Kesterson airs every Thursday at 5-6 p.m. and every Saturday at 4-5 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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