Halloween “queerfest” for children sponsored by gender surgery center that profits from mutilating kids

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Image: Halloween “queerfest” for children sponsored by gender surgery center that profits from mutilating kids

(Natural News) The Encinitas Union School District in San Diego is holding an “all-ages” Halloween drag show called “Queerfest,” and parents are reportedly in an uproar.

The event, which targets “youth and families,” is described as “the queerest free Halloween party for kids and families.”

“It includes games, trick or treating, and a family-friendly drag show,” reads a flyer promoting the event, which is to be held on October 29 in Hillcrest, a popular LGBT neighborhood in San Diego. (Related: Will Antifa show up to guard Queerfest at gunpoint like it recently did in a suburb of Dallas?)

Queerfest is reportedly sponsored by a local homosexual bar as well as a “gender reassignment” surgery center called Transfamily Support Services, which profits from the gender and genitalia mutilation of children.

Parents pull children out of Encinitas school district after spotting fliers

The fliers clearly state that their distribution “does not imply endorsement by the Encinitas Union School District, its schools, or staff and is distributed in compliance with federal and state law.” It was, however, directly distributed by the school board.

So which is it: is Queerfest and its Boo Bash drag show a school-sponsored event or not? It would seem that the district is trying to play both sides while flagrantly violating the law.

“Our message is clear: we don’t want strip shows, we don’t want drag shows, and definitely not sent out inviting the parents and kids in our district,” said Carrie Boller, a parent who immediately pulled her two children out of the district after spotting the fliers.


Boller is not alone, according to reports. Many parents saw the event being promoted both on the streets and in the Peachjar app, which allows community groups to submit events to the local school board for promotional consideration.

“We certainly want to be an inclusive community and support groups of all kinds, but the question is where do we draw the line?” said Justin Reid, another parent, father of two, and school board candidate who opposes the school board’s promotion of the event.

“At what point do we think well, maybe drag shows shouldn’t be promoted to our kindergarten through 6th families. Is that something that would be suitable for somebody who is five to ten years old? Maybe not. We should know how those decisions are being arrived at.”

The flier has since been removed from Peachjar and is no longer officially supported by the school board, but many parents are still wondering who is responsible for posting it in the first place.

The district issued a statement of its own claiming that it “remains steadfast in our commitment to be an inclusive and supportive district for all students regardless of race, ethnicity, linguistic background, economic class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and physical and cognitive ability.”

The district also said that the fliers were taken down for “not meeting district approval criteria.”

“The district has reviewed and adjusted procedures for approving fliers in the future,” it added.

Boller says this is not enough and that those responsible need to be held accountable. They work for taxpayers like herself, after all.

“They work for us,” she said. “We’re the parents and we’re their constituents and we’re tired of them ignoring us.”

Boller and other parents are demanding an apology, and for the person or people responsible to be fired.

“So disgusting,” wrote a commenter on a new story about the event and the fliers. “These sick, evil people should be jailed forever.”

“They are headed for hell,” responded another.

The latest news about the transgender indoctrination and mutilation of innocent children by the Cult of LGBT can be found at Transhumanism.news.

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