Horrific child abuse: Mastectomies among ‘transgender’ minors have ‘exploded’

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Image: Horrific child abuse: Mastectomies among ‘transgender’ minors have ‘exploded’

(Natural News) How many children will be sacrificed on the altar of the LGBTQ religion before parents wake up and stand against the madness that’s preached fervently in so many schools around our nation and through the media? It seems the answer is many thousands of children. You see, the push to teach gender ideology to young children and teens isn’t without consequences—it’s scarring (quite literally) thousands of children, leading them to do irreversible damage to their bodies.

(Article by Ken Ham republished from HarbingersDaily.com)

A recent article shared that rates of so-called “top surgeries” (mastectomies or chest reconstruction on trans-identifying patients) have soared in recent years, with one medical center performing just 5 on minors in 2013, compared to 70 in 2019. A survey of 26 “leading pediatric gender clinics” in America uncovered “long waiting lists” of minors for these surgeries and a group of 11 clinics reported a total of 203 such surgeries . . . irreversible surgeries on teenagers based on their subjective feelings! One doctor shared, “I can’t honestly think of another field where the volume has exploded like that.”

A recent report claims this industry will be worth a whopping $5 billion by 2030 because, as one such clinic pointed out, these surgeries are a “big money-maker” as they require lots of follow-up.

These young people have been lied to by their schools, the media, and social media influencers who’ve told them all of their pain, discontentment with their bodies, mental illness, and trauma will be healed if they just become their “true selves” and identify as trans or something on the LGBTQ spectrum. And I’m not exaggerating when I say they are being convinced by much of the media they consume to go down this path: a recent study found “86.7% of the parents of gender-dysphoric teenagers reported that the gender dysphoria coincided with an increase in internet/social media use, or the self-identification of a friend of that teen as ‘transgender’ or both.”


The gender madness sweeping through our Western cultures is nothing short of horrific child abuse. Children, who are highly susceptible to suggestion and peer influence, are having the seeds of gender confusion planted in preschool, watered through social media pages (such as TikTok), and then that seed blooms as their peers begin to “come out” as trans. These children and teens then go on to take puberty blockers or have “trans-affirming” surgeries that mutilate their bodies and permanently sterilize them. It’s horrifying, and the fallout will be enormous and so costly to the individuals swept away in this madness.

God’s design for us is either male or female (Genesis 1:27). Rejecting that truth and instead creating themselves in their own image rather than recognizing God has made them in his image, they have experienced devastating, tragic, and often lifelong consequences. Help your children to understand the truth by teaching them that they are created by God, not created by themselves. Show them how God’s Word gives us the basis for our identity—male and female, made in God’s very image. Explain to them how the gospel is the answer to our pain and suffering, not body-mutilating surgeries to try to make our bodies match with our minds. Help them understand that what we feel is not always the truth (after all, our hearts are sinful and they lie to us), rather it’s God’s unchanging Word that is truth.

Oh, and a very practical tip: monitor your child’s screentime and social media use. Satan is using social media platforms to capture the next generation, and parents have the right to say “no” to social media for their children! Just because “everyone else is doing it” doesn’t make it the wisest or best thing for your family. So, prayerfully consider how you as a family should handle the dangerous world of social media and screens.

Above all, pray for your children. Pray that God will use the seeds of truth you plant in their minds as you help them trust the Lord and develop a biblical worldview to protect them from our enemy who seeks to devour each of them.

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